1950s Opera Singer with Fat Older Billionaire in the Mediterranean

Started by A Soprano, August 09, 2022, 06:37:54 PM

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A Soprano

To the point, so that if it's not for you you can know and stop reading right here.

I'm looking for someone to play/write an ugly, unattractive, gross, (preferably bald) fat old man. By old I mean 58-65. By fat I mean with a round, bulging gut but not morbily obese like a sumo wrestler. I have currently zero interest in any other sort of character. The only exception to his iron-clad rule would be an extremely authentic Domination of the Draka roleplay by someone who read and knows Stirling's books intimately well, but that's beyond the scope of this thread.

This thread is about the aforementioned ugly troll of a man being paired with my character, Maria Callas. This is the historical Maria Callas, of whom you will be able to find all the information you need, as she was a famous opera singer active during the 1950s and part of the 1960s. If you want to know more I can tell you about those biographies and psychology books I read about her to unearth what Wikipedia won't tell you.

The 1950s is my preferred time period for this by far, but I am open in fact to alternatives, the most commonly suggest one being the present day, in which case I'd adapt Maria. Same for any other hypothetical scenarios, I will always play with Maria as the physical, photographic reference, or avatar, with her details adjusted as necessary.

Maria's gallery

The roleplay I seek is the following:

The fat, ugly old man in question is a billionaire, ideally from somewhere in the Mediterranean coastlines. I'm partial to French, Italian, or Turkish (a Turk and a Greek? God yes). He is one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest, man alive, and has become obsessed with Maria. It is important for the roleplay that he find her the most beautiful woman he has ever seen bar none, because I seek superlative emotions, nothing middling or ordinary. I seek the extraordinary. Her fame plays into it, potentializing her desire for her by the knowledge she is beloved and wanted by so many. But he will prove, that by none as much as by him.

He wants her and will have her.

What happens next can be either:

1) Fully consensual. In this scenario, he seduces her and it happens rather quickly, and she falls for him. Does the money help? Of course, Maria loves luxury and the high life. But in this scenario, the fully consensual one, I also want her to be sincerely in love, and sincerely physically attracted to him. If I have a fetish for gross, fat old men... why can't she also? And for what it's worth the historical one was only ever involved with men that were much older, and that were fat.

2) Dubiously consensual. Dubious consent is technically a sub-set of non-con, because if she doesn't consent then it's rape, there is no middle ground. But I don't like the hard non-con. In this scenario he will use crueller methods, possibilities being mind control, drugs, blackmail, coercion...

For either scenario, it works if he's an organized crime boss, though this is optional. Meant to add spice. Naturally, it pairs well with the second scenario, but it's not necessary to it either.

The roleplay would be focused on their relationship and interactions. Maria will become his lover, girlfriend and possibly his wife (marriage is also optional but I'm into it). He should be dominant and very sexual, with the stamina and virility of a much younger man (otherwise it's not fun).

Part of my ideal scenario is that he owns a private island in the Mediterranean, his own hidden kingdom, where they spend much of their time. But he would also take her around on cruises in his yacht, chiefly throughout the Mediterranean Sea, north and south, east and west, to his various beach properties.

The beach is a major fetish of mine, as it is a very romantic, beautiful and sensual location. And together with the beach, I have a huge fetish for bikini. I am obsessed with bikini. Bikini has added significance in the 1950s, when it was a scandalous and raunchy garment that no decent woman would wear. Even in the present day though, my fetish stands, it's just stronger in the 1950s. Part of the reason for my preferring that era, but again, the bikini fetish carries over to other eras.

I will most likely add updates to his post as I think of them, and of ways to further flesh out this idea. If you are interested and want to discuss more hit me up.

UPDATE October 9, 2022:

Changed the title because the previous one could've been misleading.

A Soprano

As mentioned in the first post of this thread, my fantasy involves Maria's lover owning a private island in the Mediterranean. The details of this island, its exact location, and even its name are all open to discussion with interested partners, but for now I will refer to the archetype I have in mind, and use this write-up to showcase my ideas

The island is called Skorpios, and it is actually based on the real island of the same name, a handful of kilometers west of Greece, and a Greek territory.

Skorpios is the secluded, secretive personal paradise of this fantasy's billionaire, and the place where he spends most of his time. My ideal would have much, or most, of the RP taking place in this island, or in his yacht, or on a cruise of the Mediterranean that sets sail from Skorpios and stops at his other beach properties through the region.

To be clear, a giant fetish of mine, intricately related to my bikini fetish, is that of beach-side or maritime locations, precisely the locations which allow for and justify Maria being clad in bikini most if not all day long. The focus on these settings, and Maria wearing bikini in them, is a major element of this fantasy.

But so are the airs of decadent opulence, power and vitality that owning an island lend her man. An idyllic circumstance made possible by him and him alone.

It also creates intense intimacy due to the isolation, and it influences, colors, the D/s dynamic.

Skorpios should be largely self-sufficient, supplied only by ship, housing a sprawling, fabulous villa complex, with pools, sauna wing, tennis courts, docks, a heliport, and anything we can think of.

It should become Maria's gilded cage.

A Soprano

Bumping, and also adding some more mood-inducing imagery of beaches.

A Soprano