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Author Topic: A cloud over your head.  (Read 669 times)

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Offline Tainted InfinityTopic starter

A cloud over your head.
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:13:07 PM »
A raven a single raven circled in the night sky, its outline seeming to shimmer in the pale moonlight. A ominous sign of things to come a bad omen sent to scare him witless as he bounded through the night upon his most unworthy steed? Angelus Draven Rain preferred to think of it as a fine feature upon the night sky, placed there for his own amusement. Then again he never paid heed to omens of any sort, though he wondered vaguely if that was why his luck was of the most remarkably terrible sort, the kind that most people considered a curse or worse? I mean so he had broken a few mirrors, walked under every ladder he had ever seen, and laughed at every bad sign ever recorded in the book of what the hell tells you your in for a bad time. Yet who was to say that meant he was going to have bad luck? Wait did he just contradict himself? Oh blood and bloody ashes he hated it when his own brain wouldn't cooperate with his delusions it was annoying.

He had arrived in this land several days ago and immediately gotten completely lost as usual. Now he found himself and the most unworthy mount he had ever encountered ambling toward some vague destination, which he held no knowledge or even really its precise location of. Why oh why did he have to start his adventures when he had been out drinking didn't he know better?  He had payed for the worst damn horse in the town and ridden out in search of a story he had heard from an old drunkard in a Tavern. Oh yes a most promising source as usual his brain mused. Oh dash it all when would his brain shut up? Curse the damn thing and it it logic ! No wait curse this half lame horse he swore a beggar on a donkey had passed him a few miles back.

He watched the road as he bounced along in a most uncomfortable fashion,  looking for even the slightest marking of were the hell he was.Then in the next instant he found himself well dirty . His horse spooked by some ungodly occurrence probably a mouse, or in the fowl beasts case a toad had obviously crossed its path whereupon it had become spooked sending him up and from his saddle with all the grace of a scoundrel being tossed from the local pub, and down into the dirty muck of the road as the traitorous beast bounded off into the distance. He swore it hadn't run that fast when it was carrying him damn thing.

He didn't even bother to stand up for a while, he just sat there his chin resting in his hand looking boredly in the direction his horse had retreated in. He had to assess the situation. Lets see he was dirty, cold, hungry, his clothes were a god awful mess, and he had no idea were he was oh and let him not forget he had gone off wearing his expensive black silks so he was going to have a hell of a time replacing them. Oh and just lovely, his hair resembled brown dirt more than it did its usual shade of black with that prominent red streak. Ok now for the good parts of the situation! He looked around as if expecting something to jump out at him and his shoulders slumped. Ok so this situation was atrocious he still did not believe in bad luck. Though he had told that witch women to suck a rather unruly part of his body a few days back... coincidence surely.

He pulled himself up straightening his sword at his side and started walking. Ah and thus another day in the life of Angelus Rain, the premiere adventurer of all the lands, the marvel of every corner of the earth and the hungriest man on the planet. Who was he kidding, things hadn't exactly gone as he had planned. There was supposed to be treasure, women, adventure, women.. oh and did he mention WOMEN! Where had he gone wrong? He had been at this for nearly two years, every one of his treasure hunts coming to ruin before they got started or nearly getting him killed once they did. The only women he had seen was one creepy witch women who he was convinced wanted to molest him and claimed she put a curse on him when he rejected her.

Yes yes another day in his fairy tale life as an adventurer. Had he known it would be like this he mused he might of stayed home. No he wouldn't of he was full of horse crap, home had been unbearable he would be a king in training, and married to some giggling mindless noble girl right now had he stayed home. Yeah no going home, home was BAD now to solve the first problem where was he? He was in the middle of nowhere that's were he was. Oh well at least it wasn't raining..the rain started pouring down on his head as if his thoughts had summoned it god he loved his life.

Offline Mistress Maro

Re: A cloud over your head.
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2009, 08:16:40 PM »
It had been a quiet and beautiful night out in the middle of no where. The wind was all but dead and the temperature remarkably pleasant. This was just another day, another beautiful night that would end before it even had a chance to get started. The moon shined through the clouds as they moved across the deep blue diamond dust sky that covered the land in its wonder.

She had seen a sky like this for many years now. Many, many years.. Sometimes she would try to count all the years but it was pointless to do so. The night would be over before she could finish. She stepped out from the shadows of one of the trees to the edge of a lake that was not to big, but big enough to provide water for the wildlife that lived in the area. She stood on the edge of the lake looking at the reflection of the moon on the water that was all but still on this calm night. All she could do was stand there and look at the image and try to memorize the beauty.

Not to long later she had reached up and removed the long black coat that she wore over her body and the sword that she carried on her side. Reaching to her arms she pulled off the bracers that gloves that she wore and tossed them on her coat. Raising one leg then the other she pulled off her boots and also sat them to the side. Wearing only a sleeveless black dress that stopped at her upper thigh and slit up either side to her hips she stepped unto the water instantly causing a small patch to freeze under her feet. She continued walking to unto the water until she was near the center of the lake keeping her eyes up at the moon. How could it be that a being could be immortal but still be bound to the earth?

Memorized by the moon and the look of it she couldn't stop herself from reaching her hands up to it as if she was waiting on the moon to reach down and grasp her hands and pull her up to it. The silver light of the moon made her skin look even more deathly then normal as it was normally a pale ivory. Parts of her silver hair draped over her face as the mass of it flowed down her back and curled just at the ends.

When it started to rain she didn't stop her pose as she was waiting on the moon to come back out and let her bask in the light again. Even though it might be hours before the moon came back out or even til the next night she still stood there waiting on it. She had eternity to wait and nothing to do. Thus was the life of an immortal with no connection to the other planes of existence.

Offline Tainted InfinityTopic starter

Re: A cloud over your head.
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2009, 05:08:26 AM »
To all the seven hells what a god blasted night. He had been thrown from his mount if you could call it that. Now he was wet and more than a small bit irritated he was defiantly lost a constant with him as if it were not enough for him to have the worst luck his sense of direction was positively fuddled here.  He was ok in pursuit of treasure and fame, and WOMEN in the name of all that was holy and just women .. he needed them.

His eyes lost all focus for a moment as things seemed to almost slow around him knocking him out of his thoughts. He could see it as if light had risen up to guide his way a single strand of white light the size of a string spanning off in a particular direction.  He followed it unconsciously as if forces beyond his control pushed him along, and when he reached it what he saw held him spell bound.

Such an aura such longing as if to tare at his soul and rip it apart with its radiance. Ah did this being walk upon the water surely not, and yet there she was. His eyes regained focus shortly after and he exhaled sharply. His Aurenfay eyes instantly picking up the build up of mana around her, as if the air was charged with it.

The great laylines shuttered at her feet, he could see the chaos her existence caused the mortal plain surely this being must be one who mortals would call immortal a omni planar being of some sort perhaps?  He was suddenly scared out of his wits. What the heck was he doing here then .. he should likely run such beings generally had a bad habit of eating adventurers, but this one was kind of hot.

His brain stopped right there for one singular moment the logic circuit attempting to override the highly illogical plan forming in his mind, and then he promptly stifled it like the unpopular child at play time kicking it into a ignored corner of his mind.

He stepped forward moving slowly he hair from his face as he watched her his voice almost catching in his throat well he had had an eventful if short life he would die happy " Me" Lady Surely though dost know that to see a beauty walking upon the water truly frightens those of these lands? "

That was true enough the would burn he and her both as a warlock and a witch if they knew half of what they weren't supposed to know and he knew it. Undeveloped minds were as dangerous as any sword.

Offline Mistress Maro

Re: A cloud over your head.
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2009, 04:11:11 PM »
She had felt the presence of the man before he stepped out from the trees. She knew she was being watched but it didn't concern her. Only waiting on the moon to come back out and show it's beauty to her did. Then he spoke, she closed her eyes for a moment letting the words sink into her mind. She hadn't even thought about what others would think about her. She had only had one thing on her mind really it didn't matter. Anyone that had came near her and posed a threat she would simply kill. He didn't seem threatening to her though, no she had sensed fear come from him moments before he spoke.

Lowering her hands from the sky she turned her face to look at the man that had spoke to her. Her bangs curved on chin and her cheeks setting the frame for her near perfect heart shaped face. her face had a blank expression on it as her black lightless eyes examined him from afar. Even from the distance that she was from him it could be seen that she was not very tall. On a good day she only stood five feet four inches, but with her heels she was able to gain some height. At the moment though she was barefooted and looked every bit as short as she was. Even so she held a body that looked like it had been sculpted from a dream, as the curves could be seen under the now soaked dress that she wore.

Reaching her small hand up to her face she brushed back the hair on the left side of her face and tucked it behind her ear. Tilting her head to the side still looking at him she took a step to him. Her movements were swift and graceful as she as standing on the shore within seconds. Though when she was walking it only looked like she had taken a few steps as she faded from one place to the next, she looked more like a ghost when she walked then a human but still she was whole in form.

Standing only feet from him now she looked at him more closely now but never moved toward him her changed her stance. Finally a small grin came to her full light pink colored lips as she was now ready to reply to him and have a conversation. "To see most anything standing upon the water would send fear to most, not just a beauty." Her voice was soft, sweet, and yet something else. Charm was something that was learned quickly when dealing with people. She let out a gentle laugh still looking at him. "You held fear, but still you spoke. Doesn't a sheep know not to call a wolf?" It was a simple question that she really wasn't seeking an answer for. She was just curious in why he had spoke to her.