Searching for MxM gritty slice of life RPs (sub seeking dom)

Started by Pizza Heaux, November 03, 2022, 09:32:13 PM

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Pizza Heaux

Hi! You can call me Pizza. I am new to this site, but certainly not new to roleplaying. I suppose you might want to know what kind of a roleplayer I am, so let’s get into it!

What you can expect from me:

I am in my late twenties
I live in the EST time zone and work a 9-5 office type job, so I am most active in the morning and at night (but I do like to get the occasional mid-workday reply in ;))
I prefer playing bratty submissive characters (submissive in the bedroom but certainly not spineless outside of it)
I also love playing messy, flawed characters
As far as settings go, I do prefer modern, slice of life settings with dramatic (and often gritty or dark) plots
I am open to roleplaying through messages on here, email, or Discord.
I’m a big fan of dramatic, story-driven roleplays. Smut is not a necessity but can be fun once in a while!
My posts average anywhere from one to ten short paragraphs in length. I tend to match my partner’s vibe, but in general I prefer quality over quantity.
At this time, I am only looking for mxm roleplays, but side characters can be of any gender or sexual orientation.

What I expect from you:
Preference towards playing dominant characters
Please write in third person when roleplaying
While I am online a lot and typically reply at least once a day (often several times per day), I understand my roleplay partners may not have as much free time as I do. I just like to have a warning if you’re going to have a long period of absence so I know not to bug you thinking you forgot about me.

Pairing Ideas

Here are some pairings that interest me, but if you have any plot ideas you’d like to discuss, I’m all ears. The roles I prefer to play are in bold:

Gang leader x boyfriend
Gang leader x rival gang leader’s boyfriend
Drug dealer x drug addict
Abusive boyfriend x abused boyfriend
Sadistic boyfriend x masochistic boyfriend
Club owner x gogo dancer/stripper
Boss x employee
Master x slave
Serial killer x victim
Former bully x victim
Sugar daddy x sugar baby

I am also big on mixing multiple pairings into one big plot! A lot of these work well together.

Potential Settings/Loose plots

Rock band
Mental hospital
Exes meeting after a long time in unexpected circumstances
Toxic boyfriends who both cheat on each other

More Detailed Plots

Love is a Hell of a Drug
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Drug Dealer (Character A) x Cheating Boyfriend (Character B) x The Other Man (Character C)
This plot requires doubling up.

Character A and Character B have a toxic relationship. Character B is as addicted to Character A as he is to the drugs he sells, but Character C throws a wrench in things when he takes a liking to Character B. In a moment of weakness, likely prompted by drugs and/or a major fight with Character A, Character B hooks up with Character C. He swears it will never happen again, but clings to Character C every time he and Character A get into a fight. But how long will Character C be okay with being used when Character B is lonely? And what happens when he finds out Character A is a dealer and he can turn him in to the authorities?

This plot could be started anywhere along the storyline. Maybe Characters B and C haven’t met yet. Maybe Character A is already in jail thanks to Character C and Character B has to pretend he hasn’t been cheating on Character A when he visits him in jail. Could be fun to explore what happens when Character A gets out of jail, too.
This plot can also be done without the drug component. Maybe Character A is just an abusive partner and Character B runs into the arms of Character C but loves Character A too much to leave.

You Look Familiar
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Employee (Character A) x Boss (Character B)

After a rough day having lost his job, Character A goes out club hopping and ends up having the best hookup of his life. But when he wakes up, the mystery man is gone without a trace. Fast forward a few weeks, Character A starts a new job only to learn the mystery man from that night out is his new boss, Character B.

Will Character B acknowledge what happened? Will Character A use their unprofessional past together as blackmail? Or will Character B have the upper hand since he knows all about Character A’s kink for being dominated.

If you’re interested, please drop me a line! I will likely see it fastest on Discord. Turn On/Turn Off thread is in my signature!