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Hello Gamers
This thread will be dedicated to prompts that I've been really itching to explore with a like-minded partner :3-<
Current Status:CLOSED (Will reopen in future update)
My O/O Thread (Please read before going through this thread)

About Me
     I have been sporadically roleplaying for around 8 years now. My usual hobby is drawing, and I usually draw out my characters before setting them loose into the world of writing. It's only been recently have I gotten the itch to start roleplaying again, and thus how I have ended up here. Please don't hesitate to talk to me outside of role-play for the fun of it, but know I understand if you just want to RP and go lmao. You can find more information on me on my  but I paraphrase most of the important stuff here.


  • I'm pretty flexible with post lengths, with my variation being from 1-3 paragraphs to huge page lengths. All I ask for is no one-liners
  • Good communication and open for world-building talks. Bonus if you just want to chat about whatever outside of our RP, but not a requirement
  • Be able to post at least once a week, but I won't hound you for this. Life comes before silly forum RPs
  • Right now I'm looking to do RPs with premade characters, but I am willing to be flexible on this
  • I usually like to play more dominant females, while i'm versatile with playing males/other. Also I'm 50/50 on if I'll play a trans man/woman, so I'm hoping for someone who would be okay with that
  • I go for about a 60/40 Plot+Smut ratio for now
  • Please DM me if interested

MC=My character, YC=Your character (FxF plotlines are on hold since I've been getting a lot of requests for them and I'd like to have more MxM ones)


Local Doctor x Werewolf - MxM, Supernatural, Mystery, Age Range: 30-45, Slowburn
     MC is the newest addition to Lockwood, a small town amidst the vast Appalachian Mountains. It was a last minute decision, an escape from the successful yet draining life in the big city; filled to the brim with regret and a clingy ex. He had been lucky just before the move, getting full custody of his daughter, and MC hoped to become a real father in his fresh start. A start, MC finds out, born from the disappearance of the town's former doctor, Dr. Williams, and said to be from the wolves that prowled the midnight woods. Rumors spread to MC's ears quick, that of large, beast-like creatures that hunt the lost for sport, and how Williams himself delve into the dark art of magic. Such talk had MC on edge, but continued life as normally as he could getting both himself and his daughter accustomed to Lockwood.
     However, only a few weeks into the move, MC makes a shocking discovery. Following the sounds of gunshots nearby, MC discovers a wolf, one bigger than any MC could picture, bleeding onto the forest floor. Despite the danger a feral wolf could give to a human, MC decides to try and help the creature survive, taking it inside the garage to patch up. MC has no idea that he's saving the life of YC, a lone werewolf who had just recently been kicked out of his pack for the murder of Dr. Williams. A false accusation, YC's exile being the only thing the pack could do in order to appease the Supernatural Hunters they were at peace with. Only finding out what had happened to the other doctor can get YC back in his pack, and also to stop the Hunters from coming for his hide.
     (Would love to world-build for this plot, especially the relationship between the hunters and YC's old pack, the dynamic of werewolves, etc.)

Marine Biologist x Merman - MxM, Magic, Modern(mid-2000s Aesthetic), Age Range: 25-35, Slowburn
     MC is a brilliant Marine Biologist, and had been known for his extensive research on sealife that flourished on outer Supersqualls. The term Supersquall is used to explain the strange phenomenon of 'never-ending' storm that circulates on one set location. They have been recorded across the globe, residing in areas farthest away from land. No data exists of what happens within these supersqualls, as entering one causes equipment failure, mass disorientation across all passengers, or worst of all, a ship's disappearance.
     These facts were treated with respect on MC's research vessel, having only been tasked with scouting the surrounding Supersquall for unique ecosystems. However, their caution had little effect on the erratic(...?) nature of storms. MC's ship, despite their distance, had seemingly been swallowed into the massive storm and became lost within it's depths. Reports of this incident are slim, as only a few members of its crew and one scientist, MC, had survived. The only thing that was clear was the disorientation had caused an explosion inside the ship, which gave some workers a sense of clarity to escape the ship. MC had been found floating, barely alive and suffering from burns across the face and arms.
     Since that fatal incident, MC is too afraid of going across the ocean and instead set himself up a new but small research facility on the eastern seaboard. He has resigned himself to the fact that this is his life now, until he begins to hallucinate...a merman? In his facility?
     Enter YC, the merman who had saved MC's life from drowning and had been thinking about him ever since. Supersqualls to him were home, the storms created from ancient mer magic that has let his people stay safe for hundreds of years. He had only been able to save MC's life upon his investigation of another Mer's corruption of the Supersquall. The other had intended to use forbidden magic to acquire a human test subject, in an effort to selfishly study the outside world. And that Mer had almost gotten to MC, if not for YC's involvement. The other Mer fled while YC got MC to safety, even doing something forbidden himself and healing his most serious wounds.
     YC was seen as a hero to the merfolk, yet YC could not get the human he had saved out of his head. Many times YC had snuck out of the squall to find MC, for many years, yet never was fruitful in their search. It had only been recently, upon pure accident, that YC saw MC near his new home. Now, how do you court humans again...?
     (Same as the werewolf one, really into world-building with this one. Also pretty flexible on the accident/what occured, BUT would like to keep a cute fact that while YC can understand MC, MC cannot understand YC until they kiss. Sorry it's corny, I just think it's cute)

Salaryman x Rockstar - MxM, Modern(Big City Aesthetic), Slice of Life, Drama, (Potential) Older/Younger
     MC is just your average office worker, being one of many in the analytics department to a major advertisement company. While the pay is good, the hostile and competitive nature of his job has left him feeling rather drained and void of a social life. Whatever friends he has is merely for small-talk, only occasionally asking him out to the club.
     On that occasion, that being his birthday, MC agrees to a night out. They all head to one of the most popular clubs in the city, Prime Deck, but upon arrival, MC's coworkers abandon him for potential hookups. This leads to MC spending most of the night alone at the bar, until being approached by a familiar yet handsome stranger: YC.
     YC is a legendary Rockstar, known infamously for his spoiled behavior and tendency to sleep with anyone. Tonight, he finds himself scoping out a potential hook-up, finding the lonely MC, and hitting it off. It escalates quickly, and the two find themselves with a bad hangover draped over one another. Unbeknownst to them, paparazzi had shot the two together the night before, pushing MC's face all over social media and putting YC in harsh scrutiny with his label. The solution for MC is to forget it and move on, fearing his job being terminated, yet begins to see YC more and more often due to YC's label and MC's company secret deal.
     (Just a lot of them being fated to meet up after their intial hook-up. Just something casual and humorous among the other ones)

Dimensional Traveler x Royal Member - MxM, Royalty, Magic, Interdimensional (This one is just self indulgent)
     While trying to find a way to instantly travel anywhere across the globe, Scientist MC has accidentally transported himself into another world filled with magic and mythical creatures. And specificallly transporting himself into the Royal's castles, in which he is seen as a powerful wizard. Now MC needs to keep up the act with his scientific knowledge in order to NOT get executed while trying to find a way home. What doesn't help is that he's being courted by one of the Royal family members and is actually developing powers beyond his understanding...
     (I'd like to have the Royal family also have magic, perhaps specific specialties and they take MC in because no one has ever mastered teleportation before. Also could be a harem situation (I'd play other Royal members if so) but again, self indulgent.)

Sentient Robot x Researcher - FxF, Sci-Fi, Loosely based off of Alita Battle Angel
     YC is a robotics specialist in the slums, helping others in her community with free tune ups of all sorts of equipment. However, while searching the city's dump, she comes across a large, feminine-like android. It was severely damaged, but for many weeks, YC worked tirelessly to fix her strange find and find out where it had come from. YC's work comes through, with MC finally coming to life yet having no memory of who she is. The only thing MC does know how to do is to 'copy' people's appearances, and now only cares about serving YC for saving her life.
     (Can be pretty loose with this one and add more in, can be more sexy-time oriented or story-driven lol)

Succubus x Human - FxF, Kink-Oriented, Slice of life
     Basically MC is summoned by YC for whatever they desire (Sex, money, etc), with MC being one of the most powerful Succubus in the underworld. The only reason she had taken such a lowly contract was to escape the underworld, but becomes attached quickly to YC and all her needs.
     (This one is just for funsies, can explore more story elements other than the demon falls in love with their human etc)

Misc. Ideas
This section is just for ideas I'd like to explore but have no solid plotline. (underlined is the role I'd like to RP as if applicable)

Superhero/Villain x Civilian (MxM)
Master/Servant or Boss/Employee (MxM)
Arranged Marriage (MxM OR MxF)
Human x Alien (MxM, FxF)
Werewolf x Human (MxM)
Human x Vampire (MxM, FxF)

(add more in future updates)

I usually like RPing in the world itself, not with canonical pairings. The exception to this is if you'd like to play a canon character while I play an OC

Cyberpunk 2077 (Looking to play a male corpo, MxM)
Dragon Age (Specifically in the Era of DAI or DAO, though I can be convinced for some fun Hawke adventures)
Pokemon (MxM, FxF)

(Will add more in future updates)

(12/30/2022)- Put a hold on FxF plotlines due to large interest, added in Dimensional Hopping plotline, a few edits
(12/24/2022) - Finished with rehaul, added in more prompts for both MxM and FxF. Future prompts may be added later
(12/23/2022) - Redid Thread, extended on prompts + including some FxF MxF prompts
(12/21/22) - Added O/O thread + minor edits
(12/20/22) - Initial Post w/ Sergio and Alexander. Will be updated with more characters/plotlines in the coming weeks.


Updated with new plotline, a hold on FxF inquiries, and minor edits as of 12/30/22