Second Chance Time (FxF game)

Started by ObscureObscenities, December 06, 2022, 11:17:07 PM

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   Alright, so this is a salvage a great intro attempt yo. I've recently itched to try to give this Terra character a fresh breath of life, and put her back out here again. Plot will be up to discuss and figure out, the original was a twincest game, that didn't work out great, but we don't need to lean that direction really. For brevities sake, please take a quick peek at my signature for my main Seeking thread, for more about me, styles, post stuff, so forth, meanwhile, take a gander!

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   “Shoot shoot shoot shoot, shoot!” Terra whispered to herself as she tried to rush down the hallway without breaking into a run, she was late. Unable to help herself she glanced to a clock on the wall as she stepped out onto the work floor and hesitated, her heart beating quicker panicking inside a little. The work floor, was the 14th floor of the Stacies building in downtown New York, and it was filled with low partition walls that sectioned off desks creating little cubicles of work space for all the different would be designers whom worked for Hush, a fashion magazine that was making swift work reshaping much of New York’s fashion vibes and turning a lot of interesting parties to new trends. Not only did they cover trends they created, but they contained articles on other designers and matters of fashion. And Terra was late.

   Ducking her head some, her red hair falling over her face a little, which had begun to pink with a blush at the looks she got from several of the other people on the floor. They had to be noticing that she was late, was someone going to be mad at her, she hadn’t meant to be. Terra started between the cubicles absolutely positive that everyone was looking at her and judging her for coming in late. Completely unaware that the only reason she was getting looks at all was that she had stopped at the entrance to the main floor and stood there looking confused for several moments before she finally started to move. Had she just strode along, anyone near to her likely would have just kept working. Still working herself up into a worry she crossed the floor, head down, trying to make herself a little smaller, a little less noticeable as she made for her desk.

   The attempt may have been for not, not many of her co-workers were bothering with looking over the shoulder of a newcomer who was just a couple minutes behind for the day. In fact, most of them wouldn’t even care if she was later, what really made a couple people lift their heads from their work was another matter altogether. Regardless of how often someone had commented, or how she knew her sister looked, Terra had never really managed to see herself as anything close to her sister regarding her looks. Where her sister was strong and confident, Terra was meek, and while they shared the same pale freckled skin and flowing red hair, Terra couldn’t help but believe that where Farrah was smooth beautiful freckled alabaster, Terra herself was speckled and pallid. Somehow, she never seemed to notice the way those looks really eyed her, perhaps it was because her head was down usually trying to hide within the fiery locks of her hair, those blue eyes peeking out to see where she was going.

   She rounded a finally turn among the cubical walls and finally slipped into her small section of the room managing to sink into her desk chair and turn slouch some to hide herself beneath the low partitions. She shifted in her seat a little, trying to remain low as she used her toes to slip the flats she had run to work in off her feet, before pulling her desk open and withdrawing the professional looking heels she had inside. Bending in her seat she fit them on over her pantyhose clad toes and tucked away the simple black flats in the same place she removed her heels from. Straightening a little she soothed her hands up her own legs, nervously checking for tears or runs in the panty hose before gripping the black pencil skirt she had on and giving it a little tug, adjusting it back down from her slouching and hunkering at her desk. Hush did not enforce a dress code but looking fashionable was expected working for a fashion magazine after all. Tucked into the skirt that fit her hips well, perhaps a little too well considering how it liked to climb when she had to walk quickly, was a white dress shirt with half arm sleeves, buttoned nearly to her throat, which was adorned by a black and white tie, knotted but loosely. The red waves of her hair were bright on her white shirt as they fell around her shoulder.

   Digging into her top desk drawer she found a compact and checked her makeup, Farrah was usually on top of her about keeping it done well and proper. The it was minimal but accentuated the startling blue of her eyes and deepened the pale peach of her lips to a lusher less pallid pink rose. She hadn’t managed to mess it up with her quick breakfast, thankfully and seemed well and ready for the day, appearance wise at least. Taking a deep breath to settle herself she stuffed the compact away again and straightened up. All her worry for how late she was, even if it was just a few minutes, seemed silly now that she was at her desk. Farrah, her sister, hadn’t arrived yet either, which made Terra begin to fret anew, but if Farrah hadn’t arrived than she couldn’t be very well in trouble for her tardiness could she?

   See, she worked alongside her sister, or well, pretty much for her sister if one looked closely enough. Farrah was an assistant designer to Embra, who handled some of the fashion lines that Hush was producing. When she had got the job, it seemed that Embra had not only been needing an assistant designed, but a more basic assistant as well. Someone to fetch things, file designs, clean up spaces, and otherwise manage anything Embra herself didn’t want to deal with. Despite having attended college just like her sister, for degrees in design and business, Terra had been hired as that assistant, and seeing as how Farrah was obviously the more important design assistant, Terra often saw to her sisters paperwork, and other errands around the office as well. It wasn’t a bad job, and Embra was quite nice, plus getting to work so close to her sister meant it was a little easier for Terra, at least that was how she saw it. She saw the opportunity to have a social wall to put her back against to as a benefit, rather than a detriment. Being able to ride Farrah’s climb didn’t actually really bother her, at least she told herself that often enough.

   Taking a deep breath, she forced herself not to slouch in her chair, bringing herself up to height again where the others at their desks would be able to see more than just the fiery top of her head. She gave a meek smile, which nobody noticed, and thus didn’t return, most everyone else was actually working. Terra interpreted this like she usually did, that nobody wanted to return the smile, and she ducked her head again a bit, letting her hair fall in front of her face a little more obscuring it. She finally reached over to log into her computer and start checking her emails, to see if anything had come for Embra, or Farrah, that she needed to handle before the designer and her sister arrived. Where Farrah could be, Terra could only wonder, they lived together, so they had actually left around the same time, but before reaching the building Farrah had taken a call and told Terra she’d meet her upstairs. Only the line to get a muffin at the coffee shop on the ground floor had taking much longer than Terra had anticipated, in her mind. So why Farrah hadn’t beat her here was a mystery.

   She took out her phone and set it on the desk, the screen lighting up to show a picture of their parents holding each other during a wedding, not theirs, dancing. They had lost them back before they finished high school, and despite that being several years ago now, still hung on Terra. She missed them, and the way she had always been able to talk to them, she still had Farrah of course, but…but sometimes it seemed like Farrah didn’t always hear her the same way they had. Unlocking the phone, she went to her messages clicking to Farrah’s and opening it, typing with one hand. Phones were allowed at work, a lot of the magazines business revolved around networking and communicating, but Terra felt awkward still using hers when she was supposed to be working.

   Where are you? She hit send before typing some more. Embra isn’t in yet, you shouldn’t be late... Worrying was one of Terra’s strong suits, she was able to worry just about anything, and she worried now that his sisters tardiness might reflect on her. They both needed their jobs, much of the money their parents had left them had paid for their college, and set them up in the small studio they shared with each other, but Terra knew that much of it had already been spent now. They were going to have to work to take care of themselves going forward, if they wanted to keep some money in savings for emergencies.

   Tapping on the phone another minute or two she finally pushed it away as she hadn’t got a reply yet and sighed. Her sister was not like her, despite the fact that most of the co-workers on the floor couldn’t tell them apart if they wore the same clothing, much of what made them different laid beneath the skin. Farrah had always been confident, it had been her idea to delve into fashion, going into school and dragging Terra along to drafting courses and business management. She’d said it be good for Terra too, that they could work together if they understood the same things. Her sister took the lead whenever the opportunity came, and frankly Terra didn’t actually mind that, in fact, if Farrah didn’t take the lead, it would be more likely Terra would drop the ball entirely and find somewhere to worry over what happened. Terra looked up to Farrah, even if she was just five minutes older than she was. She couldn’t help but idolize what she saw as the better version of her, one that wasn’t bothered by all the small things, worrying over little matters, and being too shy to make friends.

   Nibbling her lower lip, a little she paused in her reading of emails and gave a little gasp. “Oh no.” She murmured before pushing back from her desk and popping up quickly, the blush that had only begun to fade when she found the sanctuary of her desk was warming on her cheeks again coloring them closer to the shades of her hair. She hurried out of her cubical and across the main floor again heading towards the west side of the building where the larger conference rooms were. “Shoot.” She muttered again, many of the walls were glass and she could see one of the conference rooms in use, where several people were standing around a large table with designs splayed on it. A small whine sounded in her throat as she pushed to hurry along in the heels, turning away from the conference rooms into a smaller break room. Rushing now that she wasn’t fully visible, she hurried over to the coffee pots, thankfully on and full picking up a couple carafes and moving to put it on a tray. She hurried over to gather up the muffins that had been delivered as well for this mornings meeting, that she had forgot!

   Despite her panic she was actually not very late to it, just a little late, and she moved to pick up the tray as she finished getting everything for the meeting onto it and heading out carefully backing out of the breakroom, using her butt to push the door open. Walking slower now, nervous about toppling the hot coffee puts and breakfast snacks she made her way to the glass walled conference room. Thankfully Allen who was already inside, one of the production designers moved and opened the door for her at her approach. “I’m soo sorry, I forgot there was a meeting until I found the email.” She apologized the second she could be heard, her voice going softer, and her blush deepening on her cheeks. She moved to the table to find a place to settle the tray, without laying over any of the design sheets or photos. Her sister was there, as was a few other designers and of course her and her sisters direct boss Embra. Tall, dark haired, and brown skinned the Indian woman eyed her with dark eyes which Terra shivered under a moment, but didn’t seem to notice the patience to them.

   “It’s alright, Terra, next time make a note on your phone calendar please.” It wasn’t even a reprimand, but Terra’s stomach sank a little, she nodded softly and moved off to the side, to try to get out of the way. It was only then she noticed that in her rush about the break room, that damn pencil skirt had slipped up again, exposing much more thigh than she intended. Barely muffling the gasp, she immediately reached to tug it down, cheeks deepening to scarlet, she refused to look around, afraid of the looks she was positive she’d get. While it had certainly been noticed, a raised brow from Embra would likely indicate it, it wasn’t as bad as Terra seemed to think it had been. The rest of the team descended upon the muffins and coffee, taking a moment from everyone’s work to get their refreshments in order before they would intend to continue.