A Villain in Search of a Hero to Break (Non-Con)(M/M, F/F, F/M) [EX]

Started by camtipli, April 19, 2009, 08:59:20 PM

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Desdemona's lair was was a labyrinth carved into the depths of the catacombs, branched out belowground like a large-scale anthill. Moss smothered the damp clay walls and mushrooms cloaked the bodies of the long deceased. It was suffocating in there, the smell of earth more tangible than the waning light.

The winding path held no noticeable change; one would be lucky to find their way back out from that maze. At the end of the tunnel was the darkest of rooms. Desdemona waited there with her long fingers folded, almost as if she anticipated the arrival of her visitor. She was a pale, gangling woman with spider's legs protruding from her spine. Tendrils of earthy green hair hung from her face like the limp bodies of dead rats, spilt over her blood-red lips like a vine hiding a poisonous fruit. She often invoked fright in her visitors; she seemed to revel in that, actually. Her white eyes dimmed as she blinked, and in an instant glowed again as she reopened her eyes.

"My dear! What a plea-sure," she purred in what sounded like a Romanian accent. Her spindly hand waved impatiently. "Ah, but you're not here to talk. You are here for the girl."


All right! So this is (roughly) what the first post will look like! Take it or leave it, folks; I'm not interested in someone dropping out on me after seeing my intro.

So what is the story about? Your heroic character's love interest is dangling in a web in the ceiling of Desdemona's lair. So your hero proposes a deal-- should he win, his love interest goes free. Should Desdemona win, she may keep the both of them.

So your hero wins. Of course, Desdemona isn't about to play fair-- while the love interest is given her freedom, Desdemona never agreed to letting the hero himself go free...

I only state genders for convenience. I do any pairing (Female to female, male to male, and Femdom to male) except MaleDom in a straight relationship.  MaleDom in a homosexual male relationship is fine. Desdemona can also win if you would like a threesome.

Don't give Desdemona a willing victim. Give her a fly in a web, something fighting for its life, fighting against lust and moral tribulations, fighting for its own self-respecting being. And may I remind you-- enemies hate each other. They want the other one weak, and they don't want to submit.

All right! I think that's all I have to say.

I refuse to use any kind of IM-- let me make that clear. PM me and we will iron out the details, change things here and there, whatever. Please do not worry if someone else responds before you-- I'm not a stranger things not working out.


I wouldn't mind wandering through as a love interest now and then. If not, no big.

On the other hand, this is how I like my heroes, so drop me a line if you're interested, or if you need some filler. :)