Would like to rpg with a male

Started by Gentle Eyes, May 05, 2009, 07:56:54 PM

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Gentle Eyes

Well I would like to try one of the more intense rpg that of a fantasy slave type deals that with demons or dragons or whatever you think might work so yeah bondage or rape or etc. Also would like to know when the person comes on so the rpg just doesn't sit there on hours on end... I'm only a semi-literate rpger so those that can help me be more literate are much appreicated..


I might be interested, you can PM me if you'd like and we can work something out.
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Gentle Eyes

maybe i should make another interest idea

I'm kind of curious about a horror forum with that of a half were-wolf a true were-wolf that stalks her and that of true love that finds her ending in that of happiness.