Looking for extreme role play with female submissive

Started by dreamslost4u, May 29, 2022, 12:44:27 PM

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Hey y’all,

This is a bit out of my norm, but I am looking for a really submissive female character, one that gets turned on by being degraded and punished. The character I am looking for will have been powerful or dominant at the beginning, liking power over others. But she will come across my character, a female, who takes her from her cushy life and places her where she belongs on her knees as a useless whore. Your character will hate the new roll she’s forced into hating to submit and bow down, but that gets her punished more, the more she gets degraded and punished the bigger whore she turns into. Your character will be shared by several people, used as a toilet (urine only), she will use her tongue, face, and breasts  to clean messes, besides causing blood she will be punished in extreme and painful ways that somehow make her soaking wet. The idea is to torture your character so much that she doesn’t know what else to do, but be thankful she’s being touched and cum. She will go from strong woman to a blubbering whore. She will be spanked and stretched, pierced, and pushed beyond her limits. My character will use her as furniture, rags, a sex toy, a punching bag. No matter how much she hates what’s happening or how mad it hurts she can’t help how turned on she gets by being used. Your character will be nothing more than an object, my character loving to watch your character belittle herself and cum so desperately. Her holes will be stuffed with whatever is in sight and she’ll be gagged remorselessly.. Your character can start already being kept as a toy for a week or so, or she can be taken with in the first few posts. Every morning your character will kneel before her mistress and tell her how much of a useless whore she is and how thankful she is for the attention and grateful for the punishment. Your character will literally be nothing more than an object grateful to be owned. If you have any hard no’s let me know because I want to push and cross as many lines as possible.