A Scandalous Royal Family

Started by VelvetSatin, September 19, 2022, 06:46:23 PM

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I am looking for a writer or writers who would like to join me on this journey of historical taboo. My thought is to create a ficticious royal family in England from roughly the year of 1852. From the outside they appear perfect. The public adores them, but behind the closed doors there is much scandal and corruption. I have some characters in mind and I could do this with one writer who is capable of writing multiple characters or I could have a few talented writers who would like to each take their own character.

Age: 45

In the beginning Edward is well respected amongst the people of England. They view him as capable and honorable. He was born into royalty and has known no other way of life. He stands about 6'1" and has a slim build with piercing blue eyes and dark hair. As time goes by however, the people start to question his methods. They begin to lose trust which alarms his advisors and they have to continually bring him back to a more modest place so that the people don't turn on him. Behind closed doors King Edward is very stern, strict, cold and distant. He rules his family with an iron fist with being demanding and orderly. He has trouble with alcoholism, gambling and is a habitual philanderer. He has many mistresses that he tries to keep secret. He is always caught in a balance of doing good for the people of England and causing humiliation to his family name.

Age: 43

Queen Margaret is of German ancestry from a prominent family. She was married into the royal family since her parents felt it would be a good match for her to marry King Edward. It was only but a contract. She does her duties as Queen but does not love Edward. She is a very doting mother to her sons but cruel to her daughters. She is a very materialistic and vain woman who spends large amounts of money to obtain what she wants. She enjoys wearing extravagant gowns and putting on over the top parties in the castle. She expects perfection from her children and puts tremendous pressure on her daughters. She is a beautiful woman who refuses to accept that she's in mid life. One of the younger male servants or a baron would be her lover. The people of England seem cautious of her and watch her continuously.

Age: 24

Prince Henry is the oldest child and next in line for the throne. He is very active with his father and is always seen by his side as well as putting himself out in public to gain trust from the people. He's a very greedy, obsessive, and possessive person who stops at nothing to get what he wants, and what he wants is power, control and money. He has been newly married and will soon be a father. He's not an overly good looking man but most people would find him average looking.


Prince Peter is the next born son who is highly intelligent and longs to pursue something outside of royalty but is held back by his father. He grudgingly does his duties within the family but opts to spend a lot of time in the libraries or studying to make him feel fulfilled. Peter is relatively shorter than his father but of good health and mind. The public seems to view him favorably and he is destined to marry a countess whom the people of England just adore. There is just one issue, Peter is gay but is not able to express it even though his father is quite aware. While he courts the countess out of duty, Peter is actually in a secret relationship with a Viscount who also resides in the castle.

Age: 21

Princess Sophia is the eldest daughter and is a plain looking girl. She tries to be a mother to her youngest sister Juliet since their own mother is very cold and demanding but Sophia has issues with mental stability. She has bouts of hysteria which can take a toll and the family keeps her away when from the public at times when situations arise that may make her act out. She is known for acting inappropriately and carelessly. The royal doctor is often seen in her chambers trying to soothe her as well as give her different herbs and drinks to calm her nerves. To better her reputation, the King felt it necessary to have her engaged to a much older Earl to help keep her grounded since he and his family are viewed favorably.

Age: 19

James is the youngest son and is extremely handsome and popular amongst the royals as well as the people of England. He's tall like his father with honey brown eyes and dark hair. Even though he has softer features, he is very strong, a natural leader and not afraid to take control. He is quite capable of handling his royal duties but is always overshadowed by his older brothers who tend to step over him a lot of the times. James is extremely artistic and is known for creating beautiful paintings and murals. To escape the pressures that he may feel he will indulge in alcohol and/or opium which helps him paint. James is a contradiction a lot of times because even though he ha these more gentle attributes he is also one who has a penchant for BDSM. He enjoys being sexually dominant. Secretly, he is in a consensual incest relationship with his younger sister Juliet.

Age: 17

Juliet is the youngest child and daughter and is spoiled by her father but treated poorly by her mother. Juliet is beautiful and many people are envious of her. The public always seems to want to see her, they can't get enough of her. She's a proper lady who's kind and demure. She's very sensitive and tends to be the scapegoat of the family. She gets emotionally abused by her mother continuously. Juliet tends to be very introverted and uses writing as a way to express herself. Sometimes she will even allow the public to read what she's written but for the most part she hides a lot of her work so that her mother cannot read her most intimate pieces. The King is going to have her paired with a Duke who is about 8 years older than her but her love is her brother James that she has an incest relationship with.

I am looking to take on Juliet's character and I can also play the Queen but if somebody else would like to be the Queen that would be wonderful. I would definitely love for somebody to take on James since my character has a relationship with him.

I'm looking for talented, detailed writers who adore historical plots. I tend to write long posts and am looking for writers who can do the same. Send me a message if this idea sounds good to you. Of course character descriptions can be tweaked and if you'd like to add or omit an idea just let me know.

I love to talk with my writing partners by sending PM's back and forth to talk about the story and characters. I find that it helps keep the interest in the plot when you are collaborating with one another frequently.

We can also do face claims to show how the characters looks if you are interested.

Thanks for reading and checking this out!