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Character up for adoption (FxAny)

Started by Masked Insanity, June 18, 2023, 10:58:42 AM

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Masked Insanity

Hey there! It's me, Masked Insanity.

We all know the drill. Sometimes stories fizzle out way too early, and I've just had one of these experiences. Now, I kind of liked my character concept, and thus I post it here in hopes someone else is interested in a modern-day, slice-of-life-ish RP.

What I had in mind was something in the BDSM category. Relatively wholesome, with no hugely dark subplots. Could imagine any gender as a potential partner. I am open to talking about variations on this, though, so if you have a different idea, don't hesitate to write.

So without further ado, here's the concept:

Therese Veldens


Candadian / US dual citizenship

Age: 25 (Birthday December 11th)
Occupation: MFA Students at local university / freelance digital artist (sketches, 3d modelling, digital animation)
Family status: Single / never married


Therese is a healthy young woman of Caucasian descent. She stands about 5'8 tall (177 cm) and has naturally dark brown hair, which she usually dyes fully black. Her eyes are an odd color, best described as "something akin to golden-greenish-brown". She wears her in an undercut/side shave, leaving her left side of the head shaved cleanly bald while wearing the hair on her right side as a messy pixie cut. She is well-muscled and athletic without being toned - in fact, she has a slight tummy, and her shoulders are slightly broader is more muscular than beauty ideals would demand. She had decently-sized, C-cup breasts with near-black areola. The same goes for her sex, which is also significantly darker than the surrounding skin. She alternates between keeping her body "decently shaved" and accepting a certain amount of intimate hair as just natural and not bothering.

When dressing up, she wears a three-bar ear cuff through her cartilage piercing, while preferring a simple silver loop through her earlobe. She has a starburst tattooed to the side of her skull, in black ink - where if she were to fully grow her hair out, it could probably hide below it but stands testament to an impressive level of pain tolerance while displayed. She has further tattoos on her left shoulder (the face of a black hissing cat, covering up a late-teenage mistake) and on her right hip (line art of a lily).

She prefers a "budget goth" look, with sharp black dresses and silver jewelry. Eyeliner and black lipstick, as well as light concealer to give the proper "anemic" look despite her tendency to get a slight tan at the merest hint of sunshine. If not dressing to impress, she defaults to black jeans and geeky T-shirts.


Born to a American exchange student in Alberta, and raised in Canada for the first 15 years of her life, Therese comes from one of the vanishingly rare cases of a middle-class existence. Her mother (Juliana) is a loving and quite supportive parent who does her best to put her "little girl" through college and not judge her quite alternative lifestyle - despite being from a rather conservative family, she always tried to put her child's wishes first and understand that after a certain point she as a parent may provide a map, the route to take is the choice of the child. Juliana is a nurse practitioner specializing in elder care and assistance.

Her father, Nathaniel, was an active part of Therese's life until her parents divorced 9 years ago. He still provides significant financial support towards her studies but does not interact with her on a regular basis since the divorce. He is a dentist in Alberta, with a very strict catholic worldview. Originally he had been more moderate, and accepted unmarried life with Juliana and Therese as a reality of modern life, but eventually his growing traditionalism destroyed both his family and his relationship to his daughter. These days he is married to a fellow catholic fundamentalist, and provides money to Therese out of obligation, but no love is lost between them any more.

Therese had several relationships of her own, but none resulted in any children. The most significant was Tobias, a german exchange student that spent a year with the family when she was 17. While they got "engaged" at the end of the year-long visit, it was more symbol than a sincere plan. She has had several more relationships with men and women since.


Therese is healthy and does not have any major concerns. She dislikes lactose products (they make her feel bloated) but is not strictly lactose intolerant. She maintains a healthy, active lifestyle that features endurance swimming, weight training to build muscle mass, and jogging as the main physical outlets but is not picky and will try almost any activity given the chance. She trains for about 20 minutes to an hour most days and credits it with maintaining both her physical and mental health. She does not use drugs but occasionally smokes for the aesthetic - but rarely more than a pack over 2-3 months.


Therese was born and raised in Alberta, with her parents being unmarried but living together in a stable cohabiting household. She learned both English and French at a native speaker level. Her childhood was relatively happy and without major traumas - sure, her hair got pulled a few times sadistically, she broke both legs falling down a ravine and got bitten by a dog. But these healed and she remembers her childhood years fondly. She was well-liked in her social circle and made friends.

This changed when her fathers' parish got a new priest - a much more radical preacher than before. While the fire-and-brimstone approach of the priest scared many congregants away, her father went all in on the fundamentalism, and seemed willing to take his family along for the ride. Therese's mother wanted exactly none of that, and instead moved back to the USA, taking Therese with her.

High school in the USA was a lot different for the sensitive pubescent girl. She did not catch on to the jibes and the mudslinging of the other girls. Felt unsafe in a school with armed cops and metal detectors at the doors, and started just not showing up to class. Her grades dropped sharply, but she managed to make the cut by raw talent - but barely. This was the time she started withdrawing from a lot of social contact and into online spaces. Books, video games and chat rooms took over for what had been afterschool soccer practice and meetups. She tethered on the brink of clinical depression for a while, got into an unhealthy relationship with the german exchange student her family was playing host to, and generally let herself go.

This changed when she discovered her penchant for BDSM with her first girlfriend, Marla. The feeling of being pushed to her edge, the adrenaline high making every muscle and every nerve aware and alive brought her back from the void, disassociation and just giving up on herself. In retrospect what she did with Marla at just 18 years old was dangerous, unsafe practice, but ironically it saved her life regardless. She still has online chats with "Mistress M" from time to time, and they remain good friends despite having separated for five years now.

Her studies progressed well, with her father's child support and a student loan covering her expenses decently well - provided she can get her Masters within the next year-and-half. The time was characterized by her taking control of her body, turning it from a typical teenage potato into the strong, resilient, and energetic self she now enjoys.

Social Life

Therese is an avoid World of Warcraft player, a holdover from her depressive years where she withdrew to the virtual world in an unhealthy way. She still keeps contact with the "Underbridge Trolls", her guild, and goes to guild meetups once a year. She a member of an artist collective known as the Bitrats that does digital performance art. Her romantic life has mostly consisted of short, intense flings for the last 2 years, as well as being a semi-regular at a local dungeon.