The Champions of justice wants new players

Started by Bishrook aka Fate sisters, January 04, 2006, 01:46:32 AM

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Bishrook aka Fate sisters

With tensions escalating and plans being carried out the champions of justice (a group of super heroes) and League of Merit (a group of super villains) are being pushed toward a confrontation. The type of confrontation that will likely start with blood and end with the decimation of entire regions. War between the two organizations is coming and each super will have to choose a side.

Beyond the boundaries of earth an ever present force looms toward our world, ready to lay waste to the entire planet and even beyond the planes of understanding beings like demons and angels prepare to assault and destroy anything that stands in the way of their goals..

So one must ask, where do you fit in? Are you a super hero of the world? A super villain? A simple League security force or law enforcement officer? Or something else entirely?.

Who are you and how will you change the face of the world as these and more events unfold?

Come and join us at champions of justice to find out.

Send character concepts via Private message to bishrook aka fate sisters

Positions that we would like to be filled include the following:

+ Several members that would like to participate in a all female harem. The players must be with the League of merit and might even operate as a team. Contact guardianangel98 with questions/concerns
+ 2 Hero’s  to assist with the Leadership necessities of the champions of justice. Must have a gadgeteer or talisman origin
+ 1 Champion to act as the Operational representative in New York
+ Many more champions and League members alike

Ad written by guardianangel98. Many thanks my super friend
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