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Author Topic: Interest Check: Black Dagger Brotherhood:Vampire series, writing sample included  (Read 897 times)

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Offline AshleebabeTopic starter

I have been tickled pink by this author and have a killer idea with either an OC or one of the loveable brothers

My character is an original character and if you are interested PM or contact me on this thread. I do not want to clog this up with my ramblings so if you are interested, let me know.

Thank you all for reading and have a fantastical day.
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Offline AshleebabeTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Black Dagger Brotherhood [Vampire series by J.R. Ward
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2009, 05:41:15 PM »
Okay maybe I should list my idea.

I have my character a pre-transition vampire wandering through the city after work when she senses that she is being followed. She comes face to face with a lesser and a brother figting. She watched the two battle and the lesser loss. She was lost in the scene until she was approached by the man.

He knew that she was close to the change and she needed to be protected and fed from when the time came. She, however, could not get around being told she was a vampire. He has to take her to his mansion and he tries to persuade her to stay.

[Very very rough right now and I am still working out the kinks. Anyone want to add to this or contact me then please do]

Offline AshleebabeTopic starter

I know this is rather unique request but there are no takers out there? I know its not the best plot but I am a very decent roleplayer to be honest.

Offline AshleebabeTopic starter

[Here is my writing sample and a sample post of my writing.]

“Here is your coffee sir. I hope the rest of your food is to your satisfaction.” Jocelyn said with a plastered smile upon her face. She knew this was what she must endure to keep the job. She was a hostess at a restaurant on the nice part of Caldwell. She went to business school so she could open little shop of her own. She dreamed of either running a small clothing boutique or a place to sell knick knacks. But lately, her mind had been rather pre-occupied with other thoughts. She had been increasingly hungry and her mind had not been able to focus on her school work. She walked back over to the podium and assisted the next group of people. The night wore on long and her tips were big as usual. For some reason men found her worth tipping. The restaurant hosted more upscale clients such as doctors and lawyers. They would get the occasional starlet or leading man who wanted privacy from the spotlight but that was rare.  Just a few more minutes and she would be free to relax, she thought hopelessly as she brushed a stray curl out of her face.
Although Jocelyn would never admit it, she considered a beauty to most except herself. She had long wavy hair that she usually wore either pinned in a messy chignon or pinned off her face. Her eyes were the color of sapphires, a deep rich blue. Her skin was flawless and the color of freshly churned cream, light and sweet. She was short, only a few inches over five feet but she was all woman with a small waist and ample curves. She loved to be as kind as possible to people because she believed in karma. She liked to be kind to others because it may come back to her tenfold.  She loved when the little children came into the restaurant because she would sneak in crayons and coloring books to keep them occupied while their parents enjoyed a somewhat calm environment. The parents seemed grateful for it when she arrived with the tokens of peace. Her style was simple as she was. Her work attire was business casual and her play clothes were jeans and t-shirts. She never liked to gush over herself in front of a mirror. She never wore make-up or drenched herself in make-up. Her nervously little habits were playing with her hair when anxious and rambling when either excited or nervous. But she just loved those quirks and excepted them.

The nightshift ran like any other one. She was busy but it was not out of control. Jocelyn had finished the rest of her shifts about midnight and she stayed to help the busboys clean up the messes that were made by the customers. She always shared some of her tips with the people who needed the money more than she did. Some of the people who did not speak English she would give a few dollars their way and some who had children to support. Jocelyn thought it would be better if she would work a little harder on the floor than depend upon her tips. She sometimes felt kind of like a hooker at times. She dressed in turtlenecks and long pants, but she always felt naked when men looked upon her. She checked the clock at the restaurant and bid them a farewell.

Walking out into the night’s air, she smiled as a group of college kids giggled and hugged each other as they approached their cars. “I have to get out of this dating slump,” Jocelyn muttered to herself as she crossed the street and made her way towards her apartment. It was a small studio that was decorated in simple but affordable furnishings. A day bed that acted as a couch and a bed, a small television that was placed on a TV stand and her collections of music and movies filled the shelves. Her bed was styled almost like a romantic Victorian bed. A sheer canopy surrounded the bed and her sheets were cotton but luxurious all the same. Her eclectic reading was also displayed through the small apartment. She loved to read romance novels from Jane Austen to modern day Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Coles. However, her favorite place was the bathroom. She loved taking baths in her clawed foot tub. She loved to sink deep into the water and lose herself for a few moments. She smiled remembering how she promised herself a   nice soak after she completed her shirt. She quickened her steps as she realized the hour was late and she needed to hasten her arrival home. She loved to soak in a tub with scented bath oils and salts. Her scrubs and soaps were the only indulgence she had upon her appearance.

She could have sworn she was being followed, but it must have been her imagination. Jocelyn heard the normal sounds of the city. Cats crying and dogs parking but a trash can rattle nearby and it made her jump.  She cut through a dark alley that was a detour to her apartment, a quicker route. But there was not light and she came face to face with a pale hair creature that happened to be looking for.