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April 01, 2023, 09:05:39 am

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Author Topic: Piper's Prompts and Searches (F for any)  (Read 794 times)

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Piper's Prompts and Searches (F for any)
« on: December 12, 2022, 04:17:26 pm »
I'll go ahead and start this thread out by telling you a little bit about myself and what you'll be getting should we partner up. I'll let it be known that I love action, adventure, fantasy and even horror and any mix of those. I am not as prone to slice of life RPs but a good concept could convince me. A thing you're going to hear a lot from me is "convince me". I have my own comfort zones and preferences but for a good story and a good writing partner I can often be convinced. That goes for everything from kinks to genders that I play to sexuality of characters. As for my comfort zone I do tend to play females of varying sexualities and personalities (though I do love me a strong female switch). I also tend to err more on the side of anime faceclaims as often those personas fit the fantastical stories I like to write about but I will do more realistic.

That all being said, here's what you can expect from me:
  • Communication: I will tell you about plot ideas, character ideas, comfortability with kinks and about any hiatus's that pop up
  • Posting frequency: I am TRYING (and failing) to limit my posting to 4 days a week, meaning it could be multiple posts in one day if my partner is online or just one post every time. I am trying to do this because when I'm faced with a good RP I get so excited I may shirk some of my real world responsibilities which would be bad for me.
  • Post length: I post AT LEAST a couple of paragraphs per post and my opening/beginning posts tend to be much more long winded because I do oh so love background.
  • Ons/Offs: Linked in my signature. Con-vince-me! I am pretty explorative and if it's not explicitly on my offs list I will probably try it. Ons are just stuff I like and maybes are stuff that I already know I'm open to trying but maybe haven't before.
  • Smut: Sex happens, and I too enjoy some steam in my stories. However, I'm not here just to write porn. My maximum smut ratio is probably 50/50 depending on the concept and characters. Unpopular opinion- even if it is a personal kink I don't think things should be added if it doesn't make sense for the character to be into it.. It just takes me out of it, do with that information what you will. I will NEVER kink shame you, but please respect my boundaries. Just because you have an On that's in my Offs list doesn't mean I'll turn you away as a partner, I just won't be doing that thing.

What I expect from you:
  • Communication: I LOVE hearing about your plot or character ideas. I also prefer to talk about some kinks. I understand my "convince me" style can be a bit annoying because my boundaries aren't as tight. So talk to me if you're nervous I'll reject something! And please please please tell me if you're going to go awol for a while so I'm not checking my notifications waiting for you.
  • Posting Frequency: I'll take what I can get, especially for a good partner. Please just tell me what you usually do or plan to do so I can accommodate.
  • Post Length: I would like at least two well written paragraphs per post if possible (or one pretty big one). I don't think that's too big of an ask, especially if you're not a frequent responder
  • Ons/Offs: I have no expectation from you except communication of them to me and to read my list. Live your life friend!
  • Smut: I expect you to respect my boundaries as I will respect yours.

So if you've made it through all that I take it you're still interested in writing together. Yay! Below are some things I'd definitely be interested in doing and even some prompts I've written out. Remember, I'm a sucker for a good premise so if you have an idea or if one of mine inspire you to create something new chances are you can rope me in as well! If something says "taken" it means I am already doing an RP with this basis, however if you present me with a cool idea you'd like to try, as always, I may be convinced to run another one.

-Please PM me if interested-

Naruto (I'm a Sakura with a changed up personality kinda gal so be warned):
Sakura x Sasuke
Sakura x Deidara
Sakura x Kiba
Sakura x OC (convince me)

Attack on Titan: Not as interested in canon characters as being in that world and creating OCs

Demon Slayer: Love the anime, have no ideas for an RP for this but would hear your ideas out

Soul Eater: Once again interested in the world but our own characters

Troupes and Other Pairings:
Government experiment x normal person
Gang member x normal person
Horror based RP
Hero x Villain
Slave x Master (with a bit of a twist, ask me about it)
Assassin x Mark
Assassin x Assassin
Werewolf RP (no twilight)
Enemies to lovers

Developed Ideas: Amount of stars represent how much I'm craving each storyline

Lands of which we've never traveled
Two lands have been warring for years now, each force very much thinking themselves to be in the right (would love to build the reason why they’re warring with my partner). Our characters are both highly ranked officers of their opposing armies and have clashed with each other on many occasions. Finally they seem to have reached what will be their final battle. Our characters face off against each other in the fray of war. So focused on each other in their fight, they were unprepared when two mage’s spells collided next to them, effectively putting the two of them in the range of what was now a new spell.

Our characters wake in a new land nowhere near their homes. Foreign people, foreign currency, foreign habits and neither of us seem to be welcome at first. Forced to join forces in order to survive in this new land our characters decide to put their feuds on hold to make it back to their kingdoms alive. But when the time comes…will they still want to return? Secrets will be uncovered, bonds will be formed, and everything will change.

Darkness is falling
A war has been going on for years now between magical beings and humans. The humans possess little to no magic besides mages who have to practice and harness for years. What neither side knows is that their little war has a new enemy coming, necromancers and demons who have taken the opportunity throughout the chaos to begin to rise up. MC is a well known soldier among the human ranks. Being one of the few women and a force to be trifled with she's been fighting for her people almost as long as there's been a way. But MC just recently encountered her first demon within this war, and nobody seems to believe her. YC is a magical being from the opposing side. While they’ve known OF demons and necromancers (being taught different histories than MC) they hadn’t encountered one until today. YC barely escapes with their life only to be captured by the human kingdom. Our stories converge here, with few aware of the rising threat to both sides our characters must work together to save both of their worlds.

Accidental Summons
(If you want to play the demon LMK and we can work out a flip) A detective/police officer/special agent (YC, so your choice) comes across a satanic ritual while checking out a suspicious property. The suspects seemed to have cleared out but here’s a pentagram on the floor, complete with lit candles and an open latin book. YC scoffs and starts to make fun of the devil worshipers, going as far as to walk into the pentagram to taunt them. Their taunts are cut short as they step on an old nail coming up from the floor, it goes through their shoe and subsequently draws blood…completing the last step of the ritual. YC has summoned a demon, and they are now tethered together.

Not only did they manage to summon a demon ON ACCIDENT but they basically summoned the grim reaper. This demon has to kill in order to stay on earth, her abilities fade the longer she goes without doing so wants to do. YC finds out very quickly that their only choice is to provide this demon with sinners, true sinners, maybe some of the perps you’ve been looking for or local gang leaders. Because if you don’t provide her with them, she’ll just go awol and kill anyone. You can’t even kill this…thing, she’s immortal unless one of two things happen: she doesn’t kill a sinner or if YC dies.

Lets Play
Oh my gosh! Your favorite gaming company has been advertising bringing 5 lucky winners out to their base to test out their brand new, fully immersive, virtual reality video game for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. All expenses paid and these lucky ducks will be the first to test out AI NPCs, no more repeated basic lines right? And guess what? You're a lucky winner!

So if you didn't catch on in the opening paragraph, this RP would be a kind've classic "We got stuck in a videogame" type of RP. I was hoping to go a little more fantasy, medieval or magical here for the game type. Something like Skyrim, Assassins creed or even something new and cool we create together like all of the characters being miniaturized in this video game world. The catch all will fall in the AI NPCs. My idea is the NPCs become too lifelike and too fleshed out, making them unpredictable and causing them to get in the way or change up aspects of the game. Maybe eventually going so far as to change some of the code and allow crazy things. This is a more basic idea that I would really like to develop with someone

Road to Recovery
She'd loved him for years. He knew, heck, everyone knew. Beyond professing her love -which she had done before- she showed it often. She often oogled him, asked him on dates, called him pet names, etc. He'd told her no before but he said no to every girl who tried to win his heart. And she could see it, he was gentler when he turned her down, he let her hang around, it couldn't be just because they were together all the time. She'd loved him since they were kids and she would take what she could get.
He'd never once indulged. They were stuck seeing each other all the time so he couldn't just ignore her, but boy did he try. This clingy, annoying girl never left him alone no matter how many times he rejected her. It had become a norm really, to have her chase him and him shoot her down. A presence he'd gotten used to and a dynamic he'd learned to tolerate, she had her good attributes too at least.

This dynamic all comes to a head though. A fateful moment when he finally wounded her too deeply. An incident she couldn't just move on from. So she decides she's going to finally get over him. She's going to fall out of love with him. So what does she do? She makes a list:

Step 1: Stop Asking Him Out
Step 2: Don't offer him compliments
Step 3: Stop oogling him!
Step 4: Never let him beat you
Step 5: No more pet names
Step 6: If he insults you, shun him
Step 7: Start dressing up more
Step 8: Feel free to flirt or date whoever/whenever you want
Step 9: Set him up with a deserving woman
Step 10: Repeat steps and burn this list

These changes, while slight when enacted one at a time, are at first welcomed but end up frazzling him. Behaviors he thought annoyed him he finds himself missing. The woman who's always been a constant is changing and he's not so sure he likes all of it. It was a fact of life, grass is green and she loved him...didn't she?

Ask me more about this RP, I promise she isn't all that annoying and I have premises that can add in some action so it's not just slice of life. Warning though, this is a slow burn. While there will be a decent amount of sexual tension there will most likely not be much smut. Though I can see it at least ending with a bang (see what I did there?)

Twists and Turns
A kind of a slave x master with a twist:

For this story our characters are old, fairly good friends. They grew up together until one moved away for whatever reason. Years later YC is working for a powerful empire (or mercenary group, etc.) MC has stayed somewhat in the same social standing from before they departed from each other, not that she has a problem with that.
One day while traveling with a group MC encounters a sort of ambush, turns out to be slave traffickers and they have to get slaves from somewhere right? Unfortunately MC's traveling party ends up being targeted. MC manages to get away but knows they're coming, it won't be long. She knows she can't stop herself from being taken so she comes up with a plan to at least make it easier -somewhat- on herself. MC disguises herself as a boy, at least it should make her chances of assault or being sold into sexual slavery slimmer. She's still captured and thrown in with the others.

YC isn't exactly a slave owner type, but the people they work for are. YC is being gifted a slave of their choosing. Accepting that they'll have to own one they figure they'll just nab someone who could do menial chores and physical labor and basically ignore them otherwise. This leads YC to choose mine. MC recognizes yours almost instantly, but doesn't know how much YC may have changed over the years and keeps her identity a secret. YC chose mine because 'he' reminded them of YC's old friend, almost makes you worry about her or wonder if they're related.

This can play a couple of different ways that I'd love to work out with a partner. MC could keep up the guy disguise for quite a while and confuse the hell out of YC as feelings start to redevelop or she could be found out by YC rather quickly. They could both have to pretend and keep up appearances or she could be found out by YC's employer as well. This is just the basic idea I'd like to play
☆☆☆☆☆ Taken

The Curse
coming soon, horror based RP

Characters I've been craving playing:
One thing you should know about me is a I am incredibly character driven (read my O/O thread). Their O/Os may vary from my general ones and their personalities all vary. I have included their names and what kind of RPs I can see them in, but if you love one and think she could fit into your story please do reach out.


Characters I've craved playing against:
Just some faceclaims I really like, I don't have to play against any of these characters but I'm posting them in case they may inspire you. I won't be assigning names to these ones since they'd be your character. I know I have assigned them genders here but I can work with gender changes.
White Hair
Red Hair
Black Hair
White Hair
Black Hair
Black Hair
Black Hair

Black Hair
White Hair
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Re: Piper's Prompts and Searches (F for any)
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2023, 04:37:09 pm »
Added in "Twists and Turns" as well as character cravings