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Author Topic: HorrorLand RP [UN]  (Read 429 times)

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HorrorLand RP [UN]
« on: April 21, 2009, 03:49:06 PM »
Have You Been Good Lately? (Contemporary/Horror with a bit of magic - based off of Goosebumps amusement park ride book) [UN]
HorrorLand was an amusement park that was supposed to scare you. Naturally, it was quite popular because of that since people liked to scare themselves silly knowing that they were safe at the same time. This was not the same HorrorLand that had once been active and running, this was a new and improved version of it and it was not fooling around. This amusement park was for adults, seventeen years and up. Anyone else who rode on its rides would be safe and emerge unharmed.

To enter the park you had to walk through an archway that counted the number of people who entered that were seventeen and above. This park was special in the fact that when someone was ready to leave, they would exit through another archway but this one had a tall iron gate that automatically locked and unlocked through a computer system. To exit you would have to hold up the hand which had been stamped at the entrance gate to the panel on the side of the archway. If the gate opened you were free to go. If it didn't that meant you hadn't gone on the special ending Ride of Judgment which was an amazing roller coaster ride that everyone had to ride on before they left the park. Children under seventeen were exempt from that.

The Ride of Judgment was more than just a ride but no one realized this. It was magical in nature and quite powerful. During a certain point in the ride it stopped at the same place the prior HorrorLand ride had with the children, a point where the riders were hidden from view of the public in a dark tunnel. Time froze everyone in the coaster car except for one individual. A spell was laid on that particular person and they were not able to do anything except talk and what was even freakier was that whatever came out of their mouths should they choose to speak would be the truth. A dark, shadowy figure would emerge from the tunnel and demand to know their sins and once they had told it he would disappear. Then he would return to give them a choice as to how to better themselves. Once they chose one he would snap his fingers and they would freeze just like the other people in the coaster car. A mist would linger over the person in question and then sink into their skin, making the person forget everything they had seen except for the choice they had made and implanted a subconscious order in their mind to return to HorrorLand again after a month. This process was repeated until everyone in the coaster car had their turn and then time would unfreeze and the coaster car would begin its descent out of the tunnel and down the tracks to finish up the ride.

One day the shadowy figure decided he wanted people to be with him and help him with this process and started to choose select people now and then and put them through certain trials.

I was thinking of having 6 people who wanted to be the shadowy figure's students and 6 people who wanted to be people being judged. Once we have those people we can start it up! I am thinking I would like 6 of the characters to be male, the rest can be either female or male, it's up to you guys :) If you are interested please send me a PM with your character sheet and the subject title: HorrorLand Character Sheet thanks! Oh and follow the sheet below.

User Name:
Character name:
Sexual Orientation:
Appearance: (picture and details but if you don't have a picture that's fine)
Detailed Bio:
Your sin to be judged:
Student or Rider?:

Not sure how long this will continue but hopefully it will be fun :) As we go along if you have any ideas feel free to PM me about them with the subject title being 'HorrorLand RP Idea' Thanks!