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Started by Kendra, January 25, 2023, 07:22:41 AM

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I have tried just about everything but for some reason the wiki has shut me out.
When I click into the blue Wiki icon, the Eluiki opens up for me but in the right hand corner my Kendra page etc is missing. There is just a wee icon saying 'log in'.
So I do and then it takes me back to the E homepage. Still locked out of the wiki.

The lovely Aethyrium made some suggestions to try which I did to no avail and she has helped from her end as much as was possible, but nadda.
I have dumped my cache, changed browsers, tried on different devices, even went incognito which I haven't done in years but alas, no wiki for me.

Can anyone help at all? Or did I break my access to the wiki?  :'(

Any help appreciated,
thank you.



Try it now.  I think I found the right lever.

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Oniya, you legend!
Thank you. That lever worked perfectly  ;D