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Wanna be my boyfriend? (male roleplayer wanted)

Started by dreamvision, April 30, 2009, 01:09:23 AM

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I'm interested in writing a romantic, cheesy roleplay. I'd like if it imitated real life closely, so low fantasy and lots of dialogue. So, a guy and a girl working at a typical relationship should work, with a few fights and kinks thrown in here and there. (And of course, extravagant making up afterward!)

I'd prefer if my partner wanted to play a role that was a bit older than me, maybe 5-10 years?

-University students
-Online lovers meeting up in real life, then starting to date (it seems cool in my head)
-City girl, country boy

I guess you should IM me or leave a message here if you're interested and would like to discuss things more thoroughly! :)


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Sorry once again for vanishing from E.  Had a few personal issues I had to deal with.  To those I have lost contact with, I am sorry, hopefully we can reconnect.  Thank you all for understanding.