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Author Topic: Pulp Scripture/Moral Victory (Contemporary Supernatural/Horror) (oWoD)  (Read 10520 times)

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Moot Report: Pulp Scripture/Moral Victory (Contemporary Supernatural)
« Reply #50 on: March 05, 2010, 01:27:37 PM »
We had a bizarre moot on Monday, March 1, even by South Florida protectorate standards!
This past full moon was the Snow Moon, and next will be the Worm Moon -- an ominous name indeed.
We had several visitors including Minds-the-Gap of the Sept of the Watchful Eye in Alaska.
Uktena-of-the-River-of-Grass demanded "fire in water" as his chiminage.  Several garou had words with him
The "Cirque du Slay" pack dissolved and will reform.
Three kinfolk and one "honorary kinfolk" were discussed and will be introduced at the next Moot.
There have been "allegations of leech attacks on kinfolk in the Everglades" which are being investigated; people acted extremely strangely when discussing this.

OOC XP and Renown awards:
Everyone who attended at least 3 hours gets 1 experience point for attendance, and 1 experience point for good (over-the-top) roleplaying.  Minds-the-Gap gets an extra experience point for "travelling" OOC.

Renown: For being Master of the Howl: 0.1 Honor for Draws-the-Net
For participating in the Rite of the Open Sky: 0.1 Wisdom for each participant (Nadja, Joshua, Sybil, Minds).
For being in a challenge for pack leadership, either as participant or mediator: 0.1 choice of Wisdom or Honor for Nadja "Strikes-in-Darkness" Korsakov, Sybil "Walks Alone" Angelis, and Alexander Slayer-of-Legends.
For doing regular duties and chores for the sept: 0.1 Honor for Joshua
Giving good advice: 0.1 Wisdom for Joshua, Sybil, and Koko!
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Offline CalibanTopic starter

  • Decadent Melnibonean. Is there any other kind?
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  • Location: South Florida
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  • Sex is the question, you are the answer.
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Session Report: Pulp Scripture/Moral Victory (Contemporary Supernatural)
« Reply #51 on: March 13, 2010, 02:32:14 AM »
The umbral quest for Joshua Talltrees' rank challenge was postponed for one week by player's request, so it will be next Friday.

This week, the characters went to the park, the caern, and Maguire's, and met several new garou including a Fianna ragabash named Aurora Rider, a Black Fury ahroun named Melanie Kellis, and a new kinfolk named Eric.

Draws-the-Net, Raps-the-Litany, and Spits-the-Truth have been investigating the snuff film studio that was taken down a month ago and the leeches associated with them.  (Draws uses computer hacking, Raps uses Bone Gnawer kinfolk spies, and Spits uses spirits.)  They found out some of the other humans connected with the studio, and who are apparently connected with the old "Seventh Generation" group in New York that King Jonas Albrecht of the Silver Fangs put down in 1998.  They also found out the lair of at least one pack of the leeches.

The garou (Joshua Talltrees, Draws-the-Net, Melanie Kellis, and Nadja) decided to strike at the leeches, and ask for assistance from Sybil Angelis, Koko, Carl Sinclair, Minds-the-Gap, and anyone else who was interested and available.

Melanie Kellis and Joshua Talltrees had a minor argument about fetishes, because Spits-the-Truth offered her a Leech's Tongue (healing fetish) and a Fang of the Wyrm (Wyrm-sensing fetish).

Spits-the-Truth pointed out that there were now four Black Furies in South Florida: Sybil Angelis, Amazon Judy, Melanie Kellis, and Nefelimore; and that Nefelimore wants to set up a Black Fury caern there.

Everyone who attended (Alysanthia, Shambler, Quistar, WoDPlayer, thesunmaid, Sabriel, WhiteLion, and Izi) got 1 xp for attendance.
Melanie-Kellis and Aurora_Rider got 1 xp bonus for it being their first session.
Melanie-Kellis got 1 xp bonus award for extreme roleplaying
Koko: If your friend Ferran, who played Eric the kinfolk, becomes a regular player for at least a month, you will get 1 xp *and* 0.1 renown for finding him.
Koko: Your scene with the kinfolk and your general roleplaying as a lupus is probably going to get you a bonus xp award if you keep up that level of quality.

Joshua gets 0.1 Wisdom for "giving good advice" and got 0.1 Honor for protecting the Veil. And Spits loses 0.3 Honor for almost rending it.

"It's garou mating season. It's *always*  garou mating season!"  -----Spits-the-Truth

NEXT SESSION:  Saturday, 13 March 2010, 5pm to 12pm EST, 10pm to 5am GMT.

We're going to go after the leeches associated with the snuff film operation we took down a month ago.

Unless that takes all our time, we also want to go after some of the snuff film distributors, vendors, and customers; and also investigate the leech attacks on kinfolk in the Everglades.
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Offline Chevalier des Poissons

Name: Lou or Lui "The Aurora Rider"

Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Ragabash

Rank: 1

Breed: Homid

Height: 6'8''

Weight: 205lb


Strenght - 2
Dexterity - 3
Stamina - 4

Charisma - 3
Manipulation - 2
Appearance - 3

Perception - 4
Intelligence - 4
Wits - 3


Alertness - 3
Athletics - 2
Brawl - 3
Dodge - 1
Empathy - 2
Intimidation - 1

Drive - 2
Etiquette - 2
Leadership - 1
Melee - 3
Survival - 2

Computer - 4
Linguistics - 2
Occult - 2


Resist Toxin
Open Seal
Master of Fire

Willpower - 5
Gnosis - 4
Rage - 2

Honor - 1
Glory - 1
Wisdom - 1


"My name is Lui or Lou, and this is all you will know about me". This is the first sentence Aurora Rider says about himself. No one else will know about his name more than the monossilabic abbreviation.

Aurora Rider was a happy child. He had friends, family, a regular life, and the fantastic luck to become a garou along with all his circle of childhood friends, so, when they all lost their parents because of the Spiral Dancers, they could support each other, and understand each other. No matter the quests, they were all together, and because of that Aurora Rider was never overwhelmed by his Garou life. In fact, when he lost his family he moved to the local Caern. The prince of that Caern is paranoid and crazy, fearing that every Ahuron is plotting to kill him, but he welcomes Ragabashes and Fiannas. Because of that, Rider, along with some of his Fianna friends he made over the same Caern, was one with the easiest acess to that place.

Right in his first mission, along with seve Ahurons, Aurora Rider got bonded with the spirit of a legendary dragon. Now he carries a giant sword he uses in every combat. However, since the legends said that the sword would give great powers to an Ahuron, Rider finds himself unable to use the great powers hidden inside that great weapon. So far now such legendary weapon did nothing but put him in troubles.

Aurora Rider is the best friend one garou could want. He acts Ragabash with his kind, of course, but when they need someone to be there for them, this one is Lui. He never backs out from a fight, and has the strangiest jokes and ideas, but he is still someone that likes to make people comfortable around him. He has such inner peace that could surprise some people.

Also, he loves wordplays. He likes to get people confusing with wordplays, and has a very clever way to see things.

Not only that, he just loves to tell a good story, or hear a good one. He is one of the rare type of the listeners. He likes to let people talk and tell them stories. Aside with that, Aurora Rider has the habit of taking a guitar and singing to the moon every midnight of every day.
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Offline CalibanTopic starter

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LEECH WAREHOUSE: Pulp Scripture/Moral Victory (Contemporary Supernatural)
« Reply #53 on: March 21, 2010, 03:23:40 AM »

Leech Warehouse -- for all your leeching needs!

I ran the "Leech Warehouse" storyline for the group this past weekend.  This included both the recon and the actual raid.
It went well for everyone except the leeches and their mortal allies, who ended up getting the short end of the stick, mostly right in the chest.
Final score: five dead leeches, 17 dead gangstas, six dead victims, four rescued victims, and the only damage on our side was Nadja threw her back out trying to lift up a concrete slab all by herself.  Then to celebrate Spits-the-Truth took Nadja to a club in South Beach, where they went trolling for more leeches.
In addition, there was a celebration at Maguire's Pub in which the garou decided to form two packs, and Joshua Talltrees announced "My suggestion would be this: we get my challenge out of the way, it will make me more useful to everyone. Then we do a visit to Nadja's old home, that is long overdue. Then make preparations for whatever we need to do to help the Alaska sept."
Also, Nadja suggested trying to get the Sabbat in Miami to fight within itself.

Everyone who attended got 2 xp for each session (up to 3 sessions total).

Ending a threat without serious harm to any Garou: Each character got 0.2 Wisdom.

Killing leeches and their blood-slaves: 0.2 Glory for each character.

Rescuing the humans: Melanie and Draws each get 0.1 Wisdom *or* Honor (their choice), Sybil gets twice that much i.e. 0.2 divided as she wishes among Wisdom and/or Honor.

Giving Good Advice: 0.1 Wisdom to Melanie Kellis for suggesting actually having a plan, and again for saying the garou need to get organized; and for Joshua Talltrees for speaking words of wisdom about the tasks before the garou; and to Nadja for suggesting a good tactic against the Sabbat.

Keeping OOC stuff out of the IC room, even rolls, thus setting a good example for the Storyteller: Melanie Kellis gets 0.1 Wisdom *or* Honor (her choice).

Upcoming plotlines:

As Joshua Talltrees mentioned, he has an Umbral quest.
There is a "haunted circus" to be investigated and dealt with.
The Caern of the Watchful Eye in Alaska has requested aid: theurges for dealing with a bane ("Three might do it, if they are strong. Seven is better.") and ahroun or others for dealing with several packs of BSDs.
There are still plenty of leeches in Miami -- almost fifty, according to Spits-the-Truth, although most of these are nearly-mindless "shovelheads."
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Offline CalibanTopic starter

  • Decadent Melnibonean. Is there any other kind?
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  • Join Date: Mar 2009
  • Location: South Florida
  • Gender: Male
  • Sex is the question, you are the answer.
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Re: Pulp Scripture/Moral Victory (Contemporary Supernatural/Horror) (oWoD)
« Reply #54 on: March 25, 2010, 07:13:52 PM »
Wednesday, 3/24/2010, we had an "online LARP" session on IRC.  Everyone who attended (including Joshua Talltrees, Sybil Angelis, Koko, Fleur Childe, Melanie Kellis, and Katrinka) received 1 xp for attendance and 1 xp for good roleplaying.  Fleur Childe and Koko also received 1 xp for heroism and 1 xp for learning curve, and Fleur Childe received 1 xp for First Appearance.

Renown: Everyone who fought Howls-at-Luna (i.e. everyone except poor Sybil) got 0.1 Glory; Melanie Kellis gets 0.1 Honor for dragging Howls-at-Luna to justice; Koko and Fleur get 0.2 additional renown, their choice of either Glory or Wisdom (or 0.1 each), for attacking Howls even though they were far weaker than him, and for comforting and healing Sybil.

Howls-at-Luna got -0.6 Wisdom for succumbing to a berserk frenzy; -0.8 Wisdom for succumbing to the Thrall of the Wyrm; and -1.2 Honor for trying to rape Sybil during his frenzy!

There are two packs forming.  One is Melanie Kellis (Black Fury ahroun) and Nadjia Korsakov (Shadow Lord ragabash); their totem is likely to be either Isthmene or Grandfather Thunder.  The other pack is Joshua Talltrees (Uktena theurge), Draws-the-Net (Glass Walker galliard), and Sybil Angelis (Black Fury theurge).  Once the packs have been active for one full month, the alphas will receive 0.3 Honor.

There are several new garou in South Florida including cubs (Koko, Fleur Childe, and Will Emberstone) and visitors including the powerful Silent Strider Alexander Slayer-of-Legends; the Fianna ragabash Aurora Rider from the Amazon; a lupus Fianna from Boston; two Get of Fenris garou, Astrid “Strikes-Swift-in-Fury” Eriksson (Ahroun) and Katrinka Frey (Philodox), and the Get of Fenris kinfolk Carl Sinclair who has been claimed as a mate and punching bag by Sybil Angelis.  This is enough to form an entirely new pack, or to fill up the other two packs nicely.  In addition to Carl Sinclair, there are several other kinfolk of frightening levels of competence such as Christina (an investigative reporter) and Clarissa (apparently a former military commando), up to and including a Glass Walker who is a "technological theurge."  Any garou who mentors the cubs and/or kinfolk (i.e. teaching new players about the game rules and/or the setting) will receive both Honor and Wisdom renown!

Judges-Not's judgement upon Howls-at-Luna will be intended to rehabilitate him rather than punish him; she can see that his situation has warped his mind, and she needs to deal with the root causes of his behavior.  It will also have a separate aspect intended to help Sybil including restitution as appropriate, although not vengeance.  She will first ask Sybil, as the victim -- oh, wait, that's not politically correct, so Judges-Not would call her the "survivor" -- of the crime, she would like to have happen.  Depending on what Sybil asks, Judges-Not might approve it.  As I said, restitution without vengeance.

Judges-Not wants to have Howls-at-Luna "rehabilitated" by basically giving him anger-management training but more importantly teaching him exactly what is mistaken about his anger; that not all leeches are evil, and neither are all "wyrmbringer" garou; that it's wrong for him to expect kinfolk women to fall at his feet, especially when he treats them so poorly; that women can dress attractively or even provocatively without necessarily meaning to taunt him; and that they can behave affectionately to him without wanting to sleep with him.

Our next session will be a garou-oriented game on Friday (tomorrow) starting at 10pm GMT / 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific.  It is perfectly appropriate for new players who are unfamiliar with the game to show up for the session, as long as you have a basic idea of your character; or simply to watch the scene.

The game will be a Moot and will take place at the Sept of the Watchful Eye in Alaska.  Many garou of South Florida will be traveling there to participate in their Moot and tell tales of renown, including the destruction of a half-dozen leeches and their fomori servants in Miami.

The online game will actually be hosted by the Watchful Eye online game and their Storyteller will run it.

Their game is on the DarkMyst server which can be reached at and their chat channel is #we-ooc
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Offline CalibanTopic starter

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Re: Pulp Scripture/Moral Victory (Contemporary Supernatural/Horror) (oWoD)
« Reply #55 on: March 30, 2010, 02:11:46 AM »
An interesting couple of sessions.  Many garou from South Florida went to the caern of the Watchful Eye in Alaska to participate in their Moot, and gained appropriate experience and renown thereby.
Afterward, back in Florida, among other things, a "demon" (presumably either a fomor or else a materialized bane) that the garou have previously encountered showed up at the city caern (located at Rolling Greens Country Club, in Palm Beach).  And a garou learned she was pregnant.

Every character who was there for at least 3 hours earned 2 experience.

Sybil Angelis:   -0.2 Wisdom *and* Honor
Clocks, the Mage kinfolk:   0.1 Wisdom *or* Honor for Clocks.
Nadja Korinsakov: "Attacking a minion of the Wyrm without regard to personal safety, 0.1 Glory . . . helping defend a caern, 0.1 Glory and 0.2 Honor . . . " -0.4 Wisdom for going Berserk
Fleur_Childe, 0.2 Wisdom for 'giving good advice,' as we like to call it."

Sybil will also be eligible for the "bearing a child" renown award in 7 months, and is already eligible for the "having good relations with the local kinfolk" award.

Offline Werewolf

Re: Pulp Scripture/Moral Victory (Contemporary Supernatural/Horror) (oWoD)
« Reply #56 on: April 21, 2010, 07:05:30 PM »

Name: Alexi Dragnov
Player: Werewolf(forum) Werewolfy (chat)
Nature: Legalist
Demenor: Social in crowd
Concept: A Lawyer minded man..with very little regard for those he see's as the lessers of the nation..

Attributes ( 3/4/6) (15 freebies spent)

Strength: 2                      Charisma: 3                                               Perception:3
Dex: 2                              Manipulation: 2                                         Intellegence:4
Stam: 2                            Apperance :4 (5 to feral charectors)         Wits:3

Abilities ( 7 /4 /11) (20 freebies spent)

Alertness: 1                       
Athletics: 1

Animal Ken:0

Academics:4 (law school)
Law:4 (garou law, criminal defence law, personal injury law, general lawschool)
Linguistics:1 (russian)
Occult:4 (garou and vampire cultures, garou histories)


Willpower: 4 (last freebie spent)

Resourses: 4 (family ties)

Merits:3 point merit Feral Attraction (supernaturals of a feral nature find his apperance hard to resist..)

Flaws: 3 point flaw socialy inept (self explanitory)

(yet to come)
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