The Chieftess's Captain (A fantasy weretiger romance) *LF M*

Started by Vannira, April 17, 2023, 10:27:38 PM

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Ok, so, this lady is a main character in my Elder Tree rp I am hoping I can gauge enough interest in. However, figured, I would put her out there as a possible one on one in the mean time, cause I am itching to rp her. Please, when you read over Zahra's profile, consider my request on the bottom. I am REALLY wanting this particular pairing, but I want it to be a slow burn, not rushed. Where they like each other, but neither have any idea for the longest time that other did. Maybe their own duty, or some other factors, has made it hard for either to express how they feel to the other. Although it will be a fantasy story, I am wanting romance, suspense, and so much more. Never know, maybe it could be added in some where, as a mentioned side story, should the Elder Tree get enough interest.

Zahra's profile.
The Elder Tree (Group request).

I do not know if I can link to a group rp request here, but only did it since I referenced it as it does contain more information about the world itself, outside of what is in Zahra's profile. I should also state that this would be a mxf romance story, where I will be taking on the role of Zahra, the chieftess.