Hurt me (F for any; NC, kidnapping, interrogation, etc. Dark!)

Started by Sparklemuffin, July 13, 2023, 07:11:16 PM

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First, seriously ---> please read my O/O post to get an idea of what I like. When you get back, below are some specific scenes I'm currently craving.

Second, please don't message me if you're going to string me along for a week and ghost.   :'(

~NEW!~ Third, lately people have been contacting me for RP's without choosing a scenario or pitching any ideas of their own. I love playing with new people! By all means, if you aren't interested in any of my scenes, message me with ideas of your own! But please, guys, have an idea what you'd like to play when you message me. Thank you.

Quickies   +3 ~NEW!~

Short RP ideas for 1 on 1 that we can jump into with little pretense and get right into the action. Considering my kinks a lot of these are going to share themes and activities, but with different tones, set dressing, and nuance. I'll be a little more willing to play with my "maybe's" and test my limits here. From now on these will be found in the second post of this threat, --> HERE <--

More added soon.

G.o.T. but Not:

A setup similar in style, but a different setting than Westeros. I want the themes of intrigue and noble families from Game of Thrones with a more magical setting, where we won't be tromping over an established canon. Let's get deliciously vague yet twistedly complicated!

ME: (F) Noblewoman, 18 to 20ish, from family A, living with family C and betrothed to one of their sons, currently off at war.

YOU: Family B, sworn enemies of families A and C. As we begin, your armies have just conquered the city and castle where my character has been living. MC is a valuable hostage, but also knowledgeable about her own family and her new one. YC is tasked with getting MC to talk without killing her...

I'm open to a ton of variables here. The main beats I want to hit is that this game is mostly your character serving as inquisitor to my character, and the interaction between them -- and I do expect you to be mean. My only lines are permanent mutilation, death, and scat. We can discuss specifics by PM, like how magical you want the world to be, limits and boundaries you have or would like to explore, or any extra plot twists you have in mind, etc.


Two by Two, Hands of Blue... River Tam wasn't the only subject experimented on at the Academy, and there had to have similar places with variant experiments taking place.

Me: (F), I don't want to play a carbon copy of River, but the gist is similar; a young woman who has been subjected to experiments with psychic powers (not so much on the ninja killing skills) on the run. Aloof, withdrawn, and definitely in need of help.

You: (any), be my Serenity. Take me away in your ship, maybe as a fare or a stowaway at first, but reach me and connect with me as the story progresses. I don't expect a full crew, but if you want more than one GMPC I can work with that, too. Yes, my character might have powers and psychic abilities -- but she's scared and fragile, and being hunted... She needs a hero.

Fallout:    <--- Major Craving!

I have an absolute love for Fallout, the world with its setting and its themes, the creatures, the characters -- the enemies and aesthetics! If you play the games and read the terminals, play the holotapes, you know there are some seriously heartbreaking stories behind the jokes and weirdness, too. It’s a total package. A beautifully bleak playground.

Me: (F) A Vault Girl. Maybe old world, just unfrozen. Or fresh out of 76 on Reclamation Day. Maybe from some weird experiment Vault, or a comfy control Vault -- or even some sort of Enclave control Vault? Whatever the case, she has some technical know-how and experience with things most wastelanders just don’t understand these days; mechanical, medical, technical, etc.

You: The Raiders, however you wish to handle them. One GMPC leader and some nameless mooks? A full crew of nasties to
torment me? Whatever your heart's content. They could definitely use my character's skills, and a pretty, healthy Vault girl to play with is a bonus! Of course my character would never willingly help a group of raiders. So it might take some intimidation and old fashioned torture to convince her, with a constant back and forth struggle, escape attempts, etc. My hard lines are permanent mutilation, snuff, and scat; but most other activities are at least negotiable.

Star Wars

Me: (F) Rebel spy or force-mystic (more "caster" than warrior, no Jedi training, no lightsaber, etc.). Set between Episode 3 and Episode 4, when the Empire was at its height and no one could stand against them. If going the spy route my character would be bold and dedicated to the Rebellion, and preferably a sneak/slicer/saboteur. Caught red-handed, the Empire will have a lot of questions for her; and can the Rebels risk her talking? Could she even hold out long enough for a rescue attempt?

As a force mystic, my character wouldn't be involved in galactic politics to start and would only have some rudimentary understanding of her abilities. She might have some visions through the force, heightened senses, psychometry, object reading, and such -- nothing really powerful, but still useful. At some point she’ll run afoul of the Empire whether for a real crime or some misunderstanding -- and eventually her force sensitivity will be discovered by the Inquisitors. How would she possibly escape?

My filthy Rebel scum has a home! But there's still a force mystic out there who the Inquisitors might be interested in! I'm thinking she might even be a Twi'lek.

You: GM role, the Empire and Inquisitors, also any potential rescuers or other captives, GMPC love interest, etc. I’m open to a lot of variations on where either of these potential RP’s could go.

Wanted Warlock:   

A Dungeons & Dragons style RP run freeform. The setting could be an established one like Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk, or a homebrew setting if you prefer. We could get daring and have a tougher setting like Ravenloft or Planescape. I wouldn’t want to dally with Dark Sun for this one. 

ME: (F) Warlock, probably human or tiefling, depending on setting, initial story ideas, etc. We don’t need to stick close to the rules, but there are some beats I’d like to hit from the 5E warlock class here. Eldritch blast (surprise) as her main attack, a big Book of Shadows full of rituals, short range telepathy and a pact with some sort of Lovecraftian thing. A few small abilities (invocations) like reading all languages and speaking with will.

My character is adventurous, impulsive, curious, and driven by a patron whose motives she can’t begin to understand. She’s generally a good person, but prone to hasty decisions. While she wouldn’t steal from the needy (and might give her last gold piece to a beggar), she wouldn’t think twice about raiding a nobleman’s estate if it had a map or artifact she needed. Meaning, she probably has no shortage of local law enforcers, rich nobles, petty regents, thieves guilds, mage guilds, evil churches, cults, inquisitors, and worse who might want to get their hands on her. Not to mention the servants of other Great Old Ones, who might want to know what her Patron is up to...

YOU: The GM, and if you’re up to it, a GMPC and love interest, too. Gender/species makes no difference to me, really. I imagine most of the game being a loop of my character getting caught by various people who are after her, and either escaping or being rescued, etc. Rinse and repeat.

Pathfinder in Nidal

This is vague, but if there's anyone out there who would like to GM a freeform game for me set in Golarion, the base setting for Pathfinder, specifically in the nation of Nidal. This would work best if my potential partner was already familiar with Nidal, and Golarion in general. If someone wants to learn, you can read up on the Pathfinder wiki, but without the game books, an understanding of the Kytons/Valstracts (Hellraiser cenobites turned up to 11) it would be difficult.

Me (F) PC;
You GM.

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking, and feel free to PM me if you have other ideas you think I might like.



~NEW!~ Inquisition:
Me: (F) a Witch!
You: the Inquisitor(s).
This could be pure historical, or semi-fantasy where magic is real. It could also be a full fantasy world like a D&D setting or Pathfinder, etc. I want to explore strong themes of torture with this one, particularly historical kinds. Pillory, public whipping, branding, bondage, the rack, and particularly a crazy little device called the Pear of Anguish. It's curious and horrifying, and I really want to play with it at least once.

~NEW!~Captured Heroine:
Me: (F) A superheroine, preferably an OC, anywhere from street level with minimal powers (durability at least) to avenger level. Can be Marvel, DC, The Boys, other, or generic.
You: (Anything) A supervillain of any threat level, existing characters or OC's are fine. I've been a thorn in your side for a while, and now you've captured me for a classic captured hero interrogation and torture scene! But unlike the stories, heroes don't always escape at the last second...
I'd like to explore torture activities (duh) with superhero themes like powers, over the top devices, and my character's own durability to make the scenes unique and interesting.

Me: Cynthia Swift, a Malkavian with high Auspex and some insights on the local Camarilla, its leaders, and other important Kindred in the city.
You: Hunters, Sabat, or some other group or some other group interested in taking down the Camarilla -- who kidnapped Cynthia and plan to make her talk.
Craving the usual torture and interrogation stuff, with the extra twists of being a Vampire and all. I also expect this to get DARK. Make sure you're okay with Cynthia being a little crazy (as all Malkavians are) before taking me up on this one.

Star Wars:
Me (F), a Smuggler on a prison ship, sentenced to a labor camp.
You: the warden.
On arrival, all the prisoners are scanned -- and my name has recently been flagged as a Rebel sympathizer and possible operative, for running supplies to their bases. The ISB is sending an interrogation team -- but the prison is remote, it could take weeks. If you could get the intel from this smuggler, you’d finally earn a promotion off this rock.

Me (F), a raider chick in the wasteland, from a gang that’s been thoroughly routed by whoever calls themselves the law these days.
You. Maybe you’re the Brotherhood, or some Enclave Remnants, Minutemen, or some group of your own design.
I’d prefer something high-tech, that far outguns simple raiders, as a nice foil to my character. MC was taken alive by YC and your group, and she knows plenty about this area -- the movers and shakers, the good loot drops, where the Supermutants hang, and where the deathclaws prowl, etc. MC might be a brat, a bitch, and a tease; but she could make your job a whole lot easier with a little persuading. 

Supernatural (CW Series):
Me: (F) victim.
You: (any) captor(s).
I like RPing the victim in interrogation scenes, and this show was full of interrogation scenes! Hunters torturing demons and vampires, demons torturing basically everyone including each other. Werewolves, Witches, Djinn, Angels... Jefferson Starships... And more. Pitch a scenario and we can run with it.

Caught by the Drow:
Me: (F) adventurer that helped hold the line against a Drow surface raid.
You: a Noble (probably F because Drow, but negotiable) of the house behind the raid.
Though the raid was thwarted, the Drow caught a few prisoners -- my character among them. Now you get to exact a little revenge for the insult and the embarrassment caused to your house; not to mention interrogate a surface dweller who might know some lucrative targets for future raids.

Finally Free:
Open to any setting or genre, really, kind of a twist (or a fast forward) on my usual request. Typically I like to play out the torture scenes, but for this I'd like to skip to the end. My character (could be from any of the other scenarios in this thread) has been freed, escaped, or rescued -- she's been through the wringer, she is damaged, emotionally and mentally, physically scarred, and completely broken. She might have given her captors information that had consequences, leaving her with guilt over any harm she might have caused. Expect me to get dark.
Your Character would be her savior, her rock, helping her recover from the trauma. And, depending on the scenario, possibly on the run with her. This could be fantasy, a D&D setting; Star Wars with Rebels escaping the empire; some OC superheroes after escaping a villain, or almost anything else.

More to come; and if you have ideas for similar scenarios, feel free to PM.


And a bump, with two new scenes and a "quickies" section added for some shorter RP ideas. Thanks for looking!


Are you interested in play as a superheroine getting defeated, humiliated and turned into a sex slave? Let me know on PM.


Been almost two weeks since I've updated, three new Quickies up! I'm sorry I missed your response, djmistaoz! I'll get a PM to you shortly.



Slightly more than a week bump. Three new quickies! Also updated the wording/formatting on most of the old ones, and some of the main post scenarios. Added a new note to the main post about a recent pet peeve. Thanks for looking!