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April 11, 2021, 04:59:49 pm

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Author Topic: Fertile Myrtle is on the prowl [Looking for Men! - Various ideas inside]  (Read 833 times)

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Offline Fertile MyrtleTopic starter

Thank you everyone for your interest in roleplaying with me but I am now officially swamped with offers!

Girls willing to play men are perfectly acceptable too.  ;) Hokay so, I'm looking for a solo with a male as I play the female. Here's a list of stuff I like and am probably willing to try at the moment. However, I'm not limited to just the list. If you think you have an idea I might like, by all means share!

Stuff I like/Willing to Do (in no particular order)
-Gladiators/Ancient Rome-esque!
-Ancient Egypt
-Ancient whatevery
-Greek Mythology
-Fantastical Creatures (relative to Greek Mythology)
-Slavery (it a historical or fantastical context)
-Deserted Island scenario
-Historical Fiction
-Super hero
-A combination of anything above

-Star Wars

Plots/Vague Ideas
(You can even combine some. fuck, i dunno. Mix and match)
Gladiators - No real plot in mind. Probably just have an upper class (or whatever class girl) take interest in a battle hardened gladiator. Eventually wants to help him escape.

Ancient Whatevery - Doing something along the lines of ancient Aztec would be cool. We could even throw in the Spaniards and incorporate a slavery theme.

Fantastical Creatures - The Human World and the Magic world were separated for a reason. Many thousands of years ago, humans and magical creatures coexisted in harmony. Man became ambitious though, and tried to enslave and conquer the magic world. In retaliation, the magical creatures cast a powerful spell that divided their one world into two dimensions and sealed the gateways forever. Well, not forever. There are several, small imperfections in the gateway. Through all the time and space of the human world, there are a few invisible portals to the magic world. Leading a few very unsuspecting people into the world of magic.

Slavery - a. An exotic islander girl is abducted into slavery. Due to language barriers and other random things, she mistakenly believes her new owner is a God. She treats him very well until she realizes the truth. And, well... She gets mad.

b. A wealthy upper class noble girl gets to help her father pick out a new slave to work the fields and do the family's general bidding. She chooses a warrior captured from an enemy nation. This girl is nothing but terrible to the warrior. She's bratty, spoiled, and downright cruel. Yet sometimes she's kind and even seems fond of him. But, mostly she's just dominant and mean. Maybe she needs him more than she's willing to let on?

c. A prince is sold into slavery after his kingdom collapses. (Possible male x male, doesn't have to be.) I would most likely play the prince. This can also work with me as a princess.
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Offline Doomsday

I like your b slavery story.

Offline Fertile MyrtleTopic starter

Excellent, I sent you a pm.

Any other takers? I'm always looking.

Offline Quicksilver

I'm really, really interested in the sci-fi... but the deserted island or Greek mythology looks fun, too...

Offline Fertile MyrtleTopic starter

I actually didn't have any plot in mind for those. But, if it's sci-fi you want I'll pm you and see if we can't work something out.

Any other takers?

Offline Jadeling

If you have any super-heroic ideas lying around I might be willing to talk.

I have a few cooking but I'd like to hear yours first. :3

Offline Lavaske

The Gladiator roleplay doesn't actually look half bad.  I'm game for that one, if you'll have me.