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April 01, 2023, 03:34:05 am

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Author Topic: Batsose's new craving - seeking creative female  (Read 130 times)

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Batsose's new craving - seeking creative female
« on: February 13, 2023, 04:24:57 pm »

Thank you for reading my request list.  I am Batsose I have been around for a while but have not been active the last few years due to life circumstances.  I want to get back into the mix of things and get back to writing.  Please look at my profile for on and offs.  I am a male writing mostly male-dominant characters who are attracted to females. I am very open to inquiry to just about anything.

New request

Don't Fuck my Dad!  A college girl invites her new college friend to vacation on her Dad's Sailboat in the Bahamas to help distract from her Dad's new annoying girlfriend but when they get there his girlfriend is not there and he is depressed because they recently broke up.  Tensions rise as the friend obviously becomes attracted to her Dad but denies it. This could go in many directions. Open to ideas for sure

Incest brother/sister

The sister has been training for the Olympics for a long time and her brother has been away at college.  She idolized her brother as an athlete growing up but he was injured and had to stop competing which has left him a little depressed.  Her recent trainer had to quit and so she asks her brother to fill in.  He reluctantly agrees but quickly she is pleased because he is very effective at motivating her.  He, on the other hand, becomes increasingly attracted to his sister especially her stinky, sweaty body as she works out.  He starts stealing her sweating clothes and she begins to notice.  I am open to how this goes from here.

Pegging therapy

A man comes to his female therapist with the following plea:

“I am a good Christian man, doctor and I don't understand these disturbing dreams I keep having! My wife is a good proper woman who knows her place and would never speak out of turn or challenge my authority. She wants to be a housewife and even though we don't have children yet we are trying and it will happen when God wills it. She has a place as my obedient wife and I will always take care of her till death do us part. But in my reoccurring dreams she is over me ordering me to do disgusting things to her: suck her toes, lick her lady parts... even dare I say her undercarriage. I mean she poops from there, right?!?! Why would I stick my tongue in there? The last dream was the worst. she... she... I can't even say it... She wanted to do me in the butt. She wore a strap-on and then she made me put it in my mouth and then my butt! Why would I be having these dreams doc? I don't understand. You know she forced it down my throat and I was gagging and she wouldn't stop until... She came and then made me drink her seed.... and God there was so much of it! Doctor, you have to help me rid me of these horrible abominations of dreams. I have tried praying it away and it just gets worse so I am pleading doctor if you think there is some kind of therapy that would work I am willing to try anything just help me!”

Looking for someone to play therapist (and maybe wife?)

Romance - old and young - A recently graduated high school student (female) who just turned 18 has her summer off before going off to college.  She has spent most of her high school years focused on studying hard to get into college. Her parents were not necessarily strict but put a lot of pressure on her to get into the best school so much of her childhood was cloistered, especially high school.  She is excited to get away from them but hearing about college party life has made her nervous.  She is working at a coffee shop over the summer to earn extra money before departing in the fall and she meets an older gentleman who is a regular working the counter.  They flirt every day but she feels a growing attraction to him and it seems he is attracted to her.  She knows he is married and doesn’t want to break up the marriage but she is also looking for more sexual experience and thinks an older man would better teach her.  I am open to how this all plays out.

Summer Sugar Daddy - A young woman entering grad school (law or business or something) is looking to earn money over the summer.  She dabbled in working as an escort when she was an undergrad but would prefer to find a sugar daddy.  She interviews a guy but he wants something different and is willing to pay for her entire tuition if she goes through with his request.  He has several tasks that she must accomplish each week to get money each task involves exhibition and sex with strangers.  She has full control but she must follow instructions and the man eludes he will pick the people she is to have sex with but she must record the events.  The RP would involve receiving instructions and then I would play the other male characters she would need to interact with to accomplish the task.  The themes of the RP are around exhibition and sex with strangers.

Strange situation

A male and female wake up naked in what appears to be a cross between a prison cell and a studio apartment.   One wall is all window but is probably a projection of some outdoor scene.  There is no other entrance or doors anywhere. The room is equipped with a fully stocked kitchen, a small place to eat (for two), a full size bed. A love seat and an exposed bathroom and shower.  Basically, there is no privacy anywhere.  They do not know each other and do not know how they got there.  There is a small full-size bed. The environment changes over time obviously trying to get the two strangers to sexually interact but for what purpose is unknown. I am open to exploring what is actually happening like some weird alien breeding program or some extreme experiment or maybe we don't know.  I am open to where this goes.

Falling in love with my Transgender female roommate.  A young man moves to the city with his new job, but to afford to live in the city must rent a room in a flat with other roommates.  He develops a friendship with a transgender female (I am open to whatever stage transition she is in) who is on her own journey romantically.  At first, they don’t feel like a match but they both are resisting desires that eventually build to something more. 

The Ancient Castle (D&D type setting)

There is a legend that high in the mountains exists the remnants of an ancient sorcerer/dragon’s castle that many have journeyed to only a few have returned and the tales those told were too fantastical to believe as they themself seemed to have gone crazy.  The castle is said to be inhabitant by all forms of demons, monsters, and unknown magical beings. The legend is it was once inhabited by a sorcerer who could transform into a dragon and would plague the land.  The sorcerer was also believed to be deviant in mind and practiced strange sexual rituals of magic  It is believed the sorcerer is long dead, but some believed he had found a way to infuse his being into the castle itself.  A young female adventurer learns of one legend that states there is a book containing his magic hidden within the castle. What’s unknown to her is the Sorcerer is only half the fun as the castle itself is alive and with a mind of its own and contains a vast array of mysterious adventures many of sexual nature. She will have to explore her own sexually deviant nature to unlock its secrets.

The RP is both interacting with the castle and various characters within and the sorcerer who has his own deviant sexual nature. I use monsters found in D&D books and the overall feel is like the game but without the dice rolling.  I want to create a mystery-like / puzzle-like atmosphere that pushes also boundaries. The themes I would like to explore are BDSM, Exhibition, humiliation, and just good ol’ smutty fun. I do like co-creating so if you have your own ideas about what may happen I am very open to suggestions.

Fantasy realm setting (very long-term):
This one also involves a fantasy God-like realm that has gods within it that rule over the land but there are also houses formed around these Gods and sub-houses form around those.  Basically, there is a layer of hierarchy that I have a lot of details about which I am more than happy to go over in more detail. The realm has had a strong element of decadent pleasure seeking

The RP involves a female character who is working as a servant in a lesser house but is discovered she has a deviant nature sexually and is unsuitable as a servant but may do well in a house devoted to providing pleasure so she is sent to the special school that trains pleasure providers.  One of the headmasters is not sure what to do with her as she has yet to be properly vetted for being a pleasure servant. so he makes her his model/assistant/slave to help teach his class, about providing sexual services.  Basically, she begins as a model to be used to illustrate both her anatomy and to demonstrate various sexual techniques in in class and to practice with the students, but her sexual acuity becomes clear quickly and she arouses the interest of higher beings who want to make use of her.  This is an adventure RP wherein the female character you create gets to rise through this details fantasy realm I have several plot ideas that I would love to develop and create with someone willing to explore this with me. 

PM me if you are interested in any of these or want to create something completely different.