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Started by delilah, May 04, 2023, 05:13:42 AM

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I was watching 90 Day Fiancé - Yes I know, I'm ashamed, but hear me out!

The total lack of preparation and common sense of most participants got me thinking of just how wrong things can go. It gave me an itch that really needs scratching. What if you get to a foreign country on a one way ticket, or stand at the airport to pick up who you think is the love of your life, and it turns out to be a completely different person? Could be age, gender, species, appearance, culture, personality, intentions...

This is by no means a fleshed out plot. It really could go a million ways and I love shaping the storyline with a partner. I'd be interested in anything from a vanilla, 90% story driven "happily ever after anyway" to 90% smut driven non-con (with players consent obviously).

There's only two limitations really:
- I'm in the mood for some taboo
- I'd like my character to be the one getting catfished

Have a look at my O/O's and shoot me a message if interested!
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