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Author Topic: Ridcully's plot ideas - Historical and Fantasy settings [VAN; m/f]  (Read 853 times)

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Nothing open at the moment!

I'll leave my old ideas posted though - if you find them interesting and/or have an idea for a similiar setting or just wish to write anything in this style - please PM me any time :)

Please PM me if you’re interested in any of these plays. It would be nice if you read my Ons & Offs before to see if  they are okay for you.

1. The Library of Alexandria (m/f; historical and slightly fantasy roleplay): - RESERVED -

Possible introduction:

Caesar says it was an accident, and they believe it.

He did not mean to burn the library. He did not mean to destroy about half a million of scrolls. Oh, he only meant to set the ships on fire, they say.

This is a lie. I was there, and I saw it burning. I saw the wisdom of the Old burn and lost forever. I saw the scribes trying to save some of the scrolls, and being slain in the attempt by Caesars soldiers. I saw the crime to all I believed in.

My name is Comptus Deratus. I came to Alexandria one year before Caesar. I was so unbelievable young then, so inexperienced, so willingly to learn. Oh, and didn’t I learn? More than I ever dreamt about, and more than I ever wished for.  I wish I had never touched this one scroll. I wish I had never set foot on this one ship in the Harbour, searching it for worthy scrolls, as it was custom in the City of Alexandria.

But, if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have met her. Would I want that? No. No. But maybe...

It’s senseless, isn’t it? It’s senseless to feel guilty, it’s senseless to think about how you could have acted. What I did, what I intended to do, I did for love. Love, this word has meant nothing to me for a long time. I chose love over knowledge in the end. Or rather more: I chose love over power. By this, I chose an ill fate for so many.

Endless power. The key power to rule everything. Caesar had feared it, for he had not understood it. And what men don’t understand but fear, they destroy.

Like I did with my love for her.

But what a scribe would I be, what a librarian would I be, if I didn’t tell you the story? Let me sit down now, let me take my feather, and let me write, let me take you to Alexandria, let me guide you through the Library of Alexandria, let us stand in deep awe in front of the Scrolls of the Old.

And let us met her. Let me met her again. Let me look again in her dark eyes, let me lay my gaze on her tanned silky skin, let my feet lose the ground again when she smiles at me for the first time, let me give up anything for her again. For a while. Until I let her die.

Let us go there again, for I feel the strength to write about it and tell my story, and more, her story, and finally, the story of the Library of Alexandria:

The ocean breeze felt warm on his skin, and the fear of the last days vanished as he laid eyes on Alexandria. They were sailing into its harbour, they were sailing into his future. He was 23, and he felt wise, for he had studied all the scrolls of the greek philosophers. Here he stood on the ship, young, but full of knowledge, a fool as he should learn soon. Comptus Deratus, scribe of the Roman Senate, sent to study at the Library of Alexandria, the centre of all the knowledge in the world.

General plot idea:
The deep and long roleplay is set in the year of 49 B.C. The Library of Alexandria is known to us as a Wonder of the World, and it is said that it held the whole wisdom of the Antique. About 700.000 scrolls where reported to be there. Scrolls were obtained by searching ships which sailed into the harbour. It was a bad custom, but in Alexandria, the scribes had great power. As soon as a ship arrived, they’d search it. They’d take the scrolls, copy them, and sent the copies back to the original owners on the ships - keeping the original scrolls for the Library. It was a ruthless behaviour, but it was to save knowledge in their eyes.

Around 48 B.C., the Library was destroyed by a fire. Rumour is, Caesar wanted to burn down ships in the harbour and the Library only accidentally set fire.

Our male character arrives as a young scribe, a mere apprentice, being sent by the Senate of Rome. He is shown the Library, and right on his first day, he’s taken to the harbour himself, forced to help searching a ship that had just made its way in. On this ship, he finds a scroll he takes with him to copy - and he meets a young woman, an exotic woman, who begs him to leave the scroll, but, of course, he won’t. He takes it back to the Library - but as he tries to make a copy, he reads it...and understands the power it held. For it comes from an old country, older than Rome or Egypt, and it bears the secret to rule the world. But the girl, she tries to get the scroll back. And soon, he finds himself being torn between her and the power of the scroll and the knowledge, and his life gets out of balance. But Caesars people learn by accident about the Scroll...and they come, they come for it, and they come for them.

Your role:
Of course, the girl on the ship. Really, my idea is just a basic plot, you can add anything you like, change anything you like - and create your character in any way you like. Some basic historical knowledge would be nice, but we don’t want to go into details too much there - probably quite a few people could lecture how wrong my basic idea is in the historical context. Love for books would be good, since the setting is the Library of Alexandria, and the setting will guide us through the story.

It’s quite a big story, so it’s rather not for writers who plan on finishing something fast or who’d rather get to the lustful parts of the play soon. It’s rather a romantic story as well, but right now, as you probably gather from the introduction, I do not intend to give it a happy ending. But, I really wish to see what you have in mind about it :)

2. The revolution of the Stars (m/f; Fantasy) - Reserved -

Possible introduction:

This was wrong. Kail knew it. He felt it.
Those were no rebels, nor fighters. They were peasants, simple people, maybe even loyal people, though „loyal“ was a term now that was disappearing from peoples minds.

It would be wrong to kill this people, even if it was the Kings order. But was it really the Kings order he cared for? No. No. His fathers order was the problem. His father, General Lokiri, First General of the King Radon, had ordered in the name of the king to destroy the rebels hiding in this village and to set the houses on fire.

But these people were no peasants. They had been lined up in front of them, their hands on their hands, and were staring up at him. Kail felt uneasy and uncomfortable, and the first time in his 23 years of life, he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. Finally, his own commando. Finally, he was sent out on his own by his father.

Finally, he’d chose over life and death.

But bringing death to this people wasn’t an option anymore. He spotted a child, maybe eight, nine years old, a girl, and her curly hair hang down to her shoulders, as she looked at him with feared-filled blue eyes. He must seem like a monster to her, in his shiny black armour, the armour of the Lieutenant of the King, a broadsword with the Kings insignia raised in his hand. A weird contrast to his horse Rodal which was white as snow and seemed calmer than a sunset.

Pahn, the loyal servant to his father, was shifting uneasily on his horse next to him. „Sire,“ he whispered, „these people are...“
„I know,“ said Kail. „They are no rebels.“
Pahn sighed. „What are we going to do?“
If only Kail knew. If only he knew.

Then, the bastard appeared in front of him. The bastard was Lieutenant Morgo, a man he had hated for a long time. The man was an opportunist, and he deeply hated Kail, for he thought that the young man had only gained the position and the command because of his fathers deeds and name. „Sire,“ the bastard said, „we have searched all houses. All rebels are lined up. It is time to judge them. Night will set in soon, and they might have friends up in these hills.“ Kail knew that „judging“ meant in the bastards head. It meant nothing but killing.

And even though Kail had been in some battles, and had been trained by Pahn and his father for long years, he asked a naive question. „Why are you sure they are rebels, Lieutenant Morgo?“
Morgos eyes narrowed and sparkled with hate. The mans lips trembled. „Your father said so in direct command from the king.“
Kail and Pahn exchanged a brief glance. This would not be solved easily.

In a way, it wasn’t. But in a different way, it was. Just when he wanted to address the bastard again, he felt the arrow pass his head. And the bastard in front of him lost the stare of hate, as he fell of his horse.

Kail turned around, and his eyes fell on her. She was standing on the roof of a cottage, and she focused on him with green eyes.

The old King Radon has lost his mind. Once a good and brave man, he now rules the land with an iron fist. People starve and people die. Under the surface, a revolution is coming - and rebels are committing deeds of crime. At least, this is what is being said at the Palace...

It’s a classic fantasy setting. The female character is one of the leaders of the true rebels, who don’t wish for anything else but to survive. He leaves the Royal Army to join them with his servant Pahn, because he is persuaded it is right to do so, but more even so because she intrigues him. They build up a true revolution, and soon, the Kings Army and the Rebels confront each other - and so do father and son. And why does Kail always have the feeling that she hasn’t told him the whole truth about her background?

Your role:
The basic idea about her is that she is one of the leaders of the rebels because of her fierce will. Otherwise, I’ll leave her being, character, background, possible secret all up to your ideas.

This roleplay takes a bit from an old RPG game named Suikoden and mixes it with classic elements. It’s also meant for a longer play, and the partner should be devoted to fantasy. I’d rather wish the female character to be a true fighter, sarcastic and kind of cold towards Kail, until they fall in love and so on. But, that is just a basic plot idea, the rest is left up to you :)

3. The last door (m/f; Fantasy) - RESERVED -

Possible introduction:
The hawk was torn towards it. The animals mind did not understand why it flew into this strange building of stone. It just felt like it had to, like it felt it had to eat or drink. The doors stood open. Maybe, if it had an human mind, it would have wondered about this. Maybe, if it had a human mind, it would have looked at the dead bodies on the ground. Maybe, if it had a human mind, it would have flown out again, and never looked back.

It was good the hawk didn’t have a human mind. For if it had, the world would have been destructed.

The bird passed the empty halls, which was once full of life. It passed through empty rooms, it flew over the empty throne room, where the dead king was lying on the ground, holding on to a crown that had no importance anymore. The hawk flew, on and on, hearing a voice calling for it, hearing a voice demanding to come.

The hawk passed down to the Cellars of the Palace, felt the coldness of the rooms, but no fear filled the mind of the bird. It passed the painting of the Kings and Heroes of Old, and while a human would have stared at them in deep respect, the hawk didn’t care. For it, they were unimportant, and for good reason. Because, in this once proud palace, which once was heart of the Empire, only one item was important. And it was behind this one door, this one last door - and there to, the hawk flew.

But the hawk was warned by the voice in its head, and just before turning the last, the most important corner, it sat down on the ground. Not giving any noise, it waited.

It waited for the dark hooded man to open that door. The man didn’t look over his shoulder as he casted the spell, for he knew anyone was dead in the Palace. He was only focused on the door - and then, then he did a mistake, and years of planing had gone wrong for a single weakness. When casting spells, he rarely loses focus on time, and so he didn’t notice the last door opening - slightly just, but enough, just enough, for a bird to slip through and grab the shining, golden item lying on a soft, red pillow behind that last door.

The hawk held on to it, as if its life was depending on it, and flew back. The animal then felt it - how the black hooded man noticed what had happened, turned around - and how glowing red eyes followed the hawk just turning around the corner. He heard the man running, but here, now, the bird had an advantage, and flew, just flew, till it saw daylight again, and disappeared into the forest.
The dark hooded man stood at the window for a long time still, and his glowing red eyes looked out into the darkness of the forest, which soon he’d burn down.

There, she walked. There, she sang, as she was passing alongside the river, her voice melting with the sounds of the flowing water.

„Come my dear, stay true to me,
since here I am, alone, you see,
don’t leave me all by myself,
be my star, i’ll be your help...“

The hawk heard her singing, and the voice inside of the animals head demanded the hawk to fly closer, and take a look.

General plot idea:
Pretty open, and quite classic. Obviously, the hawk just rescued an important item, and the bad guy seems rather mad about that. All we know is that the last door has to be closed again, with the item inside of it, to prevent the world from burning. The girl will get the item, which seems to have a certain mind of its own.

The male character could come from and go anywhere. I am open for suggestions.

Your role:
Of course, the girl who, unfortunately for her, gets that item and is then haunted by the evil guy.

This plot is very open and could develop in a lot of directions. I just had the image of the door in my head really, and wanted to create a story around that.
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