looking for domme female to break a stubborn male

Started by Jakan, May 05, 2009, 04:44:11 PM

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Anyone up to the challenge? At this point I'd prefer it be an actual female.
Looking for someone to break my char. into the world of dom/sub, master/slave, bdsm.
This might be a challenge. Good luck.

I was thinking a Female boss taking on a male intern. Begins training him on the job, but starts making him do more for her. Treating him like a sub or slave.

Or a male boss and his secretary is tired of being told what to do. and begins showing him who is boss.

Just rough ideas. If interested feel free to PM.

If you don't care for this idea but have your own, let me know. I'm open to most ideas.

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Gimme a day and we can plan something out...if you like.
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Ok that works for me.
PM me when ever you are ready.