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Author Topic: "To Count the Stars"  (Read 618 times)

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"To Count the Stars"
« on: April 23, 2009, 12:06:42 AM »
He walked, study and firm, the ground beneath him rolling away under his foot. He enjoyed the pace he walked at, and the azure sky that was falling to the peaceful night made a great site for him to see. He honestly was having a good end to his day. He put a little pep in his step as he walked, and the lazy but bright smile that was on his face let the world know that he was generally in a good mood. One thing that was weird to him was that he was managing to walk this road with his eyes closed, but that didn't bother him too much, just one of the obscurities that he would forever be plagued with. It went right along with Tomato TomAto, Cuthcheup, and Ketchup.  Yes, today was a good day, and then he heard he/she/it decided to start a conversation.

You know to the average person you might seem like a slow child walking to go to the special class.
"You know I have half a mind to sell you."
Go ahead and try it, remember the last time you tried to push me off on someone?"
"Actually I try to forget that."

He could only swear as he looked at his right hand that if a spear could smile, this one would be teething its grin would be so huge. A little sign escaped his lips as the slightly weary smile become more than just slight. And to think, most people said he had an offending sense of humor. The story was a rich one indeed. He had first ran into this piece of junk when he had been digging through some random place out in the Valley of Des, lo and behold, his bad luck presented him with a beautifully crafted spear. It's weight and balance were just perfect, and the grip on it was surreal, not to mention the fact the he himself was well accustomed to short spears, such as this one. I had seemed a blessing from heaven, until he began to walk away from the dig site with it.

About an hour later, he begins to hear what sounds like an army of people talking at once. Looking around, he had checked to see if there was any such said army, but he was confused to find that there was no such army. With a small thought, a slight "Strange" and a little time for wonder, he continued on his way out of the Valley and into the more inhabited parts of the world. It was then that he received his first realization. He had gotten a little tired and unknowingly started dragging the poor thing, and when a very sharp, "Hey you idiot, that part takes a long time to get clean!" resounded through his head, he looked around in complete shock. He couldn't have mistaken it, that voice had sounded as if it had been right in his ear. The next thing that happened caused him to have a shocked look, the voice came again, except more rude, and with a whiplash tongue. "Hey, you, yeah you, retard holding me as if he doesn't know how to hold a stick, yes you, see, ah there you go, nice to meet you."

He had looked down, and couldn't believe what he was hearing, or seeing. Well, there wasn't much to see, but there was a crap load to hear. Off hand comments about everything about him were being loosed from the thing. Everything from how he had dirt on his left cheek, to how the shirt he was wearing looked stupid with the shoes he had chosen, not to mention he own deaf sense of how bedhead was not a style.  Thinking what any sane person would think in an insane situation such as this, he ran to town and sought help. The local healer checked him for a fever, cough, sore throat, and even an early midlife crisis to try to explain his claim that he was hearing a very rude and slightly annoying hunk of metal. ("CARBON! how dare you call me metal!") Thinking he had gone a little insane he asked the healer--who also acted as the psychiatrist--to take the thing of his hands, and went upstairs. Since he didn't live anywhere near here, he was spending the night in the hotel upstairs from the healers place.

Big mistake.

All night he listened to the rambling, singing (it was horribly off key) and mocking of the thing. He had tried everything, and had been near ready to put candle wax in his ears (the cotton didn't do a very good job). Finally, when it had gotten down to the thing talking about how his parents must have been inbred, and how his grandparents had to have been fond of dogs, he couldn't take it anymore.

He Cracked.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!"

He had been only slightly surprised when a very loud, and very rude NO! had been the response. The resulting incident would end with him being banned from the town, and named a complete psychopath by the people of said town. unable to handle anymore of the insults, annoying banter, and all round bad manners, he rushed down the stairs, grabbed the bloody spear, and went to the local forge. However, the thing would not take a hint, its endless barrage of talking didn't slow one bit. When the forge fire was lit, the owner of said forge made an appearance.  After a slight struggle, and a bruised face, he was escorted back to the healer, along with the laughing spear, and tied down to a chair. The following conversations remained one of his worst memories, and he still wasn't able to remember all of them.

The end result had been that he, the spear, and any other equipment he had brought into town, was thrown out, and guarded against. Walking away, the first reasonable thing the spear had ever said came out of it:

You'd think they would believe you.

All he could do was laugh, cry, and accept the fact that he now had a talking spear. A wonderful companion as it turned out...not.

I still can't believe you threatened to melt me.
"Who ever said anything about a threat, if that Smith had not shown up, you'd be a very nice looking pile of carbon puddle."
Which is why I still remember the first thing I ever heard from his lips: "ARE YOU A MADMAN!" Sweet, sweet music."
"I still haven't forgiven you for that.
Well aren't we a Mr. Sensitive? Can't really blame me though, I hadn't talked, and actually had someone listen in a near eternity.[/b]
"And most likely with good reason."
I love you too.
"It's the only reason I keep you around."

Opening his eyes to let the green orbs within them consult the sky, he noted that the azure beauty that had been was now a dark sky, with little lights. His smile had returned with the memory, and he had continued walking. He had a good life, and he loved it. Yes, things were sure enjoyable to him, even if he/she/it did have a huge mouth, life wouldn't be the same without it.

"I thought we had a promise!"
That promise only applies from Monday to Friday, weekends are off days, and I get my freedom.
"But it's still Friday!"
Friday night is considered part of the weekend. Check the contract.
"You're lucky I consider you a friend."
I know.

Anyone is free to join.

Offline Saku

Re: "To Count the Stars"
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2009, 10:25:48 AM »
Since the man with the talking spear had been walking with his eyes closed he probably wouldn't notice the young man spread out on the ground in front of him up ahead. Mark Williams was a twenty year old male with dark hair and hazel eyes. He stood at around 5'9" and had an average body build, nothing too bad, nothing too good. In fact he was the sort of guy that most people simply didn't see because he was not special. Mark had a bad case of low self-confidence and he was the sort that tended to be dependent on others and was like a dog with a chew toy, once he had someone in his life he hung onto them until they left him.

Then he got depressed and laid himself out on a road or sidewalk until someone else came into his life and he would do the same thing all over again. He was currently staring up at the night sky which was twinkling with stars up above and waiting for someone to come into his line of sight. Or for a voice to ask him what he was doing. Anything. He thought about the last guy he had attached himself to who had simply asked him if he was all right and Mark had instantly tried to become his best friend which at first had been a bit strange for the guy and he had simply walked away. But Mark had followed him.

He had trailed him and watched him to see what the guy liked to do, where he worked, what he liked, pretty much everything about him and then had tried to do stuff for him to get him girls, to get him other things. To make his life easier, better. Mark was obsessed. And all he wanted in return was to be with that person, to be their friend, to be looked after and cared for. He didn't need sex because he wasn't looking for that, he was looking for friendship, for people he could hang out with and who would include him in their circle of trust. Someone who wouldn't abandon him. The time before the guy he had hooked up with a young woman.

She had lasted longer than the last guy. Perhaps because she thought she could change him. Mark tried to change for her but he kept falling back into his old ways. He didn't realize that his dependency upon those he met was somewhat creepy and that was what drove most of them away in the first place. Had he been a bit less obsessed, a bit less dependent perhaps he could have made friends of most of the people he had come across but Mark had low self-esteem as well as low self-confidence. It was a very bad combination. She had left after a month and he had returned to one of the well traveled roads. That was when he'd met the guy from before.

Mark continued to lie there on the road as he waited for the next person to come upon him and hoped this time he would find a true friend that could stand him for longer than three months. Three months had been the maximum time anyone had ever stayed with him. He had never found someone who would stay longer than that before they went insane and tried to kill him. It was just his personality and what he did and how he acted. It drove people to try and kill him to make him stay away. He was sad about that but tried to keep hoping for the best and told himself that somehow, someday he would find someone who he could stick with for the rest of his life.
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Offline apeironTopic starter

Re: "To Count the Stars"
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2009, 01:06:25 PM »
"Oh, looks like someone finally got bored."
Well, I passed my usual record.
"Jumping from 24 to adding on numbers to 24 doesn't count."
Yes it does, you forget that the normal rules don't apply to me.
"Oh, I'm sorry great master, I didn't know that in you infinite wisdom, you made value too."
Yes, bow before me.
"Sometimes I think I would have been better in the mental hospital"
Then you and I would be stu---Hey watch out, you're about to step on some idiot in the road.

That was all that escaped his mouth before he felt himself trip. It was a good fall though, and  he though he heard a distinguished 10, but he hoped he only imagined it. As he looked around to see what had caused him to trip, his eyes found a boy lying in the middle of the street, with a more than lackluster expression about why someone would by lying in the road. He let his mind ponder while he got up, and dusted himself off. He had already been a little dirty, but not he had dirt all over his shirt, that was just perfect, and he had just washed this one. 

Want my advice?
"That depends, what is it?"
Just keep walking.
"Aren't we the rude one today.

Walking towards the guy while drowning out the "advice" still pouring from the spear, he puts a slight smile on his face, and does something he almost never does...he repeats after the spear.

"That wasn't very smart you know."

Looking down, on the person, he couldn't help but keep the grin he knew was on the spears imaginary mouth out of his mind. He wanted to slap the thing, but past tried at that had left him hurt, cut, or bruised in more places than one. The record for their fights was 99/0, and he was not on the winning side of that number, so he kept his mouth shut, and just waited for the person to respond.

Offline Saku

Re: "To Count the Stars"
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2009, 04:31:08 PM »
Joy! Mark's eyes re-focused themselves when someone tripped over him and he got to his feet with a hopeful look in his hazel eyes to see who would be his next best friend and saw a man there. The man seemed to be in his own little world too or else he probably wouldn't have tripped over him and Mark wondered if he would be the different one that he had been searching for all these years. Fingers brushed stray locks of dark hair away from his face and gave the other a happy smile to come closer to the young man who stood there in the road with a spear in his hand. His attention to detail made it so that he didn't pass over the spear as though it were nothing, no instead he gazed at the weapon as he looked over every part of it or at least everything that he could see from where he currently was standing.

It was a nice piece of metal - for Mark made the mistake others had made since the spear looked for all purposes as though it were made of metal not carbon - and he wondered where the man had picked it up from and what he intended to use it for. "Hi! Will you be my new best friend?" Mark asked as he gazed up at the other man, getting in his personal space because he didn't know any better and waited for the other to respond. He didn't look as though he would be the type to throw him away from him and Mark hoped he could stay with him for a long time before he had to end up leaving. The young man tilted his head to the side when the stranger spoke and he frowned. "What wasn't?" He asked, not getting what the man meant by saying it wasn't very smart and looked up at him, his face open and seemingly rather innocent.

Many did not consider him innocent due to his dependency and his tendency to cling to others but he really was! Mark had decided to cling to this man from now on whether he liked it or not. Until he ended up trying to kill him of course for that was what they all ended up doing. However, he hoped that this time he had found someone who wouldn't be like that. "That's a nice spear you've got there. Where did you get it?" Mark said curiously as he peered over at the spear that was still in the other's hand as though he wanted to hold it for a moment, the only question was would the other man let him or would he try to push him away?
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Offline Oleander

Re: "To Count the Stars"
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2009, 09:29:23 PM »
 "This role play has been put on hold for a short ammount of time. The creator will soon be returning, however. Thank you for the time, and don't talk to my spear."--Apeiron.

[I was requested to place this holding here. By anymeans the Staff may reprimand me for the action, or simply remove it. ]