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Started by HeyHaileyHey, July 29, 2022, 12:05:46 PM

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Who am I? - I'm Hailey! I'm new to E, and slowly figuring things out. Please be gentle with me. Here is my O/O thread. But generally, I'm looking for literate partners to explore various fantasies. You'll definitely notice some similarities between my ideas though. I also love discussing things and workshopping new ideas.

Please take the ideas below as just that -- ideas. They aren't set in stone. Some of my most memorable stories over the years have come from people taking one of my ideas and then "Yes, anding" them into something spectacular. I'm also open to talking about ideas that aren't on the list below. Do keep in mind some of the central themes though!

What am I? - I'm a literate, experienced RPer who has RPed across a variety of media over my time in the game. Most recently, I've been kicking around F-list and met someone who plays here.

When am I? - I can conceivably manage a couple of different RPs, with a few posts a week. My schedule is pretty chaotic. In the past I've preferred more chat-based media for RP for a more immediate thrill, but I'm experimenting with forums to have something more sustainable.

Where am I? - I think I'd be most likely to stick to E, though I'm open to other options. Discord is likely a no, however.

Why am I? - Maybe you can help me figure out why I'm here! :)


My character (MC) has started interacting with a smartphone app (for fitness, a game, etc.) Like all well-designed apps, it promotes the release of pleasant neurotransmitters to keep the player coming back regularly for more. Also, it is a cunningly crafted hypnosis inducer targeted at genetically female human tetrachromats -- a quality that MC just happens to possess.

Over the course of years of updates, refinements, and play, the game has had phased effects on the girl.

The first stage involves customized behavioral-response modification to subject. For example: Changes to diet and exercise routine to promote specific body development. Dissociate self-esteem from accomplishment, link self-assessment protocols with (black?) male approbation. Wholly overwritten sexual attraction matrix, deleting her previous inclination towards beardless, floppy-haired androgynes like her husband and instead substituting lust for a wider range of physiques found in adult men. Compulsive depilation. Modifications to what Subject views as appropriate apparel. Induced masochism. Conditioned submissiveness towards (black) men.

Once her responses are deemed to be sufficiently conditioned, the app will unlock a multi-player component. She will be either paired with other women like herself or men who have paid for the privilege. This stage involves a number of 'challenges.' With women, these challenges are collaborative. With men, they are competitive. When she loses a competition, the winner can trigger a suggestion for MC. These are entirely on-line. For example: edging herself, sending nudes, discussing her sexual fantasies and history.

If a match manages to beat her five times in a row, this unlocks a 'bonus level' where the hypnotic triggers can move offline. Like any good app, though, paying customers can pay to win. Remember, if you aren't paying for something, you are the product.

Really looking for someone willing to be a bit of a GM for this one! I'm interested in all the different phases, but happy to pick it up in various places if one appeals to you more than the other.
My character's (MC) maternal line is cursed -- whether magical or biological, it matters not. The women of her family are intellectually gifted, but prone to madness, depression, and self-destruction. The solution, of course, is to simply turn off their brains but that's easier said than done. MC, overachiever par excellence, is heading for disaster and desperately needs help. She could seek this out on her own, or be pushed into it by someone who cares about her well-being, or some other idea. Help her find true happiness!
The fastest way into my character's (MC's) pants is to dance with her. Only, she doesn't really know that, and neither does her husband because he never dances. They're both at MC's best friend's wedding and the dance floor is hopping. MC loves to dance, and is out there on her own. It's a microcosm of the other mismatches in their relationship. Now, MC is out there, tipsy on champagne and all by herself having a good time. Looking for a confident dance partner to maybe help her have an even better time. And then, more importantly, what happens next?

A Woman's Place
My character (Hailey) and her (NPC) friend (Brittany) have been BFFs since middle school. Growing up isn't easy, but they've maintained their friendship all these years. They're both smart, good girls working hard at school and keeping up with their busy extracurricular and social lives, always texting and hanging out when they can or double-dating with their boyfriends when they have a free weekend night. Lately, the girls have been experimenting with a bit of an internet rabbit hole. Brittany and Hailey got a little wine drunk one night and were discussing their boyfriends. One thing led to another, and they ended up on a Discord called "A Woman's Place." Mostly populated by lonely, older singles, the girls (with a verified role earned by a photograph of the two of them tipsy together) have proven very popular and are enjoying the attention.

They get more than they bargain for though, when they attract the attention of a user on the server who is immediately different, and strikes up a special, and more private relationship with the girls.

OOC: looking for an older, established black man interested in mentoring a couple of suburban girls to the point where he becomes their Daddy and they become his special girls. Open to new profiles. Get in touch for some brainstorming. Looking for someone who can play a bit of GM stuff and is interested in a more slow-burn kind of thing. It's likely that the girls won't actually meet up in person with 'Daddy' for quite a while. Themes of taboo (age, interracial, misogyny), corruption, pregnancy, and (twisted) romance are all highly sought.
The Resort
This one is more of a GM-style scene. Times are tough for any couple, including My Character (MC) and her fiance/husband. Saving for a down payment, student loans, or just dealing with a dead-end job makes things tough. She gets wind of a resort that is paying out handsomely for short, six-month contracts. Enough to pay off those student loans. To buy that house. There's one hitch--the resort is all-inclusive and it includes her. It makes her uncomfortable, but there is a contract that allows her to just do hostess work. No sex stuff. And she's just what they're looking for. Once there, there are opportunities to increase your final payout... Oh, and the resort caters to rich and powerful black movers and shakers. Looking to start this one from the get-go. Initial application, arrival, etc. Lots of world-building opportunity here; would love to make this collaborative.
The Study
My character (MC) is in college and taking a psychology course. All students are required to volunteer as study participants for the faculty and graduate students. But all the studies seem so boring. Then, one vaguely phrased study on 'human sexuality' catches her eye. What can it hurt? It starts off innocuously enough, uncomfortable interviews about her preferences and experiences. But before too long, the real purpose of the study comes out, putting the myth of black sexuality/interracial relationships on a more firm scientific footing. What sorts of protocols would the study involve?

Warlord's Concubine
My character's (MC's) life has changed dramatically from her white-bread suburban American upbringing. Now, she kneels at the feet of her Master, a powerful African warlord. Her pale skin is bare, oiled, and glistening while he handles his appointments and business of running his territory. She is naked save for the golden collar and chain around her neck, fulfilled and ready to serve should her Lord desire. How did she get here? When did it happen? What was her transformation like? I'm interested in the journey.
The Kiss
You know my character's (MC's) college boyfriend, Jason. Maybe you live with him in an off-campus apartment, and she's often around. One day, you have a disagreement with Jason about who is the best kisser, and call on MC to be the judge. She's reluctant, but goes through with it. While nothing necessarily happens more right then, it opens the door to things in the future.
Opening Up the Relationship
Things are stagnant at home. Her husband thinks that adding a new person, or dating outside the marriage might spice up their rather rote bedroom routine. My Character (MC) is ashamed, but agrees to give it a go. Jason goes on a few dates, but MC can't bring herself to do so. At some point, he ends up dragging MC to a party where just as a 'coincidence' his girlfriend happens to be there. You get to approach MC as she stands in the kitchen at the party, too drunk to drive home and angry at her husband who is busy making out with an older woman in the living room. It's not technically cheating when she fucks you for the first time, but maybe you're good enough that it becomes cheating after Jason decides maybe the open-relationship experiment was a failure, but MC can't help herself. Alternatively, maybe the party is explicitly a swinging party. Either way, everyone gets more than they expected as things get out of hand.

The Commune
Getting back to nature. You're a charismatic commune/cult leader, and I'm the new girl on the farm, either with or without my husband/family. You have the pick of the girls on the commune, and you choose me. This is a new idea, but I'm super interested in discussing it.