Extreme but Lighthearted Plot! (LF F Character)

Started by Quezvax, November 21, 2022, 02:01:43 PM

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Hello!  Normally when I’m looking for partners I bump my regular request thread, however, right now I’m really only looking for one partner for one story.  First, please take a look at my O/O page.  Got it?  Okay!

For this story, I really need a partner who loves both plot and smut in equal measure.

This specific story I’m looking for a partner to play a young (18-21) princess in a high fantasy setting.  She discovers, much to her delight, that she has a talent for magic!  Mages are very rare, and every one of them is different.  What fuels her magic, of all things, is sexual deviance and release.  She can become a powerful sorceress, a protector of the kingdom or more than that.  The cost?  Well, she will have to be very sexually active.

Kink wise, I’m looking for everything from the vanilla to more hard core.  Exhibitionism, bestiality, sexy/slutty clothing, public nudity, public use… of course more things are open to discussion as well.  Masturbating will fuel minor tricks at best, vanilla sex basic spells, but the more depraved she gets, the more she can do.  I would like to see the kinks start tame, then grow bolder and more pronounced as her magical talents grow.  I am not looking for non-con or dub con for this story.

As mentioned, I'm looking for a lot of story.  As far as plot goes, I’d like to start with her discovery of her abilities, along with her being trained by a more experienced mage.  From there, perhaps she opts to spend some time with a knight who can use the aid of a sorceress on various adventures for the benefit of the kingdom.  With my partner, I want to build a complex and interesting world, with sub plots, narratives, and character development.  There is *much* to discuss.

I’m hoping for a partner that can typically post at least once a week, and at bare minimum several full paragraphs.  If you think you’re up for the challenge, please send me a PM!
Kinks! Ideas!  A/A
Should you decide to ghost me, I will respect your wishes and leave you be.  However, I promise that never shall I ghost you.