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Author Topic: Drama. Passion. Love. [MUL][BON][VAN][UN][Looking for Male Characters!]  (Read 728 times)

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Offline sassychicTopic starter

So I'm craving some new stories . . . I have some rough ideas . . . but I'm really just looking for a writing partner that wants to put something together, maybe develop an idea together. So if you're interested in putting together something with me, here's what I'm looking for:

1. DRAMA - Life is filled with drama. I'm looking for some stories with drama. Maybe a little drama, or maybe a lot. I really want to explore how two characters are able to survive -together- despite all the things that happen.

2. Dark Side of things . . . I'm kind of looking to the dark side of things when it comes to the drama the characters dealing with. Meaning the rough, hard, dark things that can happen - rape, depression, eating disorders, divorce etc. I'm looking for maybe something where characters have really started to question who they are and now they need to figure out how to move on.

3. Romance - I'm always looking for a good romance to my stories. It can be a traditional romance. But it can also be more untraditional.

4. Modern Settings - I feel like I have a lot of RPs that are fantasy or historical settings right now, so I'm looking for real world/modern settings this time around.


So yeah those are some of the things I'm looking for - not necessarily have to have it all in one RP, just things to keep in mind :)

As to bare bone ideas I am tossing around:

1. Perfect Couple?   TAKEN

They have it all - at least thats what it appears to everyone who knows them. A perfect marriage. Two perfect careers. The dream home. Two small perfect kids. But how perfect is it? How do they actually do it? Is love enough to get them through the perfect days? How do they make sure that there's enough time for them, and enough time to keep the passionate love affair they once had live?

2. Starting Over TAKEN

When your world has been taken from underneath you, how do you let yourself open up to another again. She had it all and then it was gone. The things that were done to her have left her emotionally scarred and a shell of her former self. Now he's trying to bring her back to life. Can she let herself trust him and love again?

3. Second Chances

They were madly in love - storybook romance and wedding. And then it all came crashing down. Both went their separate ways - trying to restart their lives and pretend that it had never happened. But now they are back in the same city, in the same circle. Running into each other by chance after years apart, what will happen? They know they are soulmates but can they put their pain aside to give it a second chance.

If any of these ideas peek your fancy, send me a PM. Or if you just want to develop something not here, send me a message and we'll see what we can do :)

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Offline sassychicTopic starter

Re: Drama, Drama, Drama [MUL][BON][VAN][UN][Looking for M]
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 10:51:22 pm »
A few more ideas . . .

4.  Life with a Celebrity

The Music Industry isn't as glamorous as it appears. It also has a dark side - filled with partying, drugs and alcohol. She had been with him before he became famous, before he and his friends had been discovered. She loved him before he traveled the world touring. Before the vices set in. Can their life and love survive the demands of his career and his personal battles? If she gives him an ultimatum what will he do?

5. The "In Crowd"

Very VERY loosely based on a movie from 2000. Inside the world of a Posh Country Club in one of the country's richest suburbs, lives a society that on the surface appears to have it all - money, clothes, cars, friends . . .but underneath it all they have deep dark secrets. Having enough money to do anything you want, cover up anything you want - appearances are not always what they appear. The head of this group of twenty somethings appears perfect - charming, handsome, intelligent, successful. Him and his live in girlfriend appear to be perfect and have everything. But their relationship is anything but - he has a control over her that most people don't see, but her friends who suspect try to get her away. They love each other, and that love is in some ways pure. What happens to test their relationship and bring it to its peak but yet bring them back to where they are both better because of it?


Offline sassychicTopic starter

Updating themes and story ideas.

Offline sassychicTopic starter

Updated with taken stories . . . more ideas to come!