On Love (Part 2)

Started by Dingo, April 15, 2009, 03:07:49 AM

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As I wrote in the first part of this blog, Love is my only reason to keep living.

That may sound really melodramatic, but in my opinion, just as every other blog I have written here, it's the truth.

When I'm in the depths of my depressions, I think about possible scenarios to end it all. Suicide, but I'm only thinking about it. And the weird thing is, I don't have anything to be depressed about, I don't have anything to have suicidal thoughts about.

I have a family that I love and that loves me, I have good friends and I'm even in love. And even those things don't stop me from sliding down that slope of a depression. Now that I am not depressed, I still have those thoughts, in that calm rational way. And apparently such thoughts are no cause for worry, not even when you have them several times a day. And I'm not worried, because I can not act on them. It would cause too much much grief on the people that know me. But in all truth, I personally, wouldn't be too too upset when I did not wake up from my sleep. Even with all those people who love me and who I love. They can grieve and get on with their lives without me.

Now before people get all worried. I'm not going to act upon those thoughts. I can't.

This is by far the longest blog that I'll write, as much as I can while I am at it. And it's not finished at all. I'm still waiting for people to give me new subjects for my next blog that won't be as depressing as this one.

After all I love writing, it's my way of being able to express what I'm truly feeling, much more than what I can tell people face to face.

No parting words for this one.



Perhaps you fall in love for the wrong reasons.  You say you are in love again...which would make it the third time since I have known you...in a year.

blue rose

That poses an interesting one, GT

Falling in love as an active verb rather than a passive
And...Love v.s. Reason....always a tricky one

Can you reason with love ? Does love have to have a reason ?

Treacherous waters I say..... ;)
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also to add to blue: also have reasons not to love...because you've been hurt in the past with failed relationships etc and are slow to open up about your feelings.

Can you reason with love? It seems like reason vs love is mind vs heart.... though it's hard to tell which one is right...

just my two cents...
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I find it hard to believe that one can truthfully fall in love so many times, so quickly.  We can all love someone, but actually falling head over heels in love...if you are constantly doing that then IMO you need to stop.  Love is supposed to be sacred, not something you are able to fall in and out of so easily that you can claim so many have captured your heart in a short span of time.

Pick your favorite dessert, enjoy it, take your time....take the recipe and continually perfect it...trial and error.


Have multiple, full sized desserts which will only end in...gasp!...a bellyache...or in the case of love...heartache...many times over.

Just my opinion.  I think people tend to claim LOVE too quickly when in all actuality it is either a strong attraction or an emotionally immature love.

Or perhaps I'm just too picky with who gets -my- love....


I think the Greeks might have had it right on the subject of love.  There are multiple types, and all of them could be a reason for living.  'Philos' (friendship in modern Greek), 'eros' (passionate love), 'agape' (a general affection rather than the attraction suggested by 'eros'), and 'storge' (natural affection, like that felt by parents for offspring) - as well as 'thelema', which translates roughly as 'desire' with more of a lustful connotation.

If someone is going constantly from one state of thelema or eros to another (without an accompanying philos, or agape), there might be a problem - being 'in love with love', as the Bard would put it.  On the other hand, I would see nothing wrong with being able to enter the state of agape, philos or storge (without the relationship reaching the state of eros or thelema) many times over the course of a year.
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Quote from: Greenthorn on April 16, 2009, 05:32:39 AM

Just my opinion.  I think people tend to claim LOVE too quickly when in all actuality it is either a strong attraction or an emotionally immature love.

Hmm...like infatuation....Interesting...I agree
And I don’t really give a f-ck, and my excuse is that I’m young.


I strongly disagree :)

But that is me.