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Started by The Lady In Yellow, June 14, 2023, 02:20:23 PM

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The Lady In Yellow

Please read all the way before responding!  While I am almost exclusively interested in Long Term roleplays, I am willing to do shorter term projects as a way to see if we vibe with each others styles/methods.  In any of these RPs it's perfectly acceptable to simply walk away, so long as you communicate with me on the matter.  Sometimes we might have similar interests, but very different ideas on how to explore those interests.  Those ideas might not match for the long term, but could provide a little fun in the meantime.  That being said, please continue reading, and feel free to check out my On and Off's Thread to get an idea of what to expect, and whether or not we will mesh as writers!

A couple things in summary just to get us started
-My posts are quite large.  Expect to keep up with 4-5 paragraphs, dense with detail.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but I can't flex on this.  It's just not how my brain works.
-I like an equal mix of smut to story.  The ratio can change depending on context, but generally speaking, I am not looking for an excuse for smut here.  I want to engage with a real, complex narrative coated in a thick sticky layer of sexy goodness.

-***PLEASE READ***: I AM NOT looking for pure smut.  I get requests for ideas at the bottom of my list, which are really just excuses for smut.  I hoped my point above this one had done the job but apparently not.  So I am reiterating here.  I AM NOT looking for pure smut.  I am looking for STORIES that have smut in them.  If you aren't looking to make an interesting character, and have no plans to develop them, then we won't work out.
-My priority is, and will always be towards female, femboy, and/or Futanari characters. I will work with male characters as NPC's and such, but not for primary characters.  Additionally, when I say futanari, I mean full package.  I treat them as their own gender, not hermaphrodites or transgendered individuals.

-***PLEASE READ***:  I said this once, but I keep getting requests for MxF roleplays regardless.  So please please read this before you send me a PM.  I AM NOT interested in male characters.  There are EXTREMELY limited circumstances where I will flex this, to the point where I do not feel its relevant to note them at all.  
-Communication is key for me.  Keep me in the loop, and I can be very forgiving for post times and RL interference.
-My life is very busy, and I get very little sleep.  My average post time is once per week.  Sometimes I may post more quickly, but I cannot promise anything better than 1xper week.

OK!  That being said, let's get on to the meat of this here request.....

One Piece Dark:  Do you love One Piece?  Do you like the strangely dark aspects of its worldbuilding?  Would you like to play out your own unique adventure to reach the Grand Line?  What I'd like here, is to play out a story in One Piece, we can keep it simple at first, long term if we mesh well.  But I want to delve into the darker side of One Piece, as though the show was made purely for an 18+ audience.  More violent, more sexual, more edgy, more psychological, more "REAL".  If any of this sounds interesting to you, please keep reading.

Points of interest
-One of our characters will be the captain of a new, upcoming crew.  The other will be the 'first mate', or the first person to join the Captains crew.  Depending on our discussions, I'm ok with either of us taking the narrative lead. 
-The Straw Hat pirates, and any characters affiliated with them, do not exist.
-All canon characters within the World Government, Rebels, Yonko, will be replaced with alternative versions.  Their places in the world will remain, but the actual characters, their motivations, and backstories will be replaced completely.  As in, there will still be Seven Pirate Warlords, four emperors, etc.....
-History will remain mostly the same, save where needs to be changed to allow for our characters backstories to function properly.
-All Devil Fruits are up for grabs, except for the Gomu Gomu.  I'm not dealing with that.  This includes making up our own, and I intend to be as flexible as possible.  I only request that you not purposefully make some Mary Sue DF that makes your character absurdly Overpowered.
-Power Scaling is gonna begin roughly equal to the show/manga.  Our characters can be badasses, but they need to be grounded at first, with plenty of room to grow both as combatants and individuals.
-The actual roleplay will functionally be an episodic thing.  With every island functioning as a self contained "Arc".  These arcs can be varying lengths, from short jaunts down a fun and less-serious adventure, to Marineford War level multi-part sagas.

Dragonball DynastyMuch like the last pitch here, I would like to play out our own unique adventure in one of the universes which were erased by Xeno in the past.  Brought back by cosmic accident with Android 17s wish, our Universe 17 is brought back exactly as it was before being removed.....on the brink of calamity.  Here I want to have a focus on martial arts over big power battles, with power levels starting relatively low.....think end of Dragonball levels.  We can work up from there, but I don't want everyone blowing up planets right from the start.  This is a Dragonball universe at war, a space opera if you will that will see the Namekians, Saiyans, and Arcosians(frieza race) going head to head over control of the universe.....and Earth stuck right at the center of it all.  Darker, more violent, more sexual, more character driven.  If any of this suits you....please read on.

Points of Interest
-Zero canon characters of any kind will be used in this roleplay.  It is a unique universe within the DBS multiverse, therefore it follows roughly the same rules/physics, but is for reasons you can't yet know, cut off from the rest of them.
-Namekians are the major antagonists.  One Elder Namekian mastered a forbidden art that allows him to mind control others of his kind, forcing them into fusion.  He did this to every other Elder Namekian, and ascended to become a Super Namekian God.  He then proceeded to use this technique to empower others who follow him, slowly transforming their race into a space faring empire.  They find a planet, establish a set of dragonballs, then use them to solidify their dominance.
-The Saiyans homeworld was still destroyed, but by the Namekian Emperor.  The remnants of their people now form a rag tag bunch of rebels serving beneath a mysterious benefactor.
-The "Frieza clan" exists here, but they've been nearly wiped out by the Namekians.  Their Queen Wynter leads the handful that remain, and the Saiyans against the Namekian Empire.
-The Majin race exists en masse, having been spread across the universe on thousands of worlds.  This means their individual power/potential is not far off of humans, but they have their own legends of a heroic Majin warrior that will rise when they need it most, wielding the savage demonic force of the first of their kind.
-I am EXTREMELY flexible with your character here.  The joy of this universe is that practically anything is possible.  Please do not bore me with your choice when we have so many options to play with.  Want to play a Half-Shenron/Human hybrid? SURE! Want to make up your own race with their own powers entirely?  Want to be an Android created from the body of a Kai?  ABSOLUTELY.  Want to play a Saiyan/Angel hybrid? WHY NOT?!  You wanna go nuts?  LET'S GO NUTS.

Non Canon Roleplay ideas.

Note: While I will consider roleplays based on these below, they are not priorities at the moment.  If you like what you read, and have an interesting pitch for me, I will gladly hear it out.  Please do not send me a message along the lines of "I liked your Starlight Crusaders idea.  Would you like to do something like that?".  Please pique my curiosity by considering the idea first, and injecting your own thoughts into it so I know you aren't just killing time. 

The Starlight Crusaders: If you are a fan of She Ra or He Man, this might be for you.  I'd like to play out a whimsical fantasy adventure in a world full of lost technology and esoteric sciences.  Imagine a planet, one of several, connected by teleportation devices so advanced that everyone thinks they are just magic.  Magic does exist, but the lines between science and the arcane were blurred thousands of years ago by forces we can't understand.  Now these worlds are full of wonder, lost civilizations, exotic species, beast men, old world dungeons, monsters and more.  Our characters will be childhood friends/rivals, who are forced into venturing out into this unknown world when a mysterious airship crashes near our village/city.  Similar ships arrive in pursuit, annihilating our home before we accidently defeat them using incredible weapons/tech we found from the crashed ship.  Thus begins an adventure to shake the heavens, and shape the stars themselves.  Will we uncover the secrets of the mysterious invaders in time?  Will we unlock the potential of our new weapons?  Will we discover the truth about who....and what....came before us?

Eldritch Inheritance:  This is kind of a weighty and weird one.  But hear me out and you might be curious.  My character is one of two protags, who recently received word that they inherited an estate from an estranged relative.  The majority of said inheritance is simply the deed to a rather large and ostentatiously designed building in the middle of a bustling city.  The deed is very bizarre, requiring the new owner to fulfill an additional contract with the buildings "First Tenant" in order to solidify the inheritance.  The building turns out to be a truly strange arrangement, seeming to be a standard apartment/tenant complex some seventeen stories tall.  The building is alive for starters, an ancient extra-dimensional entity bound by unfathomable means.  How hard can it be to keep it running?  Who knows....if the building itself doesn't try to eat us, maybe the otherworldly tenants will prove more than we can handle.....

Supervillain Academy:  Imagine for a moment we live roughly in the year 2050.  The world is starting to look a little like Cyberpunk albeit with one exception.  There is an abundance of spandex-clad individuals with superpowers running around and making a general mess of the place.  The golden age of Heroes and Villains is very much over, having been replaced by a darker, more corporatized mockery of what came before.  The vast majority of Heroes and Villains are little more than paid actors, oftentimes chosen specifically due to consumer-research, then given powers in order to fill archetypal roles within the industry.  Large portions of many cities are zoned as "Hot Spots", wherein massive tax credits are given to both citizens and businesses to remain regardless of how often these areas are wrecked by superpowered fighting.  Cameras, microphones, holographic transmitters, and nano-sensors are placed all over the place to capture the action from every possible angle.  It is then streamed or broadcasted to fans/viewers all over the world for entertainment purposes.

Rivalries are concocted to generate drama in WWE fashion.  Alliances are formed based on popularity and marketing.  At the center of this massive industry, are two academies.  The first is a legal institution that trains new super powered beings to control their abilities while aiding them in finding their themes, making their costumes, and choosing a moniker.  All the while they are groomed for the big time, coached on their archetypes, roles, and expectations.  The second academy is well known, but technically speaking quite illegal.  It performs many of the same functions as the first, however it caters specifically to the future villains of our world.  Here even if you don't have a power, you can be trained up as an operator and signed on as a minion to some villain or criminal organization.  The students here are often from the extremes of class, being the exceedingly rich children of powerful criminals, legacy villains, politicians, military leaders, warlords, and more. 

Herein lies our story.  Theres a lot we can do here, but the general idea is one where I play a sort of washed up, veteran villain of exceptional notoriety, whose past is marred by many major mistakes/incidents.  This character is a real powerhouse, one of the strongest of her generation.  Your character could be.....
-A young superhero trying to make a name for themselves, and in doing so runs across MC.  Their unintended clash causes a resurgence in my characters popularity, bringing them out of retirement to cash in on our new "rivalry".  This is a complex, messy relationship that can go a lot of ways.  My character might end up in ways mentoring yours while playing up our rivalry.  Or she might see yours as a pissant upstart who she has to essentially pamper in order to stay relevant.
-A mysterious new villain who uncovers MCs secret identity, and blackmails her into using her legacy status to sponsor your entry to the Supervillain Academy.  You could be trying to uncover a secret about a family member or friend who went to the academy and went missing.  You could be on an all or nothing mission to make it too the top no matter what enemies you make along the way.  Or you could be trying to take down the entire organization from the inside.  Or you could be the child of another major hero, seeking to subvert your parents expectations by joining the other side.
-An absolute nobody who joins the academies "Minion program" to escape poverty.  However your first low-risk mission goes terribly wrong, resulting your entire class being annihilated.  You only survive due to my characters interference.  However your street cred get's blown out of proportion, and you end up badly over your head with enemies you have no hope against.  Due to popular interest, you are assigned to my character, and we are forced into a strained bodyguard x VIP scenario as MC is now also forced out of retirement and into the spotlight.
-My character is an older, veteran superhero, one of the best of her generation.  My character also happens to be your futanari mother.  You are not aware of her secret identity, but have always been hugely inspired by her heroic persona. You develop your own powers, and don your own costume to enter the fray!  Only while on patrol, we are forced together.  In this time, we really hit it off and develop an erotic mentor-student relationship that grows progressively more and more intense until our true identities are revealed.....but to which one of us?
-Plenty of options to play with.  These are a few that I really like, but I'm more than willing to experiment with others.

Cosmic Horror/Lovecraftian Roleplay
SCP Foundation:  Welcome to Site 17

So this is something I've been wanting to try and get started for a long time.  I am sincerely hoping to find a number of like minded people who also share a love/respect for the Cosmic Horror genre.

Site 17 is a setting based primarily off the Foundation/SCP wiki lore, with a general smattering of Cosmic Horror/Lovecraftian lore mixed in.
What I need, is individuals willing and able to take on various roles within the organization.  Not all these roles will be required for every roleplay, and you can for sure play multiple characters so long as you can do so without it impacting your writing.  The idea, is to create a setting with myriad interconnecting stories, characters, and sub plots all coming together to form a living world.

While Site 17 does have the same generalized purpose as any other Foundation site, to secure, contain, and protect, it has a very specific macro-imperative.  Site 17 specializes in anomalies relating to Mekhane(Church of the Broken God, Yaldebeoth/Sarkicism, and their general conflicts.  There is a preponderance of mechanical anomalies, as well as a well protected sector dedicated entirely to the containment of Sarkic entities/objects.  Point being, there's a lot going on here, I have big plans for major conflicts/breaches, attacks from outside forces, conspiracies, invasions, special operations, and plenty of XK class end-of-world scenarios.

Some general sub-plot prompts for individual roleplays......
-A D-Class Taskforce is sent out on mission to ascertain the nature of a major threat.  Expect high amounts of action as highly trained operators infiltrate an anomalous building to complete their objective.
-A group of researchers are tasked with discovering the nature of a new, dangerous anomaly.
-D-Class personnel using their wits to survive a series of more and more dangerous test involving new or legacy anomalies.
-A security breach has resulted in a cascade failure of Site 17 containment systems.  Our characters, regardless of their positions/ranks, must use everything they have to survive the breach, and resecure the facility.
-Researchers/archeologists are sent to a mysterious dead city/ruins to learn what they can about the culture and nature of those who used to dwell there.  Lot's of environmental dangers are present, but this could be a more slow paced, cerebral roleplay as we delve deeper into this strange locale.
-Various individuals of different rank must deal with an impending XK class "end-of-world" scenario.

The Lady In Yellow

Added scenarios and context.  Added images for refeence purposes.  Still seeking.

The Lady In Yellow

The Lady In Yellow

The Lady In Yellow

I edited some of the plots, added detail.  Bumping for science.