Wartime romance in a Sci-Fi setting (M for F)

Started by Canuckian, May 12, 2023, 07:17:37 AM

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Hi there!  Thanks for taking a peek at this  :-)

I've been craving a really good sci-fi romance in a setting akin to the new Battlestar Galactica and Halo.  The idea is humanity is currently in an extended interstellar war with an alien race; our ship and fighter planes can defeat theirs with ease, but their greater numbers have balanced the scales out.  So for sortie after sortie, we're able to hold them at bay but every time we lose a pilot it's a serious blow to our side.  I'll play one of those fighter pilots, wondering if maybe this time his number is going to come up and he'll be sucking vapour instead of coming home.  What role you'll play is variable and can be discussed as you see fit; do you want to play a fellow pilot, adrenaline pumping combat buddy-turned more?  Or maybe you'll be part of the shipboard staff, planning these battles and watching the brave men and women fly off and wonder how many will make it back?

Ideally I'd like to really dig into our character's romance and explore the entire gamut of their relationship.  I want all the fluffy bits from surprise lunches on the job, to hard-and-heavy sex trying to avoid depression and morose, all the way up to angry my-squadron-got-destroyed rough sex.  I really want to explore these two people trying to escape the horrors of war in each others arms, the good and the bad.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope everyone has a lovely day ahead of themselves!