Sexism, Dating, Seduction Kink (F for M)

Started by Kittmolly, September 02, 2022, 10:27:49 PM

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All characters are 18+.

Hi, I'm Molly, but you can call me Slut ^^ Thanks for looking at my thread!

I have a very large kink around just the concept of Anti-Feminism. Nothing is hotter than being told I'm wrong for thinking I can be more than a man's sex object. The thought of submitting to such a man is powerfully erotic. The story I have in mind would follow two rival clubs at a high school. I would play the girls of the school's Feminist Club and my partner would play the boys of the school's Anti-Feminist Club.

YC has been flirting with MC as long as they've known eachother, but MC has always denied her attraction to him because of his vocal anti-feminist beliefs. One day, YC offers MC a bet; He says that by the end of the schoolyear, his friends in the Anti-Feminist Club will seduce all of her friends in the Feminist Club. If he wins, MC will disavow Feminism and submit to him. If he loses, he'll disband the Anti-Feminist club and leave MC alone once they graduate. MC thinks there's no possible way her friends would ever allow themselves to be seduced by Anti-Feminists, so she agrees to the bet.

Once the bet is in place, MC tells her friends that all they have to do is go on a few dates with the boys, and as long as they don't sleep with them, they'll win and be rid of the Anti-Feminist club forever. Unfortunately, the girls in the club each have their own crush on one of the boys, unbeknownst to MC. From there we'd play out the storylines of how each of the girls winds up being 'defeated' (which is to say, seduced and bedded) by her crush until MC is the only Feminist left in the club and she admits defeat <3

My Flist is available in my o/os, I advise you look at it before messaging me. There's a lot of information in there.

If you think this might interest you, send me a PM ^^ I'd like to write the story on-site but if you use Discord and would like to chat there, let me know and I'll give you my Tag. I find discussing stories easier in instant message format than thru PMs.

A little about me...
I'm a 33 year old lady living in the eastern US.
I'm autistic and I have ADHD. Sometimes I struggle with writing consistently, so you should take that into account when deciding if you want to play with me.
I'm going to bed shortly after posting this so if you message me tonight I might not get back to you until the morning.

Okiedoke that's enough. Hope to hear from you <3