Becoming an obedient Muslimah -Forced Feminization, Interracial, Extreme

Started by Emily sweet, November 25, 2022, 11:47:34 AM

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Emily sweet

I have a kernel of a story based on some pictures posted to a Yahoo Group I belong to.  I’m looking for a writing partner to help flesh it out.

It would be an interracial story involving either an Arab or Black Muslim who kidnaps MC for the purpose of feminizing him and converting him to Islam in order to transform him into an obedient wife.  Of course, once transformed the young bride will have more duties than just keeping house and going to the local Mosque.  Those duties will depend on how kinky my writing partner is.  I’m open to any and all kinks.  No limits.

I am also considering that the young man has a twin sister who might be kidnapped as well.

In terms of a background story, I’m thinking the boy and his sister might be the children of some Christian National types who see the growing Islamic influence as a threat to their own culture.  We can make the locale of the story any country you like.  Perhaps the forces behind the kidnapping are some Muslim elected officials who have an ax to grind with their Christian counterparts. I am open to discussing other reasons for the kidnapping as well.  Perhaps something as simple as a slavery ring.

Besides involving sex we can certainly examine sociopolitical matter as well.

Below are a few of the inspirational links:

If interested please pm me.