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Author Topic: Elliquiy His Mount (Seeking Male Character- M/M, Reluc) - Taken  (Read 623 times)

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Offline NessyTopic starter

Brief Bullets you need to know for the RP off the bat
M/M, some M/F potential
Reluctant sexual encounters for certain, maybe more non-con

This is sort of a skeleton idea I had that I was hoping someone might flesh out with me. The basic idea is there is a ruler, a king or a warlord type figure, who has an unusual mount, something strong, maybe like a unicorn, which he captured somehow, maybe when the creature was young or later out in the wild in the prime of its life. This creature could be unique, a strong specimen but not a one of a kind or last of a race sort of thing (see my offs).  Not looking for a feminine male for this role, should be fairly strong but he doesn’t have to be conan either. This creature would be used as a mount in battle and  either through its own powers or through the use of a collar or other item his master has given him, be forced into a human type form and the animal type form at his masters will.
In terms of where they are in their relationship and what type of relationship it is, I am fairly open to that.  The situation would not be new, so there would not be that breaking in period (I am not very good at writing that breaking in period anyway), but there could be something new taking place, a new role, new enemy, new queen, new pet or something that keeps them on their toes.  He doesn’t have to be completely domesticated or docile.

As for writing, I would encourage you to look at my ons and offs (note that my ons are not a package deal, I don’t expect them all to show up in one RP although they can), but in nutshell version for this RP:
Looking for detailed writing focusing on sensuality
It’s a fantasy setting although I could be persuaded to a historical or sci-fi theme if something just springs to mind and works for both of us
Again, M/M with the potential of M/F (perhaps trying to breed his mount sort of thing)
Not necessary but if you enjoy adding and removing temporary characters alongside our two mains, that can be fun
I am not a GM so I really am looking for a writing partner, someone to create with me though I am more than happy to carry the plot load to start with
No god-modding, please don’t write for my characters. Do give me a chance to respond and don’t whip my character around like a puppet.
Oh battle. I haven’ t had a chance to write a lot of battle scenes over the years but I would like the opportunity to dabble a bit with battle

Hmmm, that is all I can think of for now.  Please feel free to ask questions
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Offline NessyTopic starter

Re: Elliquiy His Mount (Seeking Male Character)
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2009, 11:59:53 pm »
Oh I forgot to add that the sex scenes can just include the humanoid form.
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Offline Saku

Re: Elliquiy His Mount (Seeking Male Character- M/M, Reluc)
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2009, 08:24:55 am »
I PMed you! It sounds quite interesting and I like it :)