Sugar, spice, and everything nice (F for M)

Started by MistyMoon, August 16, 2022, 08:44:54 PM

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I am looking for some partners for long or short-term roleplays that involve romance in any way.

Posts range anywhere from 1 paragraph + with a 3-line minimum, usually I just try to mirror my partner but I don't really mind what my partner writes so long as it's more than just a few words.

Primarily I play females but am willing to play males for some plots.

Any species is fine with me



-Arranged marriage*

-Love Triangles*****




Non-original plots: (OC preferred)

-Snow white with the red hair

-Ouran high school host club


-Hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

-Riverdale / Sabrina

-Studio Ghibli themes

-How to train your dragon

-Inu x Boku SS

-Scooby doo



-The croods

-Princess Yona of Kouka

-Fruits basket

-Many Disney movies


-Kamisama Kiss

Many others too!

Steamy: (F-List upon request!)


-Breeding/Pregnancy risk

-Possessiveness and Jealousy

-Any con level


Here are some plot snips to get the ideas going

Mafia daughter.

- Her father is a well-known and feared mafia leader and she has grown up sheltered and has never been more than 2 steps away from a bodyguard. Recently one of her father's associates leaked information on one of his dirty dealings causing both the cops and his enemies to grow bold. For fear of his only daughter, he has sent one of his most esteemed men to be her new personal bodyguard and move in with her to a safe house.

(pairings- Daughter x Bodyguard, Daughter x Enemy, Daughter x Father)


-They have been enemies forever and rivals ever since they both started dancing but in a twist, their dance instructor pairs them together for a large dance competition coming up.

(pairings- Girl x enemy, girl x enemy x best friend)

Making her stay.

-In the kingdom, the princess is finally coming of age and that means her mother has started to search for a suitable match to marry her daughter off to. The king however who has always had special feelings for his daughter is distraught that she will be leaving and going to another man. He begins thinking of ways to be able to keep his daughter here with him and one day decides if she can't get married then she won't be able to leave. This leads him to decide he needs to get his daughter pregnant so there will be no doubt she can not leave him.

(pairings- Princess x King, Princess x knight/butler who her father convinces to seduce her and they fall in love)


- A wolf born and raised in a small zoo is released into the wild where another wolf takes them in and helps them

(pairings- Lone wolf x Zoo wolf, Pack alpha or omega x Zoo wolf)

Chance encounter.

- The kingdom of Lunaris has conducted a lottery among its people all of the singles of age ladies/gentlemen may enter their name for the hand of the prince/princess. The top few candidates will move into the castle for a month in that time they will get to know the prince/princess and learn about being a royal before in the end one will be selected to be married.

(this one will likely be multiple characters/pairings depending on my partner's preference. we can have one main pair and possibly multiple small ones or simply use the other ladies or men for drama and moving the plot.


-In an apocalyptic time after her group gets attacked she finds herself alone trying to find a safe place when she is found and chased. Then she comes upon a man who is a renowned killer and begs for his help she has no money but pleads that she will find some way to repay him if he helps her.

(pairings- Lone girl x Killer, Lone girl x Killer x Man from her group)


I am honestly open to almost anything so send me a message