Damien's Master/Slave stories (M for F)

Started by Damien, March 14, 2023, 02:43:40 PM

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I've been interested in exploring Master/Slave BDSM themes and finally got around to putting some of my thoughts down and putting them out there. Most of these ideas are fairly brief and open because I'd prefer to incorporate my partner's ideas and preferences rather than dictate every aspect of the setting and story.

I enjoy finding face claims that we both find appealing. Bonus points if you'd enjoy using something from my collection for YC. I'm happy to do the same.

Potential themes/kinks to explore (not all at once, all are negotiable): BDSM, slavery, non-con, dub-con, non-consent turning into consent, public/exhibitionism, risky sex, humiliation, pet play, cuckqueaning, drugs/aphrodisiacs, sexual addiction/exhaustion, orgasm control/denial, mind control/hypnosis, transformation (not extreme), body mod, high tech, romance/dark romance, blackmail, multiple partners/polyamory.

For M/FF scenes I'm open to sharing control of extra characters rather than putting the burden of writing them all on my partner.

Please send me a message if any of these ideas or themes are of interest.

Catch and Release
Setting: Near future

A man captures girls to train and mold them according to the exacting specifications of his clients. This could go a few different directions depending on what interests we share, but the general idea would be centered around kidnapping and training. We could either focus on a single pairing at a time, with him training a slave until she's ready to be sold and then move on to a new one. Or we could focus on his work training several at the same time. Or we could have a more LT story that follows a girl after she's been trained and sold.

Royal Gift
Setting: Historical or fantasy

A princess is captured when her kingdom is conquered and given to the enemy general as a prize. He uses her and trains her as his servant and slave, showing her off as his prize and as a warning to others who might oppose him. Could potentially have a romantic element.

Heaven and Hell
Setting: Modern fantasy
Pairing: Human/Angel or Human/Demon or Human/Angel + Demon

Earth is the battleground for a wide variety of forces for the light and the dark. It has become a dangerous place where only the strongest survive. A man maintaining his independence will fight with any who cross him, regardless of which side they align with. He's earned a reputation as a dangerous man to be avoided, but when one of the angelic or demonic forces crosses his path he captures and enslaves her.

Extra Credit
Setting: Modern

A student gets involved with her professor, the affair growing more and more out of control as he manipulates her and asserts more and more control over her life until she belongs to him entirely.

Into The Fire
Setting: Sci-fi

A man rescues a slave girl from an abusive master in a brothel. She's been bred and trained as a slave her whole life and immediately attaches herself to her rescuer. Her former master isn't willing to let her go without a fight.

Setting: Modern fantasy
A demon posing as a priest corrupts a devout woman and twists her for his own purposes and amusement.

Absolute Control
Setting: Alt modern

I don't have a specific scenario here, but it is a setting I'd like to explore: A world where women have almost no rights, and young women are expected to be claimed by a man when they become of age and become their legal property. Wealthier and more powerful men naturally get priority when it comes to picking a girl (or girls) to claim for themselves.

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