FemDom Seeking Male(One plot!) *Curerntly Closed*

Started by stormkitten, April 20, 2009, 03:53:38 PM

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I normally do not play female dominate but I am kinda craving this one plot/thought that I had.

Amazon Warrior ^ Warrior Captive

QuoteThe Amazons (Ἀμαζόνες) are a nation of all-female warriors in Classical and Greek mythology. Herodotus placed them in a region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (modern territory of Ukraine). Other historiographers place them in Asia Minor or Libya.

The Amazons become associated with various historical peoples throughout the Roman Empire period and Late Antiquity. In Roman era historiography, there are various accounts of Amazon raids in Asia Minor. From the Early Modern period, their name has become a term for woman warriors in general.

~ Stages of Grief~

Amazon(dom)^ Warrior ~ Stages of Grief~ Fantasy Setting. During battle he kills her twin sister... She is devastated... a miracle he lives through the battle and is taken captive. She claims him as her slave, with the promise he wont be a slave for long.... Tradition says her sister's body will be burned and the ashes spread at the holy ground... The grieving amazon plans to torture him, beat him until she has the ashes (3-5 days) then take him with her to the holy grounds and spill his blood in honor of her sister.

Something goes wrong when that day comes. Too full of grief, or maybe she has a death wish herself. He is able to try to escape... able to turn the tables on her and take her captive... now its his turn to decide what to do with her....

So I am looking for someone to play the male... a few days of physical torture... then he dominates her... ending in either him walking away form her being broken, or killing her, or taking her with him back to his village/selling her as a slave..

Possible content

This will be heavy bondage. Likely every moment from his capture he will be bound, or tied in some way.

Sex may or may not happen when she is in control, I would kinda like to see how things unfold, if she decides she wants sex, or not depends on him and his reactions.

If sex occurs, it will likely result in orgasm denial as she will be only caring about her own needs... and if he cums before her, she is likely to castrate him... (if he is not pleasing her, then he really does not need it to begin with)

I would like someone that is open to some male/male contact. It does not have to actually occur, but she might threaten him. I have no plans to do any kind of pegging.

There will likely be some bloodplay, minor. She may want to carve her sisters name in his body, or maybe just watch him bleed a bit.

Branding is another possibility

Blunt force trauma, such as hitting. More than likely various whips. I dont foresee her breaking bones but its not impossible. She would avoid something vital like a broken leg, he is going to have to walk to his death after all.

I am not sure she is going out of her way to humiliate him, but some may occur.

Breath control, she will likely feel better if she can choke the shit out of him. Hair pulling, biting, scoring him with her nails.

I had a vague plot of an amazon taming a male centuar. I am looking for a dominate male character to play a warrior centuar.... He is taken captive, after battle. If she did not offer to take him and train him, he would have been put to death. Not that he feels all that grateful to her. (Or maybe he does because he does not want to die and is ashamed?) Centuars are typically thought of as too much work and too dangerous to let live. Defintely not trainable. She wants to break him down to at the very least be a war mount. Pending him. He could be eventaully armed and a war partner. Maybe even a sex toy.

I am looking for a dominate male but not ultra dominate please... I am still geting use to being female dominate. If you want to give ideas about what buttons to push, I can explore more dom pesonality. I am looking for someone that is stubborn but can be broken down over time. Weeks or months. Maybe she is the only one capable fo controlling him. Not much of a plot yet but I am open to suggestions.

If you are wanting to play.... pm me... I would appreciate if you had a few thoughts to include... the kind of timeline we are talking about.... What role he should be working toward (mount/sex toy/etc)... Content that should be done to him...

I was not planning on this being an overly brutal rp as I don’t imagine sheer violence or  pain is going to mean a lot to a warrior. If you feel differently I am happy to oblige and explore it.

My current thoughts at the moment were along the lines of movement restriction… stable stalls entirely too small, chains that make him take baby steps, locking his legs into place… sensory deprivation… sometimes air games… she is going to work on getting him use to a saddle… probably going to spend time sitting on him (although the goal is for him to give her permission for the first ride, whether he trades it for something he wants or if she loses patience and merely takes it from him, we shall see.) treating and caring for him as she would a regular horse… she may put him in a barn by himself or may put a horse or two in…. she might leave him completly alone for days.... although not used as heavily I am not oopsed to whips... as a reward she might assign a slave to keep him company an hour or day while she cannot be there…. Possibility if he finds her horse treatment distasteful she might assign a male slave to him for sexual purposes (with the assumption he would rather be touched by a female.)… I am considering possible branding…

Pending how things go, possible sexual teases. Getting him frustrated and ready and leaving him with no satisfaction…. Maybe even getting herself off while he is present, or against his body… I was considering having him help prepare her body so she could physically take him, possibly during oral, or fingering, and progressively into toys but he would have to be a very good boy for he to go down that path.

^^^ Let me know if anything is off limit ^^^

Anyone interested, pm me...
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Looking for a couple of males to pm me about details and playing this out....
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I would definitely be interested. PM me if you are interested in taking me on or if you have any questions.