Batman x Catwoman but make it Gay

Started by ZetaJane, April 08, 2023, 08:07:27 PM

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Haiya there! I'm Zeta, 22 from the CST time zone. Getting all the important details out of the way, I'm a novella writer and usually go for 400+ words per reply and I'm looking for someone who can consistently do the same. 3rd person, past tense, all that jazz. I'm also looking to play Catwoman against someone else playing Batman. I'm not really into MxF ships so I would prefer for either party to be genderbent so it's MxM or FxF.

Separate paragraph for the Most important thing in rp: For the love of god communicate with me. If there's an idea I suggested or something I brought up that you're not really feeling, just tell me so I can scrap it. If there's a problem, tell me so we can fix it. Also, OOC chat with me! Being able to chat and joke around with my partner OOC is so important to me, that's half the fun of having an rp partner!

I've been watching through a bunch of Batman content and have started getting into the comics. So far I've watched all of Batman The Animated Series and Batman Beyond and LOVED them. Esp Batman Beyond. Seriously if you read this ad and think we won't be good rp partners but still just want someone to scream about Batman with... I need people to scream about Batman with. I have Thoughts and Emotions and they Will Not Cease. I also saw the Battinson movie recently and absolutely loved that!

I haven't gotten into a lot of content with the rest of the Batfam yet but will try to soon! But that's enough of my interest in Batman in general, onto a plot!

For the sake of this ad I'll be referring to them by their original names and pronouns but just mentally switch out whatever one you want to genderbend for the opposite pronouns.

No McFukkin idea what the plot is gonna be. I think it'd be fun if Bruce and Selina met and kinda knew each other as their civilian identities as well as knowing eachother's alter egos. For the Drama I'd rather them not Know that the alter egos and the civilian identities are one in the same for a while just so there can be a dramatic reveal.

I'm not gonna be accurate to any one particular version of Catwoman, I'm just kinda smashing the vibes of a few of them together and making a little of my own version. I'm thinking she was probably forced into a life of crime to pay off a debt to (either The Joker or Carmine Falcone, depends on what we're going for) and I have a whole lot more behind that which I might just leave as a secret to be revealed in RP. But basically her mentality is "I didn't choose this lifestyle but if I'm stuck here I'm gonna have fun with it." Also "This city never gave a shit about me anyway so I don't feel bad about stealing from it"

In terms of genderbent Catwoman... Catman sounds Awful, and Catboy.... no for obvious reasons. So I'm gonna say his name is probably Stray. And his civilian name isssss.... something that starts with an S. I really should've thought of that before I made this ad. Anyway I'm gonna go with the theme of him being fairly lithe, built more for speed, agility, and flexibility than brute strength. Like he Can and Will give Batman a run for his money in a fight but will not win an arm wrestling competition, if that makes sense.

Should NSFW content be your fancy, I'm totally down for that! I would just prefer it not take over the plot and for it to actually make sense. I'm not here for just ERP. If we go the FxF route, I've actually never written FxF smut so forgive me if I'm a little awkward initially but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. In terms of MxM, I have tried writing tops and switches and it's just tragically not my jam, so Stray will be a Bottom. Obviously that does not mean he's going to be a whiny sub because First of all Sub and Bottom do not mean the same thing, and second of all, because this is Catwoman we are talking about. If she submits it's going to be because she made her lover earn it. So yeah where Stray/Catwoman falls on the dom/sub spectrum will depend on context and scene and Vibes.

Alright well this ad was way too long, so sorry for rambling but if I haven't scared you off, come say hi!