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Started by Stan', May 10, 2009, 04:54:39 PM

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Just some random ideas I've been thinking about lately.
I need someone to play any of the women.

1. A young woman runs away from the rich father she hates.  However, she needs money, and with the help of either her boyfriend (or a gang), stages herself in a fake hostage situation.  Although her father pays the money, things don't go to plan and soon finds that the handcuffs remain..

2. I'd really like to do some sort of pony play story.  Either the girl can be willing or unwilling, it's all up to you.  I'm very open to the potential of where this one can go.

3. "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" - If any one has played it, I'd be interested in modern day treasure hunting with a pair of explorers running foul of pirates on some island.

4. A bit of fantasy element here.  A strange village appears every once in a while in a remote part of the country, and one night your character stumbles across it.  However, she soon finds the residents are not so friendly.

5. An adventure story.  A young female journalist is caught and falsely tried for espionage.  A man she hasn't spoken to in years reluctantly goes to break her out, but he soon discovers that the prison is carrying out experiments on the inmates.  What kind of experiments, is up to you.

6. During a heavy winter storm in Eastern Russia, a pair become lost and take shelter in what appears to be an abandoned cold war-era warehouse.  Upon entering, they find the place to be deserted, except for a lone man who looks to have been in here for years.  As the storm dies, the place is suddenly locked down and the pair are unable to leave.
Upon descending to the lower levels, they soon discover that the man has a secret that they won't be able to share with anybody else...

7. In a war-torn country, a pair of soldiers (maybe lovers?) working for a "neutral" country terrorise both sides that are involved in the battle.  They do everything from sniping to demolitions.  They become famous, an urban legend amongst the combatants.  Soldiers tell stories to one another that there's something in the buildings, in the water, in the ground, that's going to kill them.
However, after three months of long, hard fighting - and defending against everything the armies throw at them, the pair are finally killed.
I'd like to do an RP based on their last 72 hours in the war.

More to come.


I could play two women on a business trip.

"On a dark desert highway
cool wind in my hair..."

It could have a Hotel California-ish kind of flavor.  Car breaks down...or maybe they just see those shimmering lights...

I'd want a plot, some mystery to unravel.  In addition to hardcore sex, of course...


Hey there,

If your still looking I would be interested in doing either the first or fourth one.  I am leaning more towards the fourth though.  :)  Let me know.



Pet play is one of my 'On's - I'm a little more familiar with puppy than pony, but I'd be willing to give something a little different a try.  Drop me a PM and we can work up a scenario?
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I like the first one. You could even change it up too. Maybe the rich girl took daddy's money to go on a fun trip somewhere and ended up stranded when he canceled all the credit cards. xO Hehe