Rherych Isle (Mk II) (Fantasy; Freeform or GURPS; MUL)

Started by Vandren, May 08, 2009, 01:43:54 PM

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I'm looking to trying out a setting I haven't revisited in a few years.  Basically, I ran a GURPS group set on Rherych Isle (original setting, see below) over on RPOL oh . . . more years ago than I want to count.  It went pretty well and such, but I'd forgotten about it until recently.

Anyway, I dusted off the info file and revised a bit.

Basically, what I'm looking to do is to set up a group/game centered in Narpis, probably within the royal court although there'd definitely be room to expand outward.  Basic setting is magic heavy fantasy, roughly late-Renaissance technology (movable type printing press, wheellock firearms, a few flintlocks), but some clockpunk and early (highly experimental) steampunk tech might be allowable.

Rherych Wiki Page

Oh, currently I'm leaning toward freeforming, but I still have all the old GURPS 3rd ed. info on the island available, if there's interest in system.

Any interest?
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Wow, I haven't thought of GURPS in forever.  Amazing system!

That's a great wiki entry for your setting. I'm going to look it over in more detail when I have more (ie, the kids are fed and not screaming as they are now!) but I very well may be interested.  If you do decide to use GURPS, then I would recommend the lower end scale of points :). 


Danke.  :)

A little blurb:

Basically Rherych is an island that figures in the legends of many cultures.  One of the "there one day, gone the next" type places.  Moreover, people who end up there never come back.  And until the last century or two, it has only drawn in magicians.  (Currently the populace is roughly 50/50 magician/non, with magicians of various sorts effectively running most of the island's cities.)

Re: GURPS, last time I ran anything on Rherych, I think it was set in the 150-200 pt range.  Probably 150.  And that seemed to work out nicely, easily left room for several non-humans.  If the GURPS route is chosen (group consensus), I'd probably go with the 150 range again, given courtly thing (status, wealth, etc.).  And I could post the system info on the ten types of magic (although I haven't converted thaumaturgy or witchcraft yet, the latter would be based on S. John Ross' Hedge Magic system for GURPS Russia).
"Life is growth.  If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead." -Morihei Ueshiba, O-Sensei