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New guy confused how it all works

Started by phtlc, April 29, 2009, 11:01:37 AM

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I read all the rules but am still confused so I apologise in advance for the dumb question. What exactly is the process of getting approved, and how will I know when I am? I am new to the RP community as a whole and have checked out a few sites. I like the look of this site yet find myself confused? What exactly does the process of getting approved involve? How long does it usually take? Can I participate in any chats or RP's while I wait? I am anxious to jump into the forums and do some RP and chat.

I understand that the rules and processes are there for a reason and I respect that. I just want to have some sort of idea what I should be expecting of my experience here in the short term.

If anyone can help me out I would be much obliged.


Well, first you fill out the questionnaire, which you did!  Then you reply to people who post in your intro thread.  It takes at least 24 hours for the approval process.  And it can take longer.  You will know if you have been approved because a Goddess or God will come and say so in your thread! 

You are more than welcome to come join us in the shoutbox (at the top of the screen) or in the chat (on the blue bar underneath the shoutbox).  You can participate in non-adult RPs (that have a rating of PG-13), they are located further down the page. 

Just a note, even though you are unapproved, the rules still apply. 
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Noticing that you're approved will be pretty obvious. A goddess will post in your thread to welcome you, your "Unapproved" tag will change into a "Lord" tag, and most obvious of all, a lot of new boards will open up, pushing all currently visible boards to the left in a single column, while two more columns appear next to it.

You'll also notice a few more options, such as the ability to watch profiles and change your own profile, sending and receiving of PM's, being able to edit your own posts, etc...