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I know this has probably been asked a million times before...

Started by Devilyn Sydhe, September 25, 2022, 08:38:44 AM

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Devilyn Sydhe

Hi, hate to bother the staff, but I wanted to ask about the procedure for making a name change or if such was possible at all without completely starting over.  I realize there is quite likely a post somewhere explaining everything and I'm simply blind, but I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the proper direction.  I also have no urgent need for this, I am just making a fresh start with things online and was considering a new name on E to go along with that.  Thank you for your time and energy in this matter.

Theta Sigma

All you need to do is just drop a staff member a PM and they'll set it in place for you. :> First name change is free, if you've donated you get a second name change too.

They/Them pronouns


Theta is right - you just have to message a staff member in order to have a name change. If you like, you're more than welcome to message me. I don't mind helping you whatsoever.

Devilyn Sydhe