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Started by Hemingway, February 09, 2023, 07:55:38 PM

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In search of the perfect incest story...
I definitely enjoy incest as a theme, but too often I find that it falls a bit short of what I really want, and leans too heavily on clich├ęs or unrealistic, incredible events. This isn't what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something with kink, lust and romance, yes - but also a healthy dose of angst, shame and disgust. Where our characters realize the profound wrongness of what they're doing, maybe even try to stop - but are helplessly drawn to each other time and time again. Where they share a real fear of someone - anyone - finding out, but at the same time being unable to contain themselves. Maybe they get careless, have unprotected sex. Maybe there's consequences.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy - keep reading, and let me know.

A note on character genders before we get into it: I'm generally flexible when it comes to playing characters of any sex or gender. Unless a pairing below has a the roles very clearly spelled out, that probably means I'm open to most possible combinations.

QuoteMother x Son (or Daughter): A favorite of mine - and a difficult pairing to get just right. A story between mother and son can be amazing when done just right, however. Generally, this means a slow burn story, where we take our time building up the relationship and the dynamic between the two.

In this case, I imagine a story between two characters who are close - living together in a small apartment, comfortable around each other. The mother has been a single parent for just about as long as she's been a parent, and she's given up a lot to give her son the kind of life he deserves. Of course, that love goes both ways.

QuoteSiblings: Instead of listing out every idea I have involving siblings separately, as that would turn into a significant wall of text rather quickly, here's instead a brief list:
  • A brother and his trans sister go on a road trip to get away from it all, and closer together.
  • An older sister returns home, after her life took some bad turns. She finds comfort with a younger brother or sister.
  • Just two siblings who are closer than most, in basically any permutation you can imagine.

QuoteDistant Relatives: If close relationships aren't quite your thing, maybe this one will do it for you! I wouldn't normally consider something like this to properly fall under the same umbrella as the other stories, but it could make for some lighter entertainment without getting too taboo.

Basically, I imagine some kind of family get-together - all kinds of distant family brought together in one place. Maybe even overseas, for some . . . exotic fun with the relative with the sexy French accent? Either way, it ends in some romance that is more 'somewhat weird' than 'wrong'.

If any of these catch your interest, or even if they don't but they spark some separate ideas with you, please let me know!





Ideas completely rewritten and more added. Previous contents condensed into "Mother x Son (or Daughter)" while adding completely new ideas in the form of "Siblings" and "Distant Relatives".