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June 22, 2018, 02:21:38 AM

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Author Topic: A one on one for the angel  (Read 944 times)

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Offline BrandonTopic starter

A one on one for the angel
« on: January 21, 2006, 03:23:00 PM »
Greetings all,

it seems the majority of my characters on Elliquiy are occupied with slow going Roleplay partners. While this isnt neccasarily a bad thing Im finding that I would like something more active. A roleplay partner that could post several times a day who is intersted in character development, character interaction, plot building, and sexual exploration (not just sex) would be ideal. Although I doubt Ill find an Ideal roleplay partner so Im willing to take less. Though I am male behind the text I am very capable of playing both male and female characters but Im only looking for a female character(s) for the particular type of character interaction Im seeking...meaning that the characters I play will either be a heterosexual male or homosexual female. However their personalities and background could highly vary from character to character.

Before I put in any game ideas let me first go through my likes and dislikes. I dislike bad writers above all else, if your a 1 line poster I am not the roleplay partner for you. I dislike playing with male characters on a sexual level but Im not opposed to and can easily grow accustomed to playing with them in other fashions such as character conflicts, friendships, rivals, etc. I dislike forced sexual interaction such as rape and molestation, if you always want that in your roleplay then Im not the partner for you. I like a sense of romance in a sexual type game. With this aspect things could start out slow and develop or they could already be developed and continue on. I like a plotline, whether it be a sense of sinister beings playing in the background or something more upfront some type of plot makes a game much more enjoyable for me. I like the development of characters in both personality and sexuality. I like pretty much all genre's of gameplay. Fantasy, Superhero, supernatural, Sci-fi, post holocaust...just about every genre I can think of is appealing to me in some way. Finally, for the sexual aspect I like just about everything. Ive played every type of character from the lowly slave to the Villainous masterminds and in almost every type of sexual situation and Ive found very little that I dislike. Right now though, I think Im going through a Dom/Sub stage as I have fun being on both sides and with a good partner find both very enjoyable.

Game ideas...

1) A sci-fi setting based around a, more or less, free area of space with little to no laws. The two characters would be part of a small starships crew (prehaps 3-5 people) that did odd jobs to get by like salvage operations, stellar cartography, bounty hunting, etc. Of course what happens in the off hours is up to the characters

2) This story starts with 2 seemingly normal people. A wealthy man and a woman of any type you would enjoy playing...first things start off easy as the two meet and begin a romance of types but over time they fall in love. However also over that time their sex life goes from the mundane to the more extreme. Leading to one night when she finds herself bound, punished, and loved by her master. The girl, finds herself the toy of her lover and enjoys it, desiring to be his pet. while the guy has his pet and desire's to please and punish her.

Those are the only ideas I have at the moment but if others have some Ild like to hear them

So, with all this said, Im hoping that a roleplayer will step up and offer to join me in something. Although Im not opposed to discussing things in this thread I do prefer to work game ideas out in a more private setting.  I can be contacted Via PM, or MSN and yahoo IMs or if you really want you can just post here.

Anyway, thanks for your time
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Offline Elvi

Re: A one on one for the angel
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2006, 12:31:21 AM »
Quite like the sci-fi, but of course if it's handled right I can even become a sub.....
You know how to find me if you are interested.