Question about Group Game bumping

Started by BlackStone, June 02, 2022, 03:10:36 AM

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My question is rather specific to my active group game, Star Trek: Blood and Fire.

My last bump to look for players happened on 27 Apr 22.  Since then, they game did explode, but I still am looking for a few more players to fill out roles in the final two ships of the mega campaign.  Now the last activity on the board was 31 May 22 when I approved a character Bio.  My question is with the rules of bumping, do I need to wait 30 days from the 31 May post, or does the rule about non-substantive posts go from the last non-substantive post of 27 Apr, or is approving a character considered a non-substantive post?  Looking for clarification so my thread is following the rules of the bumping policy.




Hello there.

The rule only counts from the last bump where you were actively recruiting for players, as in any posts including similarly to 'We are still looking for players for these roles', etc. So that means we'll only count where you posted you were looking for more players on the 27th of April.

Hope that answers your question. If you have any further questions, you're more than welcome to PM me.


It does, thanks Timeless!  You are the second best (still Lilias #1 fan here...) Still, the best