Tomboy and friends [VAN, open]

Started by Tom, April 16, 2009, 02:53:40 AM

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This story is about a sixteen year old tomboy and her three male friends. She hangs out with them all the time, and for the most part is treated as one of the guys. They are all pretty geeky, perhaps they play roleplaying games together. One day (or evening) their conversation turns sexual. Perhaps they watch an adult film together. Perhaps they play-wrestle and one of the boys gets a hard-on? Eventually, the tomboy find herself the senter of attention of all the three boys. I'm thinking she'd be the dominant one.

I'd like to play either the girl or the three boys. I have no preference, so I'll let my roleplaying partners decide. Also, I could be interested in doing multiple variations of the story, so I'm looking for more then one prospecting player. Thanks.


This one sounds a bit interesting. I'll play the boys if ya don't mind ^_^

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I like tomboys :D mind if I played one or all of her friends?
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I'm going to PM the both of you :)


This looks like it would be fun. I could play the tomboy, if you don't mind. *is a tomboy herself*


I'd be willing to play either if it is still available.