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May 25, 2022, 07:31:25 am

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Author Topic: looking for  (Read 964 times)

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looking for
« on: May 04, 2009, 04:51:51 pm »
two or three new Rp's with a Domme female I'm not too bothered about scenario etc, but I prefer something within a fantasy non human setting, yes I am a furr :P I'll usually play an Anthro wolf / panther.

I will never play a Dom so please don't ask :P


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Re: looking for
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2009, 11:13:17 pm »
I can tweak Axyl to play in an anthro form. Sample of her personality:

A feral growl rumbled low in Axyls throat as she picked up the scent of the two others already here. She had been in the middle of a glorious hunt when she heard the call. Her muscles straining, heart pumping, the rapid cadence of her feet as she pursued without restraint. The joy of anticipating where the antelope would run and jump, turn and evade had her at a fevered pitch. The wind raged through her mane of hair bringing with it the smell of fear, urging her on. A few more strides and she would be sinking her teeth into it's soft neck and rending it's life away.

The gate pulled her more strongly than the urge to kill and eat. Tossing her sandy mane of hair she let loose a roar as her victim escaped it's certain demise. The blood lust still upon her she turned tail and headed for the nearest gate. Leaping from one realm to the next until she entered the spherical room. Her paws shifted into hands as she stood upon her hind legs and subtlety changed into her Leonine sapien form.

Conscious of the other two she prowled across the room, continuing the low rumble deep in her throat. She did not know them but was sure they could be trusted or they wouldn't be here. Only the best were here. It had been long since they had been summoned. What were they needed for this time? she wondered.

Axyl could take no more of the demon possessed man's futile behavior. Slamming her staff into the floor, the room began to vibrate. The shaking and creaking increased as if to separate their very atoms. She looked at him with complete disdain.

"Enough! You may go if you choose, but only cowards slink away. There is nothing on your world to compare to the honor of traveling the gates. There you may hold the fate of thousands in your hands. Here," she growled deeply, "here you change the course of billions. If coward you be, slip back through the gate to your miserable tiny existence. Another will be called to replace you. If you are not curious enough to even question your destiny, perhaps you are a fool." She paused to judge the effects of her words.

"Now, let the man down Grimm, or I'll have your throat for my morning meal and your entrails as a lining for my shoes before the next traveler pops through the gate."

Her eyes blazed in a green fury of challenge and anger. How dare he touch one of the other chosen! Not even close to half his girth, she would still take him on for that presumption.
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