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Criminal's Interest Check

Started by CriminalMinds, December 20, 2022, 02:45:07 PM

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Hi everyone,

I'm Criminal and I'm back after a long writing haitus. Life got in the way and so I had to take a break from the site however now I'm back and ready to flex my fingers and start writing again.

A bit about me:

  • I'm 34 and from the UK.
  • I have a 7 week old baby
  • My post schedule at the moment is 1 a day however that could change depending on the baby. Some days could be more/less.
  • I consider myself an advanced writer, i like plotting with my parters and creating a story.

My idea:

So currently have one idea that I want to write/plot/build upon with my partner.

Werewolf x Hunter's Daughter

My character would be the hunter's daughter. Yours the werewolf.

For generations her family have been hunters. The sons normally pick up the trade from their fathers. Alexander Fairbrass is a eighth generation Werewolf hunter. His family have been hunting and killing them for so long that the wolves know the name Fairbrass and what it means. There has been a long battle between them which is now with Alexander.

However Alexander has no sons, only a daughter who he is protective over that he hasn't told her of his profession and has kept her rather sheltered. She may he sheltered and naive, but she's also feisty and stubborn which is why he keeps her within the confines of the Hunter's group rather than out in the big wide world.

Until she hits eighteen and she sneaks out, wanting to see the big wide world for herself. She sneaks into a club and has fun, dancing and even having a few drinks... she meets a guy, feels such a pull to him, an instant attraction...

Having no idea that he's a wolf.

He has no idea that the woman he's feeling the pull of is the enemies daughter. She is his though. How will he react though when he realises that she's a Hunter's Daughter- the enemies daughter - literally. He can't end the attraction. He needs her like he needs air.

She's innocent.

Her father is not.

She could be used against him but in what way? Killed to teach him a lesson, as a threat, or turned against him? So many possibilities and his people are torn. It would he easier to kill her and teach her father a lesson

But she's his mate.

Can dhe accept their lifestyle. Can she accept him? Can she make the change.

Let me know if you're interested and we can sort things out. Send me a PM. I don't want this to be extreme or forced. I'm thinking a forbidden love from both his people and the Hunter's and how the dangers are overcome. If read this far thank you and interested then pm me to let me know! ⁹