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Author Topic: A return to sin.  (Read 704 times)

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A return to sin.
« on: April 20, 2009, 11:44:17 AM »
The mistakes of greed.

Mischievous schemes upon twisted thoughts, burned into the minds of mortals with the fear of a demon born not of their minds but of their hate. His was a legend which would never die that of the forsaken of the gods, the god without grace the king of Vampires Suroth Azrial Daigorith. For centuries uncounted he had reigned upon the highest peaks of darkness, casting his gaze down upon the ancient vampire city of Alistar, and ruling it with an iron fist, it was once said that he would rule forever unchallenged, for such was the strength of the great vampire lord that it could not be matched. Yet one day all of that had ended in one brutal action, the forsaken one had suffocated his own empire devouring it from within with a rage like no other, none would ever know the events which had taken place on that day save three Suroth, himself Valick, Romanian Frost, and Hierutoi Daigorith, the father of the king whom had been slain on that night presumably by the hands of his son. When he attempted to destroy all Suroth held dear, but legend did carry that the Vampire lord thereafter had never been heard from again. Of course legend often times finds it’s self flawed by time, for in time legends become obsolete and are rewritten by the hand of fate itself and old legends even those that howl in the night come again to the world of the living.

The year 1999 the year of the supposed Apocalypse, when fear and delusion run wild like the great plagues themselves unleashed on the world a new. In this time man is no longer ruled by the tip of the sword ,nor even truly by superior intellect, but by one singular entity the almighty dollar itself, how fitting that of this very obsession would be born a new one of the darkest, and most tortured shadows to ever cast itself over the world.

The president grinned proudly as he adjusted his suit watching as the Old Catholic church tumbled to the ground in the face of the unending onslaught of the dozer, its powerful diesel engine forcing the remnants of the church which had stood for nearly three hundred years to the ground. Already today the wrecking crews had been to work, and it toppled with such ease just like everything else which had stood in Nicolai Vorstiches way. He had come from Russia only five years ago and found America ripe for the picking. He had made a killing selling computer software, or so it seemed in reality Vorstiche technical was just a cover, his real money was from the connections he had made as a former military officer in Russia. Americans loved guns, and one thing Nicolai knew were to get was guns, he grinned almost proudly and in the place of this dusty old pile of wood would stand his new global head quarters a marvel to what a superior Russian intellect could do when pitted against those of the pitiful Americans. He turned away his face beaming with pride, yes he had won and the world was his for the taking but it was getting dark, and right now he was thinking about the American women which would be his for the taking tonight, as he sat down in his limousine, and was driven away from the construction site.

The Devil or a saint?

Jack Callihan hated his job but nobody paid as good as that bastard Nicolai and so he and his crew the former Callihan construction corps had been bought into his company and now he was going to do something that did not sit well with him at all. Standing there he was staring down at the last stone left from the old cathedral his mouth dry. Everyone knew the legend of how supposedly one of the old saints had placed this stone here to protect the city, it was something which had been told to get smiles from kids for ages and now he had been ordered to remove it that bastard was selling it to a local museum. Sighing he kneeled down and placed the crowbar beneath it.. well little jack was going to need braces this year he didn't have a choice and with that he heaved up, and the ancient stone gave way coming out of the ground whole, and he picked it up carrying it to a small lock box were he placed it locking it away for transport to the museum. Yeah he was going to hell but at least his kids wouldn't have to.

The awakening, of hatred.

The hatred, the sin it washed over he whom had lain buried beneath that forsaken stone for centuries, truth be told he had allowed the little priest to come along and place that stone over his place of sleeping, here where the ancient entrance to Alistar had once lain, for he did not wish to ever return, but now some fool had awakened him. This sent an outrage through his entire body. What fool would dare disturb the sleep of the king of all vampires? What fool would wish such a death upon himself? The hand curled from deep within the dirt, pale digits rising from  within, to gain purchase in the night air and slowly a form began to rise from beneath, already the Zenith was awakening the consciousness of the vamperic council revitalizing him. Within the zenith, blood was beginning to move once again inside his body. The form wore the tattered remains of black slacks and a long black coat which hung nearly down to his ankles encompassing his whole body like a shroud, only this seemed unscathed by time as if it had somehow resisted the ages and the soil it had lain within. The form would rise ever so slowly, dirt falling from hair of an at the moment unidentifiable color, though the creature whatever it may be stood nearly six feet four inches tall and as its crimson eyes fell on the foreign world to which it had awakened it grinned. He had awakened in a new Babylon it seemed, what luck he'd be right at home he could smell the pain, the death ,the greed this was a city where the success of others was built on the backs of those they could knock down to get it. The entire feeling was intoxicating and then his eyes fell on the man standing by the large seeming steel contraption. Whatever it was it must have weighed several tons, it had wheels mayhaps it was a modern carriage? He would study it once he had killed the man, the forsaken moved with a purpose now but stopped, this was not the man, he sensed loathing in the man’s heart for what he had done he was not the one, ancient digits moved to embrace the soil, as he whispered in his mind " speak " He saw it so clearly a great tyrant from across the ocean had come and enslaved all with his lies and deceit, it was he whom had torn down the ancient cathedral which had been the last monument to the great lords existence, apparently it was he whom now thought himself a king. The shadow grinned, as it weakly staggered silently away from the servant, looking up at a large character set on steel it bore the face of a dishonest man smiling as if he were some saint, " well Mr. Vorstiche ill be seeing you real soon" The shadow faded away into the nothingness now, it would need to regain its strength the great lord of the dark could not make an appearance like this one thing Suroth Azrial Daigorith knew when manipulating mortal appearances kept properly could make things so much easier fear was such a fine motivator.

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Re: A return to sin.
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2009, 04:02:24 AM »

People were never aware of their own personal greed until it was strung out on a string in front of them, being torn away from them, right out of their very clutches. Esmerelda Ariente was one of those people. Her greed had exceeded far beyond the mortal comprehension. For centuries she had lived under the guise of a helpless damsel, a wounded woman. The tale of her king ripped from the air, forgotten, stomped into the dirt. The people of the new age had forgotten where there fear had come from. What greatness had instilled that fear into their hearts and created the monsters they whispered of.

Esmerelda was one of those people, whom had long since thrown the story of her king into the back of her mind. Her kindred were not wide known, the vampiric community had gone into hiding, sworn into secrecy and surpassed as normal people. Esmerelda had to pass for a normal human being. Hailing from Spain, she had once been a member of the Holy Armada. Spains Conquest in the name of the Christian Religion. Overcome by the beautiful a man, whose sin was far greater than anything she could have ever imagined .. and once again, centuries later, she was over whelmed by that same, darkened beauty.

Nicolai Vorstiche.

Esmerelda was his assistant, his advisor, his peace keeper. She was the voice of the operation. The public image, whereas he .. he was the brains, the braun, the fear. Public Affairs was her general jurisdiction, as much as she hated the greedy bastard, she did what she had to in order to get by. And as she watched that man pull the stone from the earth, an inhuman chill rolled down her spine and she could smell the ancient rot lift into the air.

The destruction of that church, and the removal of that single stone had set a mark in history, times were going to change. She could feel it. This was the turn point for the new millennium. Slender digits rose to fix the position of the glasses poised upon the bridge of her nose. Each knuckle was kissed with the glint of a silver ring, glowing against her pale, milky complexion. For one of Pure Spanish descent, her complexion was off, her eyes too bright, and her voice to clear though muddied with her accent it sounded purely enticing. Sultry, seductive, and all the more appealing. Never a tone out of place.

"Mr.Vorstiche, Construction is underway and ahead of schedule. Is there anything you would like to add to the schedule? Or shall we proceed as planned?"

Her tongue rolled her 'R's and purred her 'S's delicately. Full, pale pink lips pursed together sensually as she canted her head in the direction of the powerful man. Her attire consisted of business wear, a tailored jacket over a white sheer blouse, and a black slim skirt, one slender leg crossed upon the other, the toe of her heel pointed as she poised herself to appear easy on the eyes, sensual, and yet stern. Not a feat hard to produce for Esmerelda.

The end of her pen tapped lightly upon the day planner as she awaited his decision. Certainly his approval to proceed with the schedule would be highly appropriate, but perhaps he had decided to change the plans for the evening. If so, it was Esmerelda's job to cater to his every need. Despite the fact she could feel an ancient power tugging at her soul, causing her long since dead heart to start beating and the unnecessary blood in her system flow thick and hot.

What significance had that stone held with her kind?

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Re: A return to sin.
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2009, 09:02:12 PM »
The limo made its way around the parkway several times. Nicolai had things on his mind most of which involved elicit things he would like to do to his secretary in the back of this limo but he had appointments sadly. He spoke to her frankly at the moment. He had no use for cordiality with her she was his after all and that was one thing he knew he owned the bitch.  “I haven’t got time for pleasantries tonight  Es Mr. Callihans wife is coming by my estate to discuss her husband’s raise. His smirked widened such a pretty young brunet Mr. Callihan was a lucky man, but he was about to be far luckier when he was putting the man’s wife to tax, stupid Americans they were so easy and he could have anything he wanted even this pretty young whore he was coming to see him tonight he would have her in ways her husband never had and at the end of which she would shut her mouth and swallow it all down.. Hmm that wasn’t a bad idea actually he was a genius. “I need you to go into the office tonight and handle the paperwork for the tech conference tomorrow. “ Truth be told he did not care one bit about advancing technology but it was necessary to maintain his public image. Especially with the mayoral races coming in June.  He said nothing else to her as he stopped in front of the headquarters and the driver opened the door he was finished with her for the time being. Though he would likely come to see her when his fun was at an end.. For none seemed to satisfy him quiet the way she did.

“You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you
Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I’ve got no
Soul to tell”
The sound inside the club seemed to pulsate in the vampire lords ears as if it drew him forward so dark so sinister so much sin within a single place. Here he would find what he sought. Yet first he had need of something special.  He noticed her right off the bat young subtle pale flesh, a bosom that would seem inviting to the devil himself and a smell about her that said she was out for one thing. She baited herself as if she was some innocent but she was a spider to ensnare men.  He walked slowly watching as the man on her arm departed presumably to retrieve something as he heard from his car? He sighed as he let the glamour slide into place his facial features contorting as he projected an image somewhat close to that of the man whom had gone moments before”  The trick was simple a trifle projecting ones mental capacity to limit the flow of energy to the brain manipulating it. The women saw what he wanted her own mind had become a trap for her.

He came to her his eyes so magnetic so pained and full of longing of want, and he spoke so sweetly so enticingly as to lull her away into a state of pure euphoria his voice like tainted corruption so sweet upon her ears his words were irrelevant words were a trifle with humans it was the feeling the way you toyed with them with your tone “come on I need you “a simple phrase no allure no poetic prose to inflame her heart.  He did not require it for she followed him without hesitation.
Her voice found his ears somewhat she was most unworthy prey indeed but he was hungry at the moment and in ill repair “ So Nick baby what did you need “ her voice was so full of it lust and corruption she wanted to fuck and it was obvious. He smiled the sweetest most innocent smile at her it actually made the girl blush right before he tore into her throat her scream drowning in one long gargle as he tore her voice box out. He was ravenous her soft flesh breaking before him like so much parchment upon a fire  and when he was done she shook upon the ground her form writhing in its death throes. He broke her neck without hesitation. She was not worthy of the gift he could bestow or the heartache it would cause him.

The next to fall was a young man. He did not even mark his face all he marked was the cloths he was wearing. He needed new pants and a shirt and with a single well placed snap of the neck what was formerly the man’s became his.  He stopped now pondering the club itself he was full for the moment but the sin lured him so enticingly the dark taint the nostalgia of it all. Yet he turned away he had things to being and he was not one to take his time about things unless it was fun.

Thus he would see what might make this game more amusing to him. He could sense the monolith from which the false king hailed standing high above the city and that was where he would go. He would find a crack in the man’s armor and slowly manipulate him. That was until he decided what he was to do. He had no real plans but he had to amuse himself.

Offline Oleander

Re: A return to sin.
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2009, 12:08:58 AM »
Disgusting Filth

Nicolai was a rat. A disgusting, piece of living human flesh. Esmerelda knew what he planned to do with Mrs. Callihan, she could smell the pheromones as he became aroused with merely the thought. She scrunched her nose and made a face of pure distaste.

" Of course, as you wish Mr. Vorstiche."

When the limo pulled to a halt, Esmerelda opened her door and made her exit. Fixing the back of her skirt in the process. Her lips pulling into a pleasant smirk once she was out of his view. Oh! What a puppet he was. Dancing on her strings. She closed the planner and as it snapped shut so did the door slam behind her. She made her way up the steps of their headquarters. Oh, he'd be calling her name soon enough. Begging for her salvation. The sway of her hips was mesmerizing. The way she moved with sheer grace caught the eyes of every lowlife scum nearby. The sound of her heels upon the concrete stairs were the only sounds that gave her away.

She pushed through the glass doors and headed towards office. Tossing the planner down onto the desk top she removed her suit jacket and laid it over the back of her chair. Spinning the vessel around she plopped down into it and propped her heels up on the edge of the desk. Tossing her glasses across the table she rubbed her eyes. It was so much easier to see without them. Those bright eyes illuminated the darkness. Allowing her to see with strict precision as she reached for the file on the tech conference.


She whispered beneath her breath. How was it, she was as powerful as she was .. and working for the lowest man of them all? Allowing herself to be used for his personal greed? Disgusting.. Dropping her slender legs from their propped position and she flipped on the computer. Logging into the central unit, she began running the files for the tech conference. All the while that inhuman chill crept down her spine.

Tingling her senses and distracting her. Something wasn't right, something was very, very, wrong. But she just couldn't tell exactly what. Vorstiche was worthless mortality, he was human. No one else in his brigade was like her, or any of the other downworlder species that roamed the plane of the living. Someone or something was trying to warn her. Something was coming.

She could feel it, the worlds twisting and turning inside of her, they ripped and burned inside of her. She couldn't be in any worse of a condition. Shoulders slumped and she felt herself fall into the poised relax posture of those she worked with. Slum. slender digits pressed to her temples, rubbing in a circular motion as she tried to erase the thoughts from her mind. Trying to remember how to focus, but something pushed for her past to bubble to the surface.

The memories.. Everything she could do for him .. everything she could be for him .. but when she tried, she had stepped too far and fell. She had succumb to the sin of the world. After about an hour of postponing, she finally finished the file and prep work for the tech conference. Rising up from her seat she began to clean the clutter of papers. reorganizing everything. Putting them back in their proper place and setting it up for Mr. Vorstiche when he was to return in the morning.

"Everything I do .. and that bastard is ungrateful..."

Como hombres, aún nosotros como ángeles, se han caído.
[Such as men, even we as angels, have fallen.][/right]