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Author Topic: Aced's Search Thread: A New Hope  (Read 1160 times)

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Aced's Search Thread: A New Hope
« on: April 29, 2009, 10:32:13 pm »
Roles I am playing:
  - The Plague Runner
  - Summoning Some Fun

Roles I can play:
Fallen Angel
Gang Leader

Available Plots

Note: My style of creating a game is to come up with the background and then mold the RP into a scenario that fits the desires of my partner!

Arcadia: Taken

In the armies of hell, nothing is wasted. Demon's are trained to fight to the death or face Arcadia the Collector. Angered by his station in the nine hells, Arcadia is brutal and unforgiving as he scours the vast fields of battles to collect the wounded and dieing demons, dragging them along with his barbed chains all the way back to hell where he will pick the bodies apart for spare parts as he makes ghastly and twisted golems to serve once again on the battlefield. Woe befall the demon who should live only to hear the dragging of Arcadia's chains.

Until one day, amidst the dead and dieing cries of agony and fear, Arcadia runs across an unexpected boon: a lone forgotten Angel. Now Arcadia plans to subvert the once divine soldier into doing his bidding and using her to usurp a position of more authority within the nine hells.

Notes on Demons and Angels: As with all of my roleplays, there are many ways I can play this scenario depending on my partners preferences. For example!

          - Arcadia is brutal and aggressive and forces his will on the angel in an attempt to break and enslave her.
          - Arcadia is sly and cunning and tries to trick the angel into subverting but the pair end up falling in love in the process.

Biker Wars: A Post-Apocolyptic RP [Added 11/17]

The worst has happened and a global war has wiped out almost 80% of the worlds population. Biological and nuclear warfare has pushed the remaining population into the world's deserts, were the land is at least clean of contaminates. Corporations build and rule terraformed cities with iron fists, exiling anyone that does not conform with their strict rules and guidelines. The world outside these compounds is certain death for most. Yet some continue to live in these vast sprawling wastelands, refusing to live by the rules laid down by the privileged. Biker gangs rule these territories beyond what has become of civilization and often war among themselves for resources. But when a new threat faces the two largest gangs, they find they have to work together to survive and the only way to do that is to marry the two rival leaders in what can be a violent and tumultuous union.

Club Hell: [Added 4/29/09]

Club Hell boasts a patronage made up of the dregs of humanity. Prostitutes, drug addicts, and thrill seekers all flock to the night club with the seediest of reputations. Rumor has it that many customers seeking the neon lights and bottomless glasses have never made it out but authorities have yet to be able to pin anything on the club's mysterious owner Demien. Though many brush these rumors off as urban legend, regualrs know that the club is a front for something dark and dangerous, even if they don't know what.

Notes about Club Hell: I hold all the cards in this roleplay and it is good for someone who will slowly discover what the club's dark secret is as the game progresses. I can provide some more details to an interested player without spoiling the surprises.

Charlies Angels: [Added 4/29/09]

Charlie is not your average man. First of all, he's a pimp. Secondly, he's not really a man, he's an angel; or at least a FALLEN angel. Tempted by the lives of humans as he lived among them, Charlie over indulged in sinfulness causing his fall from grace. Now trapped on the mortal plane, Chalie's sinful ways are slowly killing him. With the time he has left, Charlie has won a small fortune in gambling and used it to fund his own whore house. Charlie spends his days finding and rescuing women from their brutally violent pimps and offers them warm food and clean beds. If they want to work for him all he asks is that they fulfill his sinful desires, everything else is theirs along with his protection and what healing he has left to offer.

Notes on Charlie's Angels: This is up for solo play, but one day I may decide to make it into a group game.

Stranger Games: [Added 4/29/09]

It started out slowly, shadows darting out of view when she turned to look, breathy messages left on her answering machine and voice mail. But with time her stalker grew bolder. Eerie love letters on her door turned into roses left on her pillow even as she slept. She could feel his eyes on her at all times, and was even sure she could feel his touch in crowded places. When she would turn to look it was impossible to tell who it was. The only question she had was: What did he have in store for her next?

Notes on Stranger Games: This scenario can play out from the beginning when the stalker first chooses his target or when he is ready to take that next step: abducting her in public.
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Re: Aced's Search Thread: A New Hope
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2009, 10:37:50 pm »
Messaging you about Arcadia

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Re: Aced's Search Thread: A New Hope
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2009, 11:52:17 am »
Updated my initial post. Arcadia has been taken.